Burns Chronicle and Club Directory, Zväzky 26–28

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Burns Federation, 1917
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Strana 41 - The lovers stood on each side of a small purling brook; they laved their hands in its limpid stream, and, holding a bible between them, pronounced their vows to be faithful to each other.
Strana 26 - The bridegroom may forget the bride Was made his wedded wife yestreen ; The monarch may forget the crown That on his head an hour has been ; The mother may forget the child That smiles sae sweetly on her knee ; But I'll remember thee, Glencairn, And a' that thou hast done for me ! " LINES, SENT TO SIR JOHN WHITEFORD, OF WHITEFORD, BART., WITH THE FOREGOING POEM.
Strana 51 - IT was a' for our rightfu' King We left fair Scotland's strand; It was a' for our rightfu' King We e'er saw Irish land, My dear — We e'er saw Irish land. Now a' is done that men can do, And a...
Strana 30 - My passions, when once lighted up, raged like so many devils, till they got vent in rhyme; and then the conning over my verses, like a spell, soothed all into quiet!
Strana 41 - Mary! dear departed shade! Where is thy place of blissful rest? See'st thou thy lover lowly laid? Hear'st thou the groans that rend his breast? That sacred hour can I forget, Can I forget the hallowed grove, Where by the winding Ayr we met, To live one day of parting love!
Strana 25 - Nor have I any cause to repent it. If I have not got polite tattle, modish manners, and fashionable dress, I am not sickened and disgusted with the multiform curse of boarding-school affectation : and I have got the handsomest figure, the sweetest temper, the soundest constitution, and the kindest heart in the county.
Strana 39 - May freedom, harmony, and love, Unite you in the grand design, Beneath th' omniscient Eye above, The glorious Architect divine ! That you may keep th...
Strana 8 - I glimmer a little into futurity ; but my principal, and indeed my only pleasurable employment, is looking backwards and forwards in a moral and religious way. I am quite transported at the thought, that ere long, perhaps very soon, I shall bid an eternal adieu to all the pains, and...
Strana 19 - Jean I found banished like a martyr — forlorn, destitute, and friendless; all for the good old cause: I have reconciled her to her fate: I have reconciled her to her mother: I have taken her a room: I have taken her to my arms : I have given her a mahogany bed : I have given her a guinea; and I have f- d her till she rejoiced with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
Strana 12 - The anguish of mind we felt at our tender years, under these straits and difficulties, was very great.

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