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This is merely an attempt to give the public a glimpse of the country upon which the eyes of the world are now fixed, and to sketch briefly—as briefly as is compatible with legal matters—those laws to which President Krüger so significantly drew Sir Hercules Robinson's attention when, on January 2, he assured him that the British residents would be protected, ‘provided they in no way break the laws of the country. It inay be said, in parenthesis, that the Boers are somewhat fond of litigation, and that when I say 'those laws,' I refer, of course, more especially to the laws having some bearing upon the present state of affairs.

I trust that the fact of the sketch having been produced in a few hours to meet a sudden demand may be some apology for its lack of literary grace. Where I have been unable to trust my own memory, I am indebted to the Official Handbook of the Cape,' Jeppe’s ‘Transvaal Almanac,' S. W. Silver & Co.'s Handbook to South Africa,' the 'Argus Annual,' Hertslet's Commercial Treaties,' the Statesman's Year-Book,' the 'Natal Directory,' and especially to Jeppe and Kotzé’s ‘Locale Wetten der Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek,' to all of which I beg to refer those readers who desire more information.

My thanks are also due to Mr. Montagu White, the Consul-General for the South African Republic, for his extreme courtesy in placing at my disposal his valuable collection of laws.

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