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Rectors of Croydon.

Few names of the Rectors of Croydon can be discovered ; the dates of admissions may be seen in the Registers of the Archbishops. The first we find, is Egidius de Audenando ; who appears to have been Rector in the years 1282, and 1289; he was also Rector of Cherrynge, which Rectory he resigned into the hands of Archbishop Peckham, May 4th, 1284 *. He was likewise a Canon of the Church of St. Mary, in St. Mary, Dover Castle, where he had the Prebend of Pesmere; for it appears, that on the calends of February, 1287, he presented Hugo de Wengrave to the Vicarage of Northyam, in the Diocese of Chichester, in right of his said Prebend.

* 1284. 2 col' Maii Egidius de Audenando, Rect' Eccl de Croyndon resignat Eccles' de Cherryng in manus Archiep dat’ in Capitulo Cantuar', fol. 207. a.

Archbish. Peckham's Register,

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