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This it was which caused the unusual of the nave, which is of Irish oak, was spectacle of rich cavalcades winding their put up in 1493. The cathedral was the lonely way across wide wastes of land to repository of many treasures, and conthe Cathedral of St. David, bearing in tained the tomb of Edward Tudor, father their sumptuous train costly stuffs, and of Henry II, and the splendid effigy of gold and gems, with which to purchase Rhys, first Prince of Wales, besides nuthe favor of heaven, and secure the in

monuments of bishops and tercession of the saint.

princes, but its greatest treasure is the The cathedral occupied the site of an shrine of its founder. The power of its ancient church, said to have been founded bishops for several centuries was little by St. Patrick, in which St. David was less than regal, and its revenues were baptized, and in which his uncle, Gistil- enormous; it included twelve suffragans ianus, was one of the "Episcopi Men- within its pale, and was considered the evenses," or bishops.

chief seat of learning in Wales, if not in It is an imposing structure of many the island. periods, the greater part being of early In the twelfth century, under BernNorman architecture, constructed of ardus, the first Norman bishop, it passed dark purplish stone—now mellowed and into communion with Rome, and into mossgrown with the lapse of ages; the subordination to the See of Canterbury. ceilings and pendants are of fretted tim- Time has since done its devastating work, ber, marvelously wrought.

and ruin of the structure has followed It was several times assailed by Saxon the waning power of the bishopric. and Danish hordes, and its statues and Many of the statues over the arched carven chapels mutilated and ravaged by doorways have fallen down, and the plundering Norsemen, but it was restored storms of centuries have beaten through by Peter de Liea in 1180 to more than the great rose-window of the eastern pristine spleandor, and repaired at a later side, leaving blackened stalls and ruined period by Sir Gilbert Scott, at cost of altars; even the massive buttresses of the more than £39,000 ($175,000). Its di

nave are crumbling away; but the clock mensions are not extreme, being from upon the rood-loft, and the movable pul124 to 290 feet, and its massive square pit-visible through the choir—still retower, 127 feet in height.


numerous chapels, The lady's chapel, perhaps the most shrines, monuments and effigies, all witsumptuous of them all, was begun by the

nesses of the departed grandeur and munificent prelate, Becke, and completed power of “Ty Dewi,” or “House of in 1293 by Bishop Morgan. In 1328 was David," to which reverent pilgrims still constructed the rood-loft, a series of wend their way, and which is priceless richly carved, pointed arches; and a cen

in its picturesque ruins to the hearts of tury later, numerous stalls and a rear- all true Welshmen. rangement of the choir · were accomplished under Bishop Tully. The episcopal throne—a work of rare beauty and Things are what they are, and the conseelaboration—was presented by Bishop quences will be what they will be. Why, then, Morgan, and the Chapel of the Trinity should we desire to be deceived ?-Bishop begun by him. The magnificent ceiling Butler.

The Purple Bell

The Only

"Mrs. McLerie." By J. J. Bell. Copy

right by the Century Company, New York; 1904. Those who read with great delight “Wee McGreegor" will gladly welcome this new book by Mr. Bell, and will not be disappointed, for they will find it full of genuine humor. Mrs. McLerie is a Scotch "Mrs. Malaprop," and her natural quaintness is improved by her absurd "twists." Her "auld friend” Mrs. Munro is also a most interesting character, and "ma' man” adds zest to the sketches. It is hard to select any one chapter as representing the book, but perhaps "Mrs. McLerie's Visit to the Zoo” is as amusing as any.


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Popular Scottish Books


By special arrangement with the leading publishers in Great Britain and America, the publishers of The CALEDONIAN Magazine are enabled to furnish any book by Scottish authors or on Scottish subjects at the lowest prices within a short notice.

The following list contains the titles of some of the books which will be sent to any part of the United States or Canada, on receipt of the price.


FAMOUS SCOTS. A Series of Popular Biographies of the Great Writers of

Scotland. 12mo. Art canvas cloth. Each, 75c. Balladists, The. By JOHN GEDDIE Blackwood Group, The. John Wilson, John

Galt, D. M Moir, Miss Ferrier, Michael Scott, Thumas Hamilton. By SIR GEORGE DOUG

LAS. Boswell, James. By W. KEITH LEASK. Bruce, King Robert (The). By A. F. MURI.

SON. Buchanan, George. By ROBERT WALLACE. Burns, Robert. By GABRIEL SETOUN. Cairns, Principal. By JOHN CAIRNS. 12mo. Cameron, Richard. By JOHN HERKLESS. Campbell, Thomas. By J. C. HADDEN. Carlyle, Thomas. By H. C. MACPHERSON. Chalmers, Thomas. By W. G BLAIKIH. Drummond, Henry. By J. Y. SIMPSON. Dunbar, William. By O. SMEATON. Erskines, The. By A. R, MACEWEN. Fergusson, Robert. By A. B. GROSART. Ferrier, James Frederick. By E. S. HALDANE.

