The Magazine of Science, and Schools of Art, Zväzok 1

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D. Francis, 1842

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Strana 157 - ... time that the axle describes a small one, therefore the power is increased in the same proportion as the circumference of the wheel is greater than that of the axle. If the velocity of the wheel is...
Strana 226 - Coal mines are overhung. The roof is covered as with a canopy of gorgeous tapestry, enriched with festoons of most graceful foliage, flung in wild irregular profusion over every portion of its surface. The effect is heightened by the contrast of the coal-black colour of these vegetables with the light ground-work of the rock to which they are attached.
Strana 225 - A vapour sometime like a bear or lion, A towered citadel, a pendent rock, A forked mountain, or blue promontory With trees upon't that nod unto the world And mock our eyes with air.
Strana 218 - The climate of the moon must be very extraordinary : the alternation being that of unmitigated and burning sunshine, fiercer than an equatorial noon, continued for a whole fortnight, and the keenest severity of frost, far exceeding that of our polar winters, for an equal time.
Strana 48 - ... he could, however, distinguish blues when they were light. Dr. Nichols has recorded a case where a person, who was in the navy, purchased a blue uniform coat and waistcoat, with red breeches to match the blue.
Strana 114 - Dissolve five or six bits of gum mastic, each the size of a large pea, in as much spirits of wine as will suffice to render it liquid ; and in another vessel dissolve as much isinglass, previously a little softened in water (though none of the water must be used), in French brandy or good rum, as will make a two-ounce phial of very strong glue, adding two small bits of gum albanum, or ammoniacum, which must be rubbed or ground till they are dissolved.
Strana 392 - Pour on the engraving boiling water from a teakettle until the salt and lemon-juice be all washed off; the engraving will then be perfectly clean, and free from stains. It must be dried on the board, or on some smooth surface, gradually. If dried by the fire or the sun it will be tinged with a yellow colour.
Strana 21 - An Account of a Method of Copying Paintings upon Glass, and of making Profiles by the Agency of Light upon Nitrate of Silver; with Observations by H. Davy.
Strana 374 - A man in a boat pulling a rope attached to a large ship, seems only to move the boat : but he really moves the ship a little, for...
Strana 226 - ... of their primeval life; their scaly stems, and bending branches, with their delicate apparatus of foliage, are all spread forth before him ; little impaired by the lapse of countless Ages, and bearing faithful records of extinct systems of vegetation, which began and terminated in times of which these relics are the infallible Historians.

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