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Mr. Emmet, Great George-street, Minories.

England, Suffolk-street, Charing Cross.
Emery, Covent-Garden Theatre.

Elvee, Rochester.
John Foulkes, Esq. Hart-street, Bloomsbury,
Mr. Francis, Brompton, 2 Sets.

Francia, Rolls' Buildings.
Foster, Strand.

Flaxman, Strand.
F. B. Goldney, Esq. Great Marlow, 2 Sets.
Mr. I. George, Worcester.
T. W. Green, Esq. Litchfield.
Mr. John Gillo, Salisbury.

Golding, Pall-mall.

Girtin, Long Acre.
Thomas Harris, Esq. St. James's Place.

Hill, Esq. Great Russel-street.

Hague, Esq. Canon-row.
Mr. Robert Hedges, Jun. Thame, Oxfordshire.
Mr. Hill, Covent-Garden Theatre.

- Holman, Esq. Swallow-street.
Miss Harrison, Claybrook-house, Fulham.
T. Hovell, Esq. Cambridge, 2 Sets.
Rev. Mr. Hook, Woodstock, Oxfordshire.
James Hook, Esq. Charlotte-street, Bedford-square.
Mrs. Hook, ditto ditto

Mr. John Horsey, Charlotte-street, Covent Garden

F. A. Hyde, Cheapside.
Rev. Mr. Hunt, Great Marlow.
Charles Hunt, Esq. Hatton Garden.
Mrs. H. E. Haws, Great Marlow.
William Hickman, Esq. Great Marlow.
Craighton Horn, Esq. Portland-street, 2 Sets.
Mr. Hammond, Worcester.

Hewson, Frith-street,
Mr. H. E. Johnston, Covent-Garden Theatre.

Jones, Fleet-street.

Incledon, Covent-Garden Theatre.
Mrs. Incledon, Charlotte-street, Bedford-square.
Mr. Keymer, Colchester.
Mrs. Knowles, Ely-Place.
Mr. Knight, Covent-Garden Theatre.
Mrs. Kean, Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane,
Mrs. Leach, Pall-mall.
Mr. Leach, Pall-mall.
James Longman, Cheapside.


Mr. P. Larcher, Sen. Great Baddow, Essex.

Thomas Lewis, Bedford-street, Covent-Garden,

- J. E. Larcher, Strand.
Miss Lovegrove, Great Marlow.
Henry Lovegrove, Esq. Great Marlow.
Mr. Lewis, Bow-street, Covent-Garden.

D. Lambilly, Chichester.

Lees, Worcester.
The Library, Worcester.
Dr. M'Nab, Bewdley, Worcestershire.

Maddock, Esq. Brunswick-square, 2 Scts.
Mr. Morton, West-street, Soho.

· George Mansfield, Strand.

Murray, Covent-Garden Theatre.
Joseph Major, Duke-street, West Smithfield.
Mills, Great Queen-street, Westminster.
Mevis, Goodge-street.

William Major, King-street, Soho.
Rev. Mr. Mustard, Colchester, 4 Sets.
Mr. Mathews, Worcester.
Miss Moore, ditto.
Mr. R. Mosely, ditto.

Mitchel, Chichester.
Macredy, Birmingham.
Munden, Covent-Garden Theatre.

Nash, Esq. Cornhill.
„Mrs. Osborn, Devonshire-place.
Mr. Owen, Bond-street.

Pestle, Esq. Ashby de-la-Zouch.
Rev. J. Park, Stamford.
John Poole, Esq. Salisbury.
Mr. Phillips, Mill-bank, Westminster.

Prior, Esq. Sen. Russel-street, Bloomsbury.
Prior, Esq. Jun. ditto.
M. G. Parker, Fleet-street.
Page, St. Paul's Cathedral.
Pope, Great Queen-street.
1. Parry, Worcester.
Page, ditto.
Parsons, Bridge-street, Westminster.

Robinson, Esq. Chichester.
William Rofe, Postmaster, Cambridge.
· Rucker, Esq. Mincing-lane, 7 Sets.
· Riviere, Bond-street.
Russel, Drury-lane Theatre.

Skynn, Esq. Temple.


Somersall, Esq. Jun. Sloane-street, 2 Sets.
Miss Scott, Strand.
G. T. Stubbs, Esq. High-Street, Mary-le-bonne.
Surgery, St. Martin's Court.
James Smith, Esq. Brompton, Kent.
Edmund Somers, M. D. Charlotte-street, Rathbone-place.
Mr. Smith, Dover-street, Piccadilly.

John Smith, Jun. King-street, Covent-Garden.
Simpson, Queen-treet, Cheapside.
John Salter, New-street, Covent-Garden.
John Scott, Strand.

Stewart, Piccadilly.
Dr. Thornton, Duke-street, Grosvenor-square, 3 Sets.
Jeffery Tylecote, Esq. Great Marlow, 2 Sets.
Mrs. Townly, Doctors' Commons, 3 Sets.

· Thompson, Jun. Newport-street.

Tomkinson, Dean-street, Soho.
Mrs. Tilt, Cheapside.
Mr. Townsend, Covent-Garden Theatre, 3 Sets.
Charles Walcot, Esq. Comptroller of the Penny-Post.
George Wright, Esq. Tottenham Court-road.
Edward Warner, Esq. Sen. Walthamstow.

Warner, Esq. Jun. ditto.

1. Wilson, Esq. Castle-street, Holborn.

Mr. Wooly, Knightsbridge.

Mr. Walland, Organist, Chichester, 2 Sets.

Mr. Walker, Conduit-street.

Mr. D. Walker, ditto.

Mr. Wills, Worcester.

Mr. Wells, Leadenhall-street.

Mr. Wills, Chicester.

Mr. Weeble, Warwick-court, City.

Mr. Wordsworth, Clapham-road Place, Kennington.

Mr. Yonge, M. M. Wills-street, Falcon-square.

Young, Esq. Sen. Coleman-street.

Young, Esq. Jun. ditto.






HE Reader often feels as great

a satisfaction in going over the excursions of another in print, as if he had trod the ground himself; at any rate, it is less irksome and less expensive than the trouble of travelling two or three thousand miles.

When a man has paid his deposit to a book-keeper, at an inn in Lon



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