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Strana 98 - Apostolic Scripture was not known to me, I was delighted with that exhortation, so far only, that I was thereby strongly roused, and kindled, and inflamed to love, and seek, and obtain, and hold, and embrace not this or that sect, but wisdom itself whatever it were; and this alone checked me thus enkindled, that the name of Christ was not in it.
Strana 107 - That the unchangeable was to be preferred to the changeable ' ; whence also it knew That Unchangeable, which unless it had in some way known, it had had no sure ground to prefer it to the changeable. And thus with the flash of one trembling glance it arrived at THAT WHICH IS.
Strana 106 - Thy righteousness displeaseth the wicked ; much more the viper and reptiles, which Thou hast created good, fitting in with the inferior portions of Thy Creation, with which the very wicked also fit in ; and that the more, by how much they be unlike Thee ; but with the superior creatures, by how much they become more like to Thee. And I...
Strana 107 - Thee : for that the body which is corrupted, presseth down the soul, and the earthly tabernacle weigheth down the mind that museth upon many things.
Strana 99 - And what did it profit me, that scarce twenty years old a book of Aristotle, which they call the ten Predicaments, falling into my hands, (on whose very name I hung, as on something great and divine, so often as my rhetoric master of Carthage, and others, accounted learned, mouthed it with cheeks bursting with pride,) I read and understood it unaided?
Strana 107 - Thee, and no phantasm for Thee. And yet did I not press on to enjoy my God; but was borne up to Thee by Thy beauty, and soon borne down from Thee by mine own weight, sinking with sorrow into these inferior things.
Strana 103 - ... sea: so conceived I Thy creation, itself finite, full of Thee, the Infinite; and I said, Behold God, and behold what God hath created...
Strana 103 - Thy creation, distinguished as to the kinds of bodies ; some, real bodies, some, what myself had feigned for spirits. And this mass I made huge, not as it was, (which I could not know,) but as I thought convenient, yet every way finite.
Strana 163 - BIBLICAL ANTIQUITIES, OR ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. By the Rev. FA Cox, DD, LL.D. With Maps and nearly 200 Illustrations, crown 8vo, 7s.
Strana 168 - With Appendix on the MANAGEMENT of the SICK-ROOM, and many Hints for the DIET and COMFORT of INVALIDS.

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