The Budget, Or Moral and Entertaining Fragments: Representing the Punishment of Vice, and the Reward of Virtue

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E. Newbery, 1799 - 175 strán (strany)

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Strana 94 - Selim ; or the Shepherd's Moral. Scene, a Valley near Bagdat. Time, the Morning. **Y"E Persian maids, attend your poet's lays, And hear how shepherds pass their golden days. "Not all are blest whom Fortune's hand sustains "With wealth in courts ; nor all that haunt the plains : Well may your hearts believe the truths I tell ; 'Tis virtue makes the bliss, where'er we dwell.
Strana 143 - Yet. with a sigh o'er all mankind, I grant In this our day of proof, our land of hope. The good man has his clouds that intervene , Clouds, that obscure his sublunary day, But never conquer : e'en the best must own, Patience, and resignation, are the pillars Of human peace on Earth.
Strana 125 - And bears his blufhing honours thick upon him : The third day, comes a froft, a killing froft ; And, — when he thinks, good eafy man, full furely His greatnefs is a ripening, — nips his root, And then he falls, as I do.
Strana 66 - When to the noon of life we rise, The man grows elegant in vice ; To glorious guilt in courts he climbs, Vilely judicious in his crimes. When youth and strength in age are lost, Man seems already half a ghost; Wither'd and wan, to earth he bows, A walking hospital of woes.
Strana 15 - Till you, the fenate, have confirm'd his choice. Fine is the fecret, delicate the art, To wind the paflions, and command the heart ; For fancy'd ills to force our tears to flow, And make the generous foul in love with woe ; To raife the fhades of heroes to our view; Rebuild fall'n empires, and old time renew. How hard the taflc ! how rare the godlike rage...
Strana 46 - How bright the little insects blaze, Where willows shade the way ;. As proud as if their painted rays Could emulate the Day ! 'Tis thus the pigmy sons of pow'r Advance their vain parade ! Thus glitter in the darken'd hour, And like the glow-worms fade ! The soft serenity of night Ungentle clouds deform ! The silver host that shone so...
Strana 84 - Or pious die, with penitence refign'd ; " And to a life more happy and refin'd, " Doubt not, you fhall, new creatures, yet arife. " Till then, you may expeft in me to find " One who will wipe your forrow from your eyes, " One who will foothe your pangs, and wing you to...
Strana 15 - He rests not in the people's general voice, Till you, the senate, have confirm'd his choice. Fine is the secret, delicate the art, To wind the passions, and command the heart ; For fancy'd ills to force our tears to flow, And make the...
Strana 103 - ... A recurring theme in these books, and one calculated to stir the imaginations of young and impressionable minds, was the way in which slavery disrupted the tranquillity of domestic life in Africa. As the black beggar in The Budget laments, I was born on the coast of Guinea, far from any white man, and made one among a principal tribe, headed by a valorous chief. United to one of our females, my days rolled on in happiness, and, for a time, the gentle gales of peace wafted to us success and pleasure....

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