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and seal who, upon such nomination or placing, shall without delay be sworn and admitted, as is hereafter expressed; but if, in case of the See being void, the Parson of Lambeth, and the Vicar or Curate of Croydon, shall not agree within one month, the Arch-deacon of Canterbury shall nominate. That the poor Brother appointed to be Schoolmaster, shall be a Parson well qualified, that is to say, an honest man, learned in the Greek and Latin tongues, that he shall have for his lodging, the house built for that purpose, together with such appurtenances as are annexed thereto, and shall also have the sum of £20 yearly, for his stipend, to be paid quarterly, together with such corn or wood, as shall hereafter be allotted to the poor Brethren. That the said house be appropriated solely to the use of the Schoolmaster. That the Warden shall be appointed by the Founder during his life time, and after his death, and the death of the Warden, whom he shall have appointed, the Warden shall be chosen in the chapel, after morning prayer, by the Majority of the Brethren (including the Schoolmaster) then present; that if the numbers be even, the Schoolmaster shall have the casting vote; but if the poor Brothers cannot agree within the time mentioned, then the Archbishop of Canterbury; or, the See being vacant, the Vicar or Curate of Croydon shall appoint a Warden. The office of Warden shall be to keep one of the keys of the common chests, and door of the evidence house; to take care that the gates be locked and opened at the appointed times; that the keys be brought to him at night; and to observe such other precautions as shall be conducive to the good government of the Hospital; to admonish delinquents; or, if necessary, to complain to the Archbishop; or, if the See should be vacant, to the Custos Spiritualitatis.

V. Who shall be chosen into the Hospital.

1 Men of good character, sixty years of age, who have served in the household of the Archbishop of Canterbury,

and who are not able to earn their living, not exceeding three at one time, shall be preferred before all others.

2 Shall be preferred the poorest men and women of the parishes of Croydon and Lambeth, being of good character, 60 years of age, and not able to earn their living.

3 Shall be preferred poor persons of good character, GO years of age, of parishes in the county of Kent, whereof the parsonage is appropriate to the See of Canterbury: and chiefly those belonging to such parishes as yield the most revenue to the See; provided, that this statute shall not extend to any poor otherwise provided for in any of the said parishes, or in any other places; nor shall this statute extend to the poor Brother to be appointed Schoolmaster.

VI. Of the Admittance of the Members.

That the Schoolmaster, and every member of the Hospital (not being deaf or dumb) shall take not only the oath of allegiance, but also of obedience to the statutes, that they will not injure the Hospital, or its estates, but do all in their power for the welfare of the same *.

VII. Of the office of the Schoolmaster.


The Schoolmaster shall teach the children of the of Croydon without exacting any thing upon that account, but he may receive any thing voluntarily offered to him, and he may receive pay for teaching the children of the parishioners of higher degree. If he shall require too much, or refuse to teach, the Archbishop of Canterbury shall adjust the matter. All things relating to the Schoolmaster and Scholars, to be governed by the statutes of the Founder, and by the ordinances of his successors, so that they be not contrary to his.

* See the form of the oath in the original.

VIII. Of the yearly allowance of the Members.

The Warden shall have yearly £6, extraordinary allowance; the Schoolmaster shall have £20, and every poor Brother and Sister £5 yearly, besides such wood, corn, and other provisions to each Brother and Sister as shall be allotted to the Hospital, to be paid quarterly, and the year to begin at the feast of St. Michael.

IX. Of the Books and Register, and of receipt of Rents.

That there be a fair ledger made, and kept in a chest, with lock and key, wherein, by the Schoolmaster, shall be entered the names, ages, quality, and times of admittance of Warden, and every poor Brother and Sister, and the times of their deaths or removals.

That there be another ledger, wherein shall be entered the copies of all leases and other grants made by the Hospital. That there be a third ledger, wherein shall be entered the names and several gifts of Benefactors to the poor Brethren and Sisters of the Hospital, an inventory of all their moveables, and all other things of moment concerning the Hospital. That the Warden, Schoolmaster, and Claviger, or Chest-keeper, or two of them, receive the rents, and distribute them as is before appointed.

Of Prayer.

That the Schoolmaster shall say public prayers morning aud evening, in the chapel of the Hospital, to the Brothers and Sisters on all days (being working days) except Wednesdays and Fridays, in the forenoon, and Saturdays in the afternoon. That all the Brethren and Sisters, except such as shall be sick, or unable to go so far, and the Porter, and some one in course

to stay at home and keep the house, shall, on the Sabbathdays, Festival days, Wednesdays and Fridays, at morning and evening prayers, resort orderly by two and two together to the parish Church, and to partake of the Holy Sacrament at least thrice in the year. Provided, that this statute extend not to the Schoolmaster as to Wednesdays and Fridays, and the manner of going to Church. That on all other working days morning and evening prayer shall be said by the Schoolmaster in the Chapel of the Hospital, and that the Brethren and Sisters shall regularly resort thither unless they be hindered by sickness, or some other just cause; and that in case of absence from thence and the parish Church, without just cause, they be fined.

XI. Of the Porter and his Office.

That the Warden on the first day of every month appoint some one of the Brethren whom he may deem most fit, to be Porter for the ensuing month.

The office of the Porter shall be to ring a bell twice every morning for prayers, (one ringing to be a quarter of an hour before the other) and to receive the keys of the gates from the Warden in the morning, and to carry them to him at night.

XII. In what worldly business the members of the Hospital may exercise themselves.

That it shall be lawful for any Brother or Sister having skill in any manual trade, to work at the same within or without the Hospital; and for any Brother or Sister to work at any honest labour, so that no one without especial leave of the Warden shall lodge out of the Hospital more than one night in any one week. That no ale-house be kept by any Brother or Sister within or without the Hospital. That it shall not be lawful for any Brother or Sister to beg alms either within

the town or elsewhere. Nevertheless, it shall be lawful for the members to receive alms voluntarily offered, which shall be put into a box, and divided amongst the poor Brothers and Sisters (excepting the Schoolmaster) once in every quarter.

XIII. What Crimes are to be avoided.

That any Brother or Sister being convicted of any scandalous and notable crime, or of any offence punishable by the laws with loss of life or limb, or of any kind of profane or immoral behaviour, shall be displaced, admonished, or fined, as the case may be. That any Brother or Sister lodging out of the Hospital without sufficient cause allowed by the Warden, shall be fined, if obstinate and pertinacious, shall, after repeated offences within the year, be displaced. Provided always, that it shall be lawful for any Brother or Sister having sufficient cause, with licence from the Warden, to be absent for the space of two months in any one year. That the Schoolmaster be not any way comprised in this statute.

XIV. Of care to be taken of the Sick and Impotent.

That all the Sisters shall from time to time administer to the wants of the sick and infirm; and that two of the Sisters especially, whom the Warden shall think most fit, shall attend to this christian duty, and shall receive the sum of 6s. Sd. per year in addition to their allowance; and that whoever shall refuse so to do, shall forfeit one year's allowance to be put into the common chest.

XV. Of the house of the Evidences, Chests, and common Seal.

That in the room over the gate-way there shall be kept a chest with three locks and keys of different wards, one key to be kept by the Warden, another by the Schoolmaster, and the third by the oldest Brother, unless he be hindered by infirmity

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