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With obvious propriety I dedicate this Index and my work upon it to

Duncan M'Aaught,

one of the founders of the Burns Federation, for long its honoured President, and for some thirty years the wise and able Editor of the Burns Chronicle. In all the century and a quarter since his death few have done so much to rescue the just fame of Burns from unwise friend and malign enemy, and by keen investigation, just criticism, and sympathetic insight to set it upon secure foundations, than the Schoolmaster of Kilmaurs.

A chance word of his, expressing the hope that some one might compile a full Index of the Chronicle, set me to the task. In spite of all care, errors will no doubt be found; but I cherish the hope that it will be found useful a key to the treasures of the Chronicle.




January, 1921.


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A. The word Burns," as an initial word in the Index, would

occupy so much space as not to be useful. Hence titles and articles in which the name of Burns prominently appears are indexed by the next most indicative word. For example : the first article in No. 1, entitled “Life of Burns," instead of

being indexed “ Burns, Life of,” is indexed “ Life of Burns.” B. Articles about or relating to towns and localities in the Burns

country are arranged together in the Index under the title “ Topography of Burns," as well as in their appropriate

places alphabetically. C. Articles on or relating to the portraits of Burns are arranged

together in the Index under the title Portraits of Burns,"

as well as in their appropriate places alphabetically. D. Articles on or relating to Burns as an Exciseman are arranged

together in the Index under the title “ Burns and the Excise,”

as well as in their appropriate places alphabetically. E. Articles and subjects which are to be found in “ Notes and Queries "

are indicated in the Index by “N. & Q.” following the title. F. Reviews by the Editor or others of books, events, &c., are

indexed by the title of the book and followed by the word

“ Review.” G. There is no List of Illustrations " with the Index, but articles

embellished by illustrations, even if only a single portrait, are

indicated by the word Illustrated " following the title. H. The names of the authors of articles are indexed along with other

matter alphabetically, with the title of the article following the name ;

but in addition to this the surname of the author follows the title of the article. I. Names familiarly known in the Burns world, such as Jean

Armour, Gilbert Burns, Agnes Brown, &c., are not indexed

by their surnames, but by the whole name as familiarly used. J. The proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the Federation and

the Club Notes" are not included in the Index. The former can readily be found in the number for the succeeding year. The latter would not only greatly swell the volume of the Index,

but can, with comparative facility, be found in each number. K. Cross References, besides titles of articles and names of authors,

have been used wherever the Compiler felt sure the same would make the Index more useful without too much increasing its dimensions.


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