Jacob Faithful, Zväzok 2

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E.L. Carey & A. Hart, 1834

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Strana 109 - A wet sheet and a flowing sea, A wind that follows fast, And fills the white and rustling sail, And bends the gallant mast; And bends the gallant mast, my boys, While, like the eagle free, Away the good ship flies, and leaves Old England on the lee. O for a soft and gentle wind!
Strana 145 - A man's a fool who strives by force or skill To stem the torrent of a woman's will ; For if she will, she will, you may depend on't, And if she won't, she won't — and there's an end on't.
Strana 107 - Then are they glad, because they are at rest : and so he bringeth them unto the haven where they would be.
Strana 118 - I didn't want for to live, Poll, when I thought you false.' " "Then Polly might have answered in the words of the old song, master; but her poor heart was too full, I suppose." And Tom sang, "Your Polly has never been false, she declares, Since last time we parted at Wapping Old Stairs.
Strana 94 - ... to the place from whence you came, and from thence to the place of execution, there to be hanged by the neck till you are dead; and may God, in his infinite goodness, have mercy on your soul!
Strana 137 - COME O'ER THE SEA. COME o'er the sea, Maiden, with me, Mine thro' sunshine, storm, and snows; Seasons may roll, But the true soul Burns the same, where'er it goes.
Strana 122 - And swig the flowing can. And fiddle a little, And foot it a little.
Strana 81 - I was in a Greenlandman, my first ship, and pulled ashore to my mother's cottage under the cliff. I thought the old soul would have died with joy.
Strana 119 - A long pull, and a strong pull, and a pull all together ! [Cries, and drops his face on arm, upon table.

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