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By SARAH K. BOLTON. A book of short stories, charming and helpful. 12mo. $1.25.

“When one seeks mental recreation he can do no better than to pick up this entertaining and delightful volume." —

- Chicago Current.

Poems by Sarah K. and CHARLES K. BOLTON. 16mo. Gilt top, $1.00.

Inspired by real poetic feeling, expressed in simple but effective language.” Independent. THE INEVITABLE, AND OTHER POEMS.

By SARAH K. BOLTON. 16mo. With portrait. Gilt top, $1.00.

“Distinguished by a certain simplicity and large heartedness, as well as by no little acuteness of observation and delicacy of expression.” — Congregationalist.

MRS. SARAH KNOWLES BOLTON Comes from good New England ancestry; descended on her father's side from Henry Knowles, who came to Rhode Island from London, England, in 1635, and on her mother's side from Colonel Nathaniel Stanley, of Hartford, Conn., one of the leading men of the colony, and from Colonel William Pynchon, one of the twenty-six incorporators of Massachusetts Bay Colony. She was graduated from the Hartford Seminary, established by Catharine Beecher; published a volume of poems, and in 1866 married Charles E. Bolton, A.M., of Massachusetts, an Amherst College graduate of '65. They removed to Cleveland, O., where, besides writing for various periodicals, she did much charitable work. She was secretary of the Woman's Christian Association, and Asst. Cor. Sec. of the Nat. W. C. T. U. She has twice visited Europe, spending two years in England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Norway and Sweden, studying literary and educational matters, and the means used by employers for the mental and moral elevation of their employees. On the latter subject she read a paper before the American Social Science Association in 1883. She was for three years one of the editors of the Boston Congregationalist. She prepared several small books for the Cleveland Educational Bureau, conducted gratuitously by her husband, and described by Dr. Washington Gladden in the Century magazine, January, 1885. The Bureau was discontinued when Mr. Bolton gave his time to lecturing. Miss Frances E. Willard says of Mrs. Bolton, “She is one of the best-informed women in America, the chief woman biographer of our times."


T. Y. CROWELL & CO., New York and Boston.



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