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By the desire of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Murphy, tho R C. Bishop of Cork, I have attentively perused the Manuscript of a Book entitled The UrsuMne Manual; or, a Collection of Prayers, Spiritual Exercises, fyc, interspersed with the various Instructions necessary for forming Youth to the Practice of solid Piety,

The fervent Piety, interesting Instructions, and useful Doctrinal Expositions contained in this Work, are exlvemely valuable; and few books appear to me better fitted than it is tc advance the Cause of Religion, Morality, and Virtue. It >s calculated, in my opinion, not only to be serviceaoie in Religious Communities, but likewise in Private Families, and as a DevotioJa Book to the Faithful in general.

THOMAS R. ENGLAND, P. P , &a &c Cork, April Uth, 1823

Instructions and Devotions for Communion 206

A Prayer for the three Days before Communion 211

Meditations for the three Days before Communion.. 212

First Day.—On the opposite Dispositions of Com-

municants 212

Becond Day.—The Passion of our Lord applied to

the Holy Communion 216

Third Day.—On the Virtues which should adorn a

Communicant 221

Immediate Preparation for Communion 225

Prayers before Communion 226

A Method of hearing Mass before Communion 232

Devout Prayers after Communion 242

A Method of hearing Mass after Communion 246

A Prayer for the three Days after Communion 257

Meditations for the three Days after Communion 258

First Day.—On the Sentiments which the Holy Com-

munion should produce in our Souls 258

Second Day.—On the Imitation of Christ 263

Third Day.—On the Danger of not Corresponding

with the Graces received in the Holy Communion. 268

Preparation for Confirmation 274

A Prayer before Confirmation 279

A Prayer for the Holy Ghost, to beg the Descent of

that Divine Spirit with his seven-fold Gifts 280

The Ceremony of Confirmation.. .^ 281

A PrajTer after Confirmation... 288

On the Presence of God: 289

On the Sign of the Cross 292

On Meditation 295

The Method of Meditation 298

Preparatory Acts of Meditation 299

On the predominant Passions , 306

Devotions for every Day in the Wtek 317

Exercise for Sunday.—Devotions to the adorable

Trinity 318

_«_• Monday.—Devotions for the Souls in

Purgatory 320

■ Tuesday.—Devotion to our Angel

Guardian...; , 323

»- ■• Wednesday.—Devotfcns to St Joseph. 326
Exercise for Thursday.—Devotion to the Blessed

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