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Dominus John Mansell, is the next Rector we find; his name first occurs in the Register of Archbishop Winchelsey, 1309, and again in that of Archbishop Reynolds, upon the subject of the appropriation of the Church to the Convent of Bermondsey, in the year 1320.---See Hist. p. 67 Note.

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Richard Aungervill, al' de Bury, el' presentat' per regem ad eccl' de Croyndon Archiepatu vac', 30 Nov. I. E. III†. This was the learned Bishop of Durham, author of the Philobiblon; he was born at Bury St. Edmunds, in Suffolk, in the year 1281, and educated at Oxford. In 1333 he was elevated by Edward III. (whose tutor he had been) to the episcopal dignity, he was in the succeeding year appointed Lord High Chancellor, and in 1336, Treasurer of England. He died at Durham in 1345.

John de Tonneford is mentioned as Rector 2d. id. of June, in the year 1348.

William de Leghton, Sub-deacon, was collated to this Rectory by Archbishop Islip, the 12 cal. of January, 1351.

William de Wittleseye, was collated to the Rectory by his uncle Archbishop Islip, the 12 Ap. 1352. He afterwards became a Doctor of Canon law, and was preferred by his uncle to the office of Vicar-general; then he was advanced to the Deanery of the Arches; then to the Arch-deaconry of Huntingdon, afterwards to the See of Rochester; then to that of Worcester; and finally, became Archbishop of Canterbury.

Adam de Honton, L. L. D. came next to this Rectory, by means of an exchange which he made with the last Rector. He was admitted to Croydon on the 3d of May, 1359.

1309. 5 id. Maii apud Lambeth admisit Dnus Tho' de Mayderestan presb' ad vicas' perpet' Eccl' de Croyndone ad presentationem Dni Johannis Maunsel Rect' Ecclie predict', fol. 52, a.---Register of Archbishop Winchelsey.

† Pat, I. Ed· III.

Reg. Islip, fol. 52, a.

Adam de Robelyn occurs as Rector of Croydon, the 5 non. of May, 1363*; he very soon after exchanged this Rectory for the Prebend of Ruyll, in the Collegiate Church of Abergwilly, with

William Bourbrigg, cl' who was admitted the 8 id. of June, 1363.

John Quernby is mentioned as Rector of Croydon in 1364†. He exchanged this Rectory for the Prebend of Woodburgh, in the Collegiate Church of Southwell, in the county of York, with

John Godewyke, who was admitted on the 29th of March, 1365. Another, of the same name,

John Godewyke was instituted to this Rectory 6. cal. Nov. 1370, having been presented to it by King Edward III. patron for that turn, the temporalities of the vacant Archbishoprics being in his hands. This gentleman was Doctor of Laws, and Rector, when the church was appropriated to the Convent of St. Saviour, Bermondsey, as has been mentioned in the History.

Vicars of Croydon.

The names of the Vicars which we have been able to discover, are more numerous than those of the Rectors. We give them in their order.

Henry de la Rye, presb. became Vicar of this church the 4 calends of Aug. 1289, on the presentation of Ægidius de Audenando, Rector.

Thomas de Sevenoke occurs as Vicar in the year 1309 §.

* Reg. Islip, fol. 301. a.

+ Ibid. fol. 306. a.

Regis. Peckham. fol. 40 b.
Regis Winchelsey, fol. 47. b.

Thomas de Maydenestone became Vicar on the ides of May, 1309, being presented by John Mansell, Rector. *

John de Horslede, Vicar in the year 1348.

John de Stanesfelde, who was appointed Dean of Croydon by a commission from Archbishop Islip, dated at Lambeth 11. cal. of February 1349 †. He exchanged this Vicarage for the Rectory of West Wickham, with

Richard Atte Lich, who was instituted on the 7. cal. of June, 1356, having been presented by William de Wittlesey, Rector.

John de Hameldon, presb. was admitted to this Vicarage on the 3. id. December, 1361, on the presentation of the Rector, Adam de Honton, L. L. D.

Robert Okele, of the Diocese of Norwich, Deacon, became Vicar here on the cal. May 1873, on the presentation of John Godewyke, Rector.

William Dapur, Vicar in the year 1402. He exchanged this Vicarage for the Rectory of Throckyng, in the Diocese of Lincoln, with

Richard Bondon, who was instituted the 7th. of August, 1402, on the presentation of the Prior and Convent St. Saviour's, Bermondsey. He exchanged his Vicarage for the Wardenship of St. Mary Magdalen, with the parish of Kyngestone, with

John Scarburgh, who, having been presented by the same patrons, became Vicar of this Church, on the 18th of December, 1406. Upon his death,

John Aldenham, alias Causton, was admitted on the 20th of January, 1408.

This Vicarage became vacant before the 23d of November, 1420, but by what means cannot be discovered. A blank is left in Archbishop Chicheley's Register, (on the side of which

* Regis Winchelsey, fol 52, a.

+ Regis Islip, fol. 10, a.

is written, Institutio Vicaria de Croydon, where the name of the successor should have been inserted.

William Oliver became Vicar about that time; his name is frequently mentioned in the same register. This Vicar, it should seem, gave some lands to the Chauntry of St. Nicholas, in the Church of Croydon, that the Priest, officiating there, might pray for the repose of his soul. See Hist. p. 85. The exact time of his death can not be ascertained; it appears from the statutes of Ellys Davy's Alm's-house, to have happened before the 27th of April, 1447. We cannot discover the institution of his successor

John Langton; upon whose death

Henry Carpenter, L. L. D. was admitted to this Vicarage the 30th. of October, 1487; upon whose death

William Shaldoo was presented the 3d of December, 1487, upon whose death

Rowland Philipps* was collated to this Vicarage, for that turn, the 4th of June, 1497, by Archbishop Morton, with the unanimous consent of the Prior and Convent of St. Saviour, Bermondsey. Upon his resignation,

* This Vicar is mentioned by Stow in the following passage; "Even as there was much ado amongst them of the Common House, about this agreement to the subsidie then required, so was there as hard hold for awhile amongst them of the Cleargie, in the Convocation House, namely, Richard Foxe, Byshop of Winchester, and John Fisher, Byshop of Rochester held sore against it, but most of all Syr Rowland Philips, Vicar of Crodown, one of the Canons of Paules, a famous and notable preacher in those daies, spake most against that paiment. But the Cardinall taking him aside, so perswaded the matter with him, that hee came no more into the house, willinglie absenting himselfe, thus he giving over his holde, the other yielded, and so was granted the halfe of all their revenues spirituall for one yeare, to be paide in 5 yeeres following.---Chron. p. 519.


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