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from going about, in this case, the third key shall be kept by the Brother next in age, who shall not be so confined. In this chest shall be kept the common seal, one copy of these statutes, and such sum of money remaining after all yearly allowances, as shall be reserved for repairs &c. That there be in the same room another chest, in which shall be kept the Foundation Deed of the Hospital, and all other evidence whatsoever, well sorted, according to the several parcels of lands, into several great boxes superscribed with papers of direction; and that in the same clest shall be put all rentals, surveys, terriers &c. This chest sha" have three locks and three keys of several wards; one key to be kept by the Warden, another by the Schoolmaster, and the third by one of the Brethren to be chosen by the majority. That no document be taken from thence, but upon special occasion. That there be in the said chest a book wherein shall be entered the documents from time to time removed, the day and year when, to whom to be delivered, and for how long time as is supposed; and the day and year shall also be entered when, and by whom, such do

cuments are returned.

XVI. How the Lands shall be demised.

That no lease or grant be made of any lands &c. belonging to the Hospital, unless the Warden and Schoolmaster and majority of the Brethren agree. The accustomed rent shall be reserved, and payable quarterly, or at least half-yearly. The lease or grant not to be for more than twenty years, and with reservation of all timber trees. That the lessee shall pay the rent at the Hospital within twenty days after the day of payment, without any demand made. That the lessee shall repair, and if necessary, rebuild, and shall hedge, fence, &c. He shall save harmless the Hospital from all charges ordinary and extraordinary to be paid on account of the lands demised. He shall between every eight and nine years make or cause to be made, and written fair on parchment, and deliver to the

Warden at the Hospital a true terrier containing the name and quantity of every parcel of land demised, the relative situation of the same as to other lands, and the names of the owners and tenants of the lands adjacent to the lands demised. That the Hospital shall not raise the rents of the lands devised by the Founder. That in the renewing of leases, the present farmers be preferred, doing reasonably for the benefit of the Hospital.

That all such money as shall arise from fines upon leases, or from the sale of woods or trees, or from the overplus of yearly revenue, or otherwise, shall be laid up in the common treasury till it shall amount to £ 100. and then the overplus of that sum of £100. shall be divided equally among the Brethren and Sisters. The yearly value of all woods not let on lease shall be considered as part of the yearly revenue, and not reserved as a stock, as before mentioned.

XVII. By whom the Revenue of the Hospital shall be received and disbursed; and of an yearly Account.

That the rents and revenues shall be paid into the hands of the Warden and Schoolmaster, and the other Claviger, who shall give a written receipt; but if either of their places be void, or the persons filling them be sick, or otherwise be obliged to be absent, then the two brethren next in age shall receive the rents, and if they cannot write, they shall have assistance from such Brethren as can write, and the receipts shall be entered in the ledger-book, and the money shall be put into the common chest for the general uses of the Hospital.

That on the 4th day of December, the Schoolmaster, in the presence of all the Brethren and Sisters shall deliver an account of the whole estate of the Hospital, and such account shall be deposited in the common chest.

XVIII. Of the repairs of the Hospital.

That if damage be done in any private room, the expense shall be paid by the inhabitant of the room. If damage be done in any public room, and it be not known by whom, it shall be repaired at the public charge of the Hospital.

XIX. How the Warden and Schoolmaster shall be censured.

That if the Warden, or Schoolmaster, neglect the duties assigned to them by these Statutes, they shall, upon notice being given to the Archbishop of Canterbury, receive such punishment as in his discretion he shall think fit.

XX. Touching the Chambers reserved to the Founder.

By this statute the Founder reserves three chambers to his own use during his life, to his executors for one year after his death, and then to his Brother for life.

XXI. Of the Founder, Visitor, and chief Governor of the Hospital,

By this statute the Founder reserves to himself the power of abrogating, adding to, changing these statutes, placing and displacing members, &c. during life. After his death, the Archbishop of Canterbury to interpret these statutes, with full authority to censure, punish, and remove any member of the Hospital. He also appoints his successors, Archbishops of Canterbury, to be continual Patrons, Governors, and Visitors of this Hospital. He likewise orders that once in the year at least, within ten days after the feast of St. Michael, these ordinances and statutes shall be openly read in the chapel, and that all the Brethren and Sisters be admonished to be there present. He likewise orders that the Vicar of Croy


don for the time being shall have the oversight of the Warden and Poor, as well to direct them in observing, as to punish them according to the said statutes, if they be wanting in their duty; and for that purpose orders that one copy of the statute shall always remain with the said Vicar of Croydon for the time being. Provided that this statute do not derogate from the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury for the time being. He likewise orders that Samuel Finch, Vicar of Croydon, shall during his life receive £6 13 4. in consideration of the great care and pains he has taken about the building of this Hospital.

Visitation of Whitgift's Hospital.

Visitatio Hospitalis Ste Trinitatis in Croydon, authoritate Reverendissimi in Xto Patris Gulielmi Archiep' Cant in capella sive oratorio ejusd,' 11 Aug' 1634, coram dno Edmondo Scott milite et Samuele Bradford, S. T. B. commissariis dni Reverendissimi Patris, inter horas nonam et undecimam ante meridiem ejusdem diei, in præsentia Sacvili Wade N. P.

[Visitation of the Hospital of the Holy Trinity in Croydon, by authority of the Most Reverend Father in Christ William Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Chapel or Oratory of the said Hospital, on the 11th of August, 1634, before Sir Edmund Scott, Knight, and Samuel Bradford, S. T. B. Commissioners of the Most Reverend Father, between the hours

of nine and eleven in the forenoon of the same day, in the presence of me Sacvil Wade, N. P.]

From the Register of William Laud, fol. 206, a.

ARTICLES ministered by the Most Reverend Father in God William Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, his Grace, Primate of all England, and Metropolitan, to the Hospital of the Holy Trinity, in Croydon, August 11, 1634.

1 Imprimis, Whether the said Lord Archbishop is, and hath been by your Founder, and by letters patent under the Great Seal of England, appointed and authorized Visitor of your Hospital, and hath power to punish such offences as are contrary to the statutes and ordinances of the said Hospital, and the Founder's intention? and hath also power to injoyne unto you orders for the good of your Hospital, as often as his Grace shall see cause?

2 Item, What are the yearly revenues of the said Hospital, with the wood sales, and all other extraordinary receipts?

3 Item, What are the ordinary charges that go out thereof, singulis annis, and what extraordinary ?

4 Item, How many loads of wood, are yearly, one year with another, felled on grounds and lands belonging to the said Hospital, and to what uses was, and is the same yearly converted?

5 Item, How many beds are there for the poor of the said Hospital, and what other goods, household stuff, and utensils of household, are there in the said Hospital, and thereto belonging?

6 Item, Whether there be belonging to the said Hospital a common chest to keep all the donations, charters, and evidences of the said Hopital in ?

7 Item, Whether there be a perfect terrier of all lands and possessions, and an inventory of all such goods as belong to the same Hospital.

8 Item, What leases there be made of the same possessions

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