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attention; if the contrary, let them be refuted. I hope to possess, to the closing hour of life, that prime blessing of heaven,-a mind open conviction.

The works of our author which do not appear in this collection are, the HISTORY OF BAPTISM, and ECCLESIASTICAL RESEARCHES, two large quarto volumes; the translation of CLAUDE's ESSAY ON THE COMPOSITION OF A SERMON, with notes, two large octavo volumes; and his VILLAGE SERMONs. These distinct works, are in print; and neither of them could be admitted in the present collection without swelling it to a size inconvenient in many respects. Several of the pieces now re-published, have long been out of print; and a considerable part of the fourth volume consists of Letters from the original manuscripts.

I beg leave to return my sincere thanks to the Relatives and Friends of the author, for their obliging communications, and for their industry in procuring subscribers. I would with pleasure be more particular, but lest I should omit the name of any one to whom I am under obligations, I hope this general acknowledgment will be accepted.

B. F.

Harlow, Jan 20, 1807.








T has been justly remarked, that the biography which attracts general admiration, is that of the man whose life has been spent in an elevated station, or whose actions have dazzled the eyes of the multitude, whilst that of the retired man, the philosopher, or the christian, however useful it may have been, presents but little deemed worthy of notice. Whilst, however, senates are employed in bestowing public honours to the memory of men, whose characters, whatever partial qualities they may have possessed, will by no means bear the inspection of reason or religion; yea of men who may have been permitted by Providence to be the scourges of their country and of the human race, those persons surely are not less usefully employed, who hold up to the world the lives of men distinguished, not only for their talents, but for their virtues; whose writings tend to improve the understanding and to ameliorate the heart, and whose example confirmed the truth and enforced the importance of their instructions: such a man was the author of the works collected in these volumes, and whose memory it may be safely affirmed, will be held in veneration, when that of many whom the world delighteth to honour, will be held in shame and everlasting contempt,

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