The Private History of the Court of England: In Two Volumes, Zväzok 2

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author, and sold, 1808

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Strana 144 - This mischief had not then befall'n, And more that shall befall, innumerable Disturbances on earth through female snares, And strait conjunction with this sex: for either He never shall find out fit mate, but such As some misfortune brings him, or mistake; Or whom he wishes most shall seldom gain Through her perverseness, but shall see her...
Strana x - The minister of heav'n's enquiring justice; Array thyself all terrible for judgment, Wrath in thy eyes, and thunder in thy voice; Pronounce my sentence, and if yet there be A woe I have not felt, inflict it on me.
Strana xi - The day shall come (which nothing can avert) When by the spear, the arrow, or the dart, By night, or day, by force, or by design, Impending death and certain fate are mine ! Die then...
Strana xi - Patroclus is no more ! He, far thy better, was foredoom'd to die, And thou, dost thou bewail mortality? Seest thou not me, whom Nature's gifts adorn, Sprung from a hero, from a goddess born...
Strana 213 - CHAP. XVII. FEMALE DEGRADATION. She should be wooed, And, not unsought, be won.
Strana 107 - II est bon general, il Est sans negligence}] 11 est sans nez — Sans nez — Sans nez — II est sans Negligence — Sans nez. II est sans negligence. (Chansons, sur les victoires de M.
Strana 44 - It is said, that if one of these beautiful women were to spit in the sea, the waters thereof would be bitter no more.
Strana 134 - That delicious charm of delivering mankind from misfortune thine heart, has never experienced : never hast tliou heard after thy victories, a people, transported with joy, calling thce by the endearing name of father.
Strana 55 - AND FASHIONABLE FOLLY. His demand Springs not from well meant, honest love, But from deceit bred by necessity. New customs, Tho' they be ever so ridiculous, Nay, let them be unmanly, yet arc followed.

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