Fletcher of Saltoun. By G. W. T. OMOND. Gregories. The Academic Gregories. By AG

NES GRAINGER STEWART. Guthrie, Thomas. By OLIPHANT SMEATON Hogg, James. With notices of Robert Tannabill, W. Motherwell and Wm. Thorn, By

SIR GEORGE DOUGLAS. Hume, David. By H. CALDERWOOD. Johnston of Wariston. By W. MORISON. Kirkcaldy of Grange. By L. A BARBE. Knox, John. By A. T. INNES. Livingstone, David. By T. B. MACLACHLAN. Macleod, Norman. By JOHN WELLWOOD. Melville, Andrew. By WILLIAM MORISON. Miller, Hugh. By W. K. LEASK. Park, Muogo. By T. B. MACLACHLAN. Pollok & Aytoun. By ROSALINE MASON. Ramsay, Allan. By OLIPHANT SMEATON. Reid, Thomas. By A. CAMPBELL FRASER. Scott, Sir Walter. By GEORGE SAINTSBURY. Simpson, Sir James Y. By E. B. SIMPSON. Smith, Adam. By H. C. MACPHERSON. Smolleit, Tobias. By OLIPHANT SMEATON. Stevenson, Robert Louis. By M, M BLACK. Thomson, Jame8. Fy WILLIAM BAYNE. Wallace, william. By A. F. MURISON. Wilkie, Sir David, and the Scots' School

of Painters. By E. PINNINGTON.


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Bible House, New York. 3

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We ask all lovers of perfect Coffee-perfection in the cup, delicious aroma, great strength and high degree in pleasure of drinking—to give our Bomosa Coffee a trial. The best and cheapest Coffee on the market. To introduce this celebrated Coffee

We will give to a 11
purchasers of 60 lbs.

for the next sixty days a very beautiful Imported China Tea Set (56 pieces) or Toilet Set (12 pieces) or Parlor Lamp or handsome Marbleized Wooden Clock with bronze ornament or Watch or Morris Chair or Lady's Desk or Chiffonier or Dining Table or Silverplated Tea Set and tray or white Enameled Bed or beautiful Hanging Library Lamp or Funk & Wagnall's Standard Dictionary (size 1234 x9%84% inches) and many other articles too numerous to mention. We make this extraordinary offer at this time

To Introduce Our Selected Bomosa

Bomosa is packed in 1-16. absolutely air tight trade-mark imported bags, which preserve the strength and Aavor for any length of time, even after it has been opened. Bomosa is composed of the very choicest selected Coffees from the finest plantations in the world. None to equal them. Blended in the most scientific manner, exact proportions being used. All the coffees that enter

into this blend are allowed to thoroughly ripen on the trees before being picked. You can therefore draw your own conclusion as to the quality, strength, aroma and perfection of such a Coffee. Be convinced of what we say through a trial.


31 and 33 VESEY ST., NEW YORK

P. 0. Box 289

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Capital, $2,000,000

Surplus and Undivided Profits, $5,000,000
Acts as Trustee for Corporations, Firms and Individuals ; and as Guardian, Executor and Administrator ; takes

entire charge of Real and Personal Estates ; carefully selected securities offered for investment

DRAFTS on all parts of Great Britain, France, Germany, China and Philippines BOUGHT and SOLD

JOHN W. CASTLES, 1st Vice-President. GEORGE R. TURNBULL, 2d Vice-President

HENRY A. MURRAY, 3d Vice-President. WM. C. EDWARDS, Treasurer.

JOHN GAULT, Manager Foreign Department F. C. HARRIMAN, Assistant Treasurer.

E C. HEBBARD, Secretary.

R. C. NEWTON, Trust Officer,

George F. Baker,
E. H. Harriman,
Adrian Iselin, Jr.,

Walter G. Oakman,
John W. Castles,
G. G. Haven,
James N. Jarvie,

Norman B. Ream, George S. Bowdoin, Edwin Hawley,

Augustus D. Jullliard, Henry H. Rogers, Frederic Cromwell, R. Somers Hayes,

Richard A. McCurdy, H. McK. Twombly, Walter R. Gillette, Charles R. Henderson, Levi P. Morton,

Frederick W. Vanderbilt,

Harry Payne Whitney. London Committee :






By the addition of

25,000 New Words Edited by W. T. HARRIS, Ph.D., LL.D.,

U. S. Commissioner of Education. Will readily settle questions about words, men, places, scientific subjects, etc. It has 2364 quarto pages with 5000 illustrations.

LET US SEND YOU FREE our Chart of English Sounds for home study with the children, also “A Test in Pronunciation " which affords a pleasant and instructive evening's entertainment.

Illustrated pamphlet also free.
G. & C. MERRIAM CO., Publishers,

Main St., Springfield, Mass.

There is a demand, far in excess of the supply, for men of special ability. It is equally true that there is a supply, far

in excess of the demand, for men of average ability. He that belongs to the latter class can never command a larger salary than any of his fellows. His place can be filled at an hour's notice. On the other hand, fine positions are seeking the man of special ability that can do one thing wellbetter than any other fellow. We convert average men into men of special ability. Tell us a position that interests you. International Correspondence Schools

Box 958, Scranton, Pa.

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