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Upon whose leaves are drops of new-shed blood, 370
As fresh as morning's dew distillid on flowers ?
A very fatal place it seems to me :-
Speak, brother, hast thou hurt thee with the fall ?

Mar. O brother, with the dismallest object
That ever eye, with sight, made heart lament.
Aar. [ Aside.) Now will I fetch the king to find

them here;
That he thereby may have a likely guess,
How these were they, that made away his brother.

[Exit AARON. Mar. Why dost not comfort me and help me out From this unhallow'd and blood-stained hole? 380 i

Quin. I am surprised with an uncouth fear :
A chilling sweat o'er-runs my trembling joints;
Mine heast suspects more than mine eye can see.

Mar. To prove thou hast a true-divining heart,
Aaron and thou look down into this den,
And see a fearful sight of blood and death.

Quin. Aaron is gone; and my compassionate heart
Will not permit my eyes once to behold
The thing, whereat it trembles by surmise:
O, tell me how it is; for ne'er 'till now

90 Was I a child, to fear I know not what.

Mar. Lord Bassianus lies embrewed here,
All on a heap, like to a slaughter'd lamb,
In this detested, dark, blood-drinking pit.

Quin. If it be dark, how dost thou know 'tis he?

Mar. Upon his bloody finger he doth wear A precious ring, that lightens all the hole,

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