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Most of the late Mr. Conington's friends and pupils will remember his lectures on Persius, which were perhaps the most generally popular of all that he gave during his tenure of the chair of Latin at Oxford, owing to the sympathetic humour with which he caught the peculiar force and flavour of his author's manner, as well as to the nerve and spirit of his translation. The lecture prefixed to the commentary and translation now published was among the first-fruits of his professorial labours. I have no means of knowing how far he considered it a final exposition of his views on Persius ; but its interest and merit are such that I need not, I am sure, apologize for having it printed exactly as it was delivered. The commentary and translation were written to be delivered as lectures ; but Mr. Conington left them in a state so nearly finished that little remained for an editor to do but to examine and fill in the references - a task which, owing to the pressure of other work, I have been unable to fulfil as quickly as I had originally hoped.

Here and there I have added an obvious parallel passage, and have also put in some references to works now recognized as of standard authority which had not appeared at the time when the notes were written. The references to Lucretius, Catullus, and Propertius I have altered (where necessary) to suit Munro's, Ellis', and Paley's editions respectively.

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