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VII.-1. The Life of William Makepeace Thackeray. By

Lewis Melville. Two vols. London: Hutchinson

and Co., 1899.

2. The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, with

Biographical Introductions by his daughter, Anne

Ritchie. Thirteen vols. London: Smith, Elder,

and Co., 1898-99


VIII.-1. History of the English Poor Law. Vol. III:

From 1834 to the Present Time. By T. Mackay.

London: King and Son, 1899.

2. Report of the

Royal Commission on the Aged Poor,

1895. (C. 7684.) -


And other works.

IX.-1. The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson to his

Family and Friends. Selected and edited with

Notes and Introductions by Sidney Colvin. Two

vols. London: Methuen, 1899.

2. The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh

edition. Twenty-eight vols. 1894–98 -


X.-1. Pratique Criminelle des Cours et Tribunaux. Par

M. Faustin-Hélie. Paris: Marchal-Billard et Cie.,


2. Histoire de la Procédure Criminelle en France.

Par A. Esmein. Paris : Larose et Forcel, 1882 - 198

And other works.

XI.-1. Further Correspondence respecting the Affairs of

Swaziland. August 1890. (C. 6200.)

2. A Convention between Her Majesty and the South

African Republic for the Settlement of the Affairs

of Swaziland, with Correspondence relating thereto.

November 1890. (C. 6217.) -


And other works.

XII.-1. The Flora of Cheshire. By the late Lord De

Tabley. Edited by Spencer Moore, with a Bio-

graphical Notice of the Author by Sir Mountstuart

Grant Duff. London: Longmans and Co., 1899.

2. Poems Dramatic and Lyrical. By John Leicester

Warren, Lord De Tabley. London: Elkin Matthews

and John Lane, 1893.

3. Poems Dramatic and Lyrical. By Lord De

Tabley. Second Series. London: John Lane, 1895 246

XIII.-1. Official Telegrams from South Africa,

2. Reports of Special Correspondents.

3. Private Information

- 265

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1.-1. The Quarterly Review. London: John Murray,


· 291

II.-1. Narrative of an Expedition to Southern Africa

during the years 1836 and 1837. By Captain

Cornwallis Harris. Bombay: American Mission

Press, 1838.

2. A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa. By F. C. Selous.

London: Bentley, 1881


And other works.

III.-1. Vor Sonnenaufgang : Sociales Drama. Ste Auflage,

1898.—Die Versunkene Glocke: Ein deutsches

Märchendrama. 30te Auflage, 1897.-Fuhrmann

Henschel: Schauspiel in fünf Acten, 1899. By

Gerhart Hauptmann. Berlin: S. Fischer.

2. The Plays of Gerhart Hauptmann. [Lonely Lives;

Hannele; The Weavers. Translated by William

Archer and Mary Morison. Three vols. London:

William Heinemann, 1894–99


And other works.

IV.-1. Memoirs of the Right Hon. Sir John Alexander

Macdonald. By Joseph Pope. Two vols. London:

Arnold, 1894.

2. Life and Times of Sir John A. Macdonald, Premier

of the Dominion of Canada. By J. Edmund Collins.

Toronto : Rose Publishing Co., 1883


And other works.

V.-1. Qu'est-ce que l'art? Par le Comte Léon Tolstoï.

Traduit du russe et précédé d'une Introduction par

Téodor de Wyzewa. Paris : Perrin et Cie., 1898.

2. Le Rôle de l'art d'après Tolstoï. Par E. Halpérine-

Kaminsky. Paris : De Soye et fils, 1898


And other works.

VI.--1. Report of the Departmental Committee appointed by

the Board of Trade to inquire what Amendments are

necessary in the Acts relating to Joint-stock Com-

panies incorporated with Limited Liability under

the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1890, with Appendix.

Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command

of Her Majesty. London : 1895 (C. 7779)


And other works.



VII.-1. Ruskin and the Religion of Beauty. Translated

from the French of: Robert de la Sizeranne by the

Countess of Galloway. London: George Allen, 1899.

2. The Art-Teaching of John Ruskin. By W. G.

Collingwood, M.A. Cheaper issue. London :

Rivingtons, 1900 -

- 393

And other works.

VIII.-1. The Life of Edward White Benson, sometime

Archbishop of Canterbury. By his son, Arthur

Christopher Benson. Two vols. London: Mac-

millan and Co., 1899.

2. A Memoir of Richard Durnford, D.D., sometime

Bishop of Chichester, with Selections from his

Correspondence. Edited by W. R. W. Stephens,

B.D., F.S.A., Dean of Winchester. London : John

Murray, 1899


And other works.

IX.-Statutes and Regulations made for the University of

London by the Commissioners appointed under the

University of London Act, 1898; with an ac-

companying Report. February 1900


X.-1. Lumsden of the Guides. A Sketch of the Life of

Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden,

K.C.S.I., C.B. By General Sir Peter Lumsden,

G.C.B., C.S.I., and George R. Elsmie, C.S.I. London:

John Murray, 1899.

2. The History of Lord Lytton's Indian Administra-

tion, 1876 to 1880: compiled from Letters and

Official Papers. By Lady Betty Balfour. London:

Longmans, Green, and Co., 1899


And other works.

XI.-1. The Life of Wellington: the Restoration of the

Martial Power of Great Britain. By the Right Hon.

Sir Herbert Max 11, Bart., M.P. Two vols. Third

edition. London: Sampson Low, Marston, and Co.,


2. Waterloo. Par Henry Houssaye. Paris : Perrin

et Cie., 1899


And other works.

XII.--1. The Boer States. By A. H. Keane. London:

Methuen, 1900.

2. The Transvaal from Within. By J. P. Fitzpatrick.

Popular edition. London: Heinemann, 1900 514

And other works.

XIII.— The War in South Africa. II.

- 539

XIV.–Foreign Opinion. 1. Germany. 2. France

- 560

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