The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis,

Predný obal
editor, 1836 - 208 strán (strany)

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Strana xxvii - The women of Brixham, who travelled to Ashburton twice a week with fish, and who had known my parents, did not see me, without kind concern, running about the beach in a ragged jacket and trowsers.
Strana xxvii - They mentioned this to the people of Ashburton, and never without commiserating my change of condition. This tale, often repeated, awakened at length the pity of their auditors, and, as the next step, their resentment against the man who had reduced me to such a state of wretchedness. In a large town...
Strana 109 - For youth, too transient flower ! of life's short day The shortest part, but blossoms — to decay. Lo ! while we give the unregarded hour To revelry and joy, in Pleasure's bower, While now for rosy wreaths our brows to twine, 180 And now for nymphs we call, and now for wine, The noiseless foot of Time steals swiftly by, And ere we dream of manhood, age is nigh ! Juv.
Strana 61 - Lewd, petulant, and reeling ripe with wine! Wealth first, the ready pander to all sin, Brought foreign manners, foreign vices in...
Strana 155 - And wrings the dreadful secret from his breast. These, these are they, who tremble and turn pale At the first mutterings of the hollow gale ; Who sink with terror at the transient glare Of meteors glancing through the turbid air. Oh, 'tis not chance...
Strana 120 - A faltering voice, a weak and trembling pace, An ever-dropping nose, a forehead bare, And toothless gums to mumble o'er its fare. Poor wretch! behold him, tottering to his fall, So loathsome to himself, wife, children, all, That those who hoped the legacy to share, And flattered long, — disgusted, disappear.
Strana 67 - Virgil charming, and attempts to prove Poor Dido right, in venturing all for love. From Maro, and Maeonides, she quotes The striking passages, and, while she notes Their beauties and defects, adjusts her scales, And accurately weighs which bard prevails. The astonished guests sit mute: grammarians yield, Loud rhetoricians, baffled, quit the field; Even auctioneers and lawyers stand aghast, And not a woman speaks ! — So thick, and fast, The wordy shower descends, that you would swear A thousand...
Strana 160 - And she shall bless you, if the youth become, By your o'er-ruling care, or soon or late, A useful member of the parent state : For all depends on you ; the stamp he'll take From the strong impress which at first you make, And prove, as vice or virtue was your aim, His country's glory, or his country's shame.
Strana 27 - Around your lawn their facile streams shall shower, And cheer the springing plant and opening flower. There live, delighted with the rustic's lot, And till, with your own hands, the little spot ; The little spot shall yield you large amends, And glad, with many a feast, your Samian friends. And, sure, — in any corner we can get, To call one lizard ours, is something yet!
Strana 111 - In every clime, from Ganges' distant stream To Gades, gilded by the western beam, Few, from the clouds of mental error free, In its true light or good or evil see. For what, with reason, do we seek or shun? What plan, how happily soe'er begun, But, finished, we our own success lament, And rue the pains, so fatally misspent?

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