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simple pyramids, but veritable mountains (cordilleras) of ruins overgrown with a luxuriant vegetation."

An obtusely linguistic article, by Walt Whitman, named "The Poetry of the Future," concludes the North American Review for February.


The contents of the Atlantic Monthly for 7th February, 1881, are amusing, interesting, and varied. An article on "The Wives of Poets " first attracts our notice. It is by William M. Rossetti, and is worthy of attention, affording as it does an insight into the domestic lives of France and Germany's most celebrated poets.

To those interested in American affairs a paper on "The Future of American Shipping" will be acceptable; it touches upon the present prosperity of America, and for the continuance of that prosperity advocates many improvements in American shipping; for, remarks the writer, America would certainly be humiliated in any war which should be forced upon her by a foreign power as matters now stand."


Mr. Richard T. Ely writes on "German Co-operative Credit Unions." He says that "co-operative associations rightly undertaken have a far weighter mission than that of relieving dependent poverty, namely, that of preventing it."

"Who are the Aryans?" is the title of an interesting article by Mr. John Fiske. He answers this question by showing in a very satisfactory manner that "Aryan was the comman name for a race which, advancing from the North, acquired supremacy over all the country between the Euphrates and the mouth of the Ganges. Whence these people originally came it would be idle to inquire; but we may fairly conclude that they first attained to something like world-historic importance in the highlands of Central Asia, somewhere about the sources of the Oxus and and the Jaxartes."

"Reminiscences of Washington," give a good deal of miscellaneous information, both social and political, of that city during the "Taylor Administration."

"In London Again," by Richard Grant White, who is evidently an American, gives an American's impression of London, its streets, its buildings, and some of the customs of the people.

An article on "The Spell-Bound Fiddler," by Christopher Janson; one on "The Contributor's Club," together with several others on miscellaneous subjects, two serial stories and some poems, conclude the contents of the February number.


The Argonaut, a weekly San Franciscan paper, contains a wide range of information. Most of the January and February numbers for 1881 contain serial stories and translations of German and French tales. One of these serials is entitled a "Temporary Millionaire," and is evidently written with a view of giving some idea of the mining excitement in the

Sierra Nevada. One column is devoted to the much-vexed question, "Why the Girls don't Marry." According to this paper, the answer seems to be, that they have no chance of marrying, eligible men being few. "Editorial Notes" bring together a number of facts, with the intention of showing how prevalent homicide is in the State. A leading article speaks highly of the prosperity of the United States. It mentions that "It was never making more rapid progress in material prosperity;" that "Our financial condition is illustrated by the fact that 4 per cent. bonds are worth 112;" that "Manufactories are increasing in all parts of the country" that "Railroads are in process of construction in every direction." Another article refers to the Roman Catholic element in San Francisco, the likelihood of its predominance and influence over political affairs. It is evident from one of these papers, that the Chinese question has been the subject of much anxiety. The following extract will serve to show how much has depended on its settlement:-"The new Chinese treaty comes at a fortunate time, and it may transpire that it is not at all too soon to afford our country protection from a great danger. By 'a great danger,' we mean a great immigration; these terms we regard as synonymous." Such are the contents of the present number, with Literary Notes," short poems, notice of the drama, society, &c.

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C. (R. C.), Was Bacon Shakespeare?
(R. C.), Was Bacon Shakespeare?

Cornhill Magazine (Contemporary
Thought), 137, 395-396, 523, 651.
Correspondent (A), Notes from Fiji,


-Turkey and the Turks, 242-252,
356-369, 462-474, 715-727.
Eastward Ho! 593-604.

Crichton (David A.), Horticultural
Shows, 747-755,

The Political Situation in South
Australia, 756-762.
wderoy (B.), Tribunals of Com-
Comerce, 578-586.

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Crozier (J.), Ireland and Historical
Comparisons, 698-706.

DAVIS (A. H.), On the Taxation
Drought (Rev. C. E.), The Guadalete
and Granada, 587-592.


temporary Thought), 391-392,

Carter (Mrs. F. J.), On the System

Close (R. Colonna), Herodotus and G Freights and Colonial Industries,



Editor (The), The Cloture and its
Application to our Colonial Assem-
blies, 639-645.

English (J. J.), Artesian Wells and
Irrigation, 550-556.

Macaulay, 227-241.

Sir Charles Gavan Duffy's Young
Ireland, 484-498.

Contemporary Review (Contempor- HARP

ary Thought), 133-134, 524, 647-


FIELD (Edward Percy), Idealism
in a Practical Aspect, 1-13.
Fitchett (Rev. W. H.), The Gospel
of Dirt, 120-130.

Fortnightly Review (Contemporary

Thought), 134-135, 649-650.
Fraser's Magazine (Contemporary
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522-523, 651-652.

TARPER'S Monthly Magazine,
(Contemporary Thought), 267,
527-528, 652.

Hogan (James F.), The Coming
Australian, 102-109.

An Australian Christmas, 316.

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Journal of Science (Contemporary
Thought), 137.


ACY (G.), Proportional Represen-
tation, 669-682.

Laing (John B.), The First Aus-
tralian Settlement, 166-177.
Lake (Joshua, B.A.) The Minah
Bird, 259.

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and Culture, No. 2, 31-41.

[ACMILLAN'S Magazine (Con-
temporary Thought), 525.
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Bishop of), The Education Ques-
tion: A Reply, 271-288.
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Languages in Victoria, 328-335.
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Isolation, 289-294.

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260-262, 392-393, 520-522, 646-

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porary Thought), 138-139, 265-
266, 525-526, 784-785.

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K.C.M.G.), Intercolonial Agree-
ment, 377-381.

Pearson (Professor Charles H.,
M.L.A.), The Education Question,


Proctor (Richard A.), Astronomy and
the Jewish Festival, 156-165.


UARTERLY Review (Contem-
porary Thought), 389-391, 778-


porary Thought), 137-138, 264-
265, 398.
Scientific American (Contemporary
Thought), 140, 267-268, 397-398,

REID (Stuart), Farmers and Free

Roth (H. Ling), A Few Words in
reply to Mr. Hogan's "Coming
Australian," 313-315.

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Plummer (John), Some Personal
Recollections of John Stuart Mill,

Why there are no Gipsies in VICTORIAN PRESS, 683-690.

Australia, 728-734.

Spencer (O. M.), The Dioscuri of

Italian Poetry, 529-541.
Strong (Professor H. A.), On
Modern Methods of Teaching An-
cient Subjects, 14-18.

Sydney Merchant (A), The In-
solvency Acts of New South Wales,

HIBAULT (Dr. Et.), The Uni-
versity Constitution Bill, 505-


Travers (S. Smith), The Non-Person-
ality of Shakespeare, 253-258.

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M'Carron, Bird and Co., Printers, 37 Flin lers Lane West, Melbourne.




HE Company's Steamships (under contract with the Victorian Government for the convey as for Ceylon, calling off Glenelg and at King George's Sound:


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W. M. Robbie

R. Harvey

A. E. Barlow


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From Sydney.

6th April ... 19th April 3rd May

And thenceforward every fortnight.

Passengers, Cargo, and Parcels are booked through to Europe, India, China and Japan.
Liberal Reductions are made in favour of families or large parties.
For all information apply at the Company's offices,

20 Market Buildings, Collins St. West, Melbourne. GEORGE WITHERS, Superintendent.


RICHARD LITTLE, Merchant Tailor, Outfitter and Shirtmaker,


Date of Sailing.

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From Melbourne.


12th April (about).
25th April,
9th May,


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from £2 17






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3 12 0

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