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The monumental inscriptions already given from 'Aubrey, were collected by him prior to the year 1718. Since that time a century has nearly elapsed, which has mutilated and rendered illegible great numbers of them, some have been hid by the late erection of new pews, and from others, the brass plates and inscriptions have been sacrilegiously stolen away.

Those since placed in the church and cemetery, being so very numerous, that instead of inserting the whole of them at length, we shall give a list of the deceased having common Epitaphs, with the age, and time of their death, rather than swell our pages with the repetitions of Here lies, and Hic jacets, terms neither very curious or interesting to the public, but have given a selection of such inscriptions in full, as may in any respect be interesting, instructive, or different from the

common run.

Nave of the Church.

North Gallery.

Over the North door on a neat marble monument ; Sacred to the memory of John Parker, Esq. formerly of London, who died 6 March 1706, aged 46 years, and is here interred: Also of Elizabeth his relict, who died the the 10th August, 1780, aged 70. This pair whilst they lived together were a pattern for conjugal behaviour; he a careful indulgent husband; she a tender engaging wife; he active in business, punctual to his word, kind to his family, generous to his friend, but charitable to all; possest of every social virtue. During her widowhood, she carefully and virtuously educated five children, who survived her: she was an excellent œconomist, modest without affectation, religious without superstition, and in every action behaved with uncommon candour and steadiness.

Cross Aisle.

On a brass plate on the wall, over the North door; Near this place are deposited the remains of Joseph Wilks Esq. of Measham in the county of Derby, who died May 24th 1805, aged 73.

On a neat marble monument, on the wall, near the former,

in capitals;

To the Memory of
who departed this Life
Aged LXIII years.

Captain Geo, Protheroe died Feb. 25, 1745 aged 70,
Roger Drake Esq. June 20, 1762, aged 64.
Roger Drake Esq. Jan 23d. 1770 aged 22.
Beeston Drake Esq. June, 14, 1764 aged 21.
Mary, wife of Allen Chatfield, Sep. 18, 1761 aged 39.
Allen Chatfield April 30, 1772 aged 60.

Mary Anne Chatfield July 23, 1788 aged 3.
Thomas William Chatfield May 29, 1795 aged 17.
Mary Marston Oct. 9, 1795 aged 71.
Mary Moore of Bloomsbury, July 1784.
Samuel Moore
1789 aged 71.

Middle Aisle.

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On the wall at the East end of the Nave, near the Chancel, on a tablet under a beautiful Corinthian column of white marble, designed by Glover, the author of Leonidas, is in scribed as follows;

Near the remains

of his beloved wife PHILLIPA BOURDIEU
This Monument was erected

By James Bourdieu of Coomb in the county of Surrey Esq. whom with ten children

the objects of her long and invariable care
She left behind her

under the most unfeigned affliction

at their common and irreparable loss.
She died
at the age of 50 on the 24th June 1780.

On a marble tablet under the above;
Near this place

are deposited the remains of

of Coombe, in the county of Surrey
died on the 3d of November 1802
in the 90th year of his age.

On the wall betwixt the Nave and Chancel, on a convex column of white polished marble, supporting an urn, is the following; Sacred

To the Memory of

Wife of John Bourdieu Esq.
of Golden Square London
She departed this life
the XXIII of March


Aged xxx years.

A virtuous daughter and a sister kind,
A tender mother, and a wife refin'd,
Who all the various dues of life sustain'd,
Inspir'd by wisdom and in honour train'd,
Lies here entomb'd, here virtue, beauty, grace,
Ready for heav'n, have run their earthly race;
Yet to the shorten'd course of youth confin'd
She shew'd but glimpses of her glorious mind;
Where multitudes of virtues pass'd along,
Each moving onward in the lovely throng,
To kindle admiration, and make room
For greater multitudes that were to come ;-
But her vast mind rich with such gifts divine
In Heaven's eternal year alone could shine.

Ann Catharine Birne,, 10 April 1785, aged 5.
Stephen Galhie. gent. 16 Sep. 1772, aged 70.

Mary Galhie, his wife, 25 March, 1796,

Judith, wife of Francis Fisher, surgeon, 6 Oct. 1785, with Henry, and Mary Eliza, their children, infants.

Peter Harrison, Esq. of this parish, 22 Nov. 1755, aged 70.
Miss Abigail Cook, 16 Dec. 1772, aged 30.

Mary Cook, mother of the above, 10 Jan. 1769, aged 60.
Elizabeth Hetherington, 28 April 1768, aged 75.
George Reaveley Esq, 17 Jan. 1780, aged 65.
Mrs. Rose Belgrave, 2 Sept. 1780, aged 88.
Andrew Smith, 23 June, 1755, aged 48.
Hannah Smith, his wife, 12 Dec. 1735, aged 73.

South Aisle.

On a neat oval marble Tablet;

Beneath this place were deposited the remains of Thomas Brigstock, Esq. he died of a decline 27 October, 1792, in thẹ 17th year of his age. If a suavity of manners and goodness of mind could have preserved his life, he had not now been numbered among the dead.

James Wilkinson, Esq. 7 March, 1769, aged 49.
The Hon. James Douglas, 10 April 1748, aged 75.
Mary Smith, of Bromley, 12 Sep. 1788, aged 58.
Mary Whitehill, of this parish, 22 May, 1781, aged 52.
William Godfrey, 3 Aug. 1770, aged 9.

Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Wilson, widow, 28 May, 1777, aged 77.
Richard Peers, Alderman of London, 25 June 1772, aged 72.
Ann Sophia, wife of the above, 10 April 1756, aged 42.
Thomas Peers, Esq. brother to the above, 15 Nov. 1765,
aged 55.

William Welbank, Esq. 16 Oct. 1791, aged 71. Jane, wife of Thomas Brewster, 1 Nov. 1783, aged 38. On a free-stone slab covering the vault; Here lieth the body of the Reverend John Vade Vicar of this parish, who died the 9th of June 1765 aged 42 years. Also the remains of Miss Mary Vade his daughter who died 28 March 1790,

Likewise Mrs. Elizabeth Vade relict of the aforesaid Rev. John Vade late Vicar of this parish and of St. Nicholas, Rochester, Kent, who died 23 July 1800 aged 80,

North Aisle.

Rev. James Gardner, Rector of Slingsby, 11 Dec. 1772, aged 88.

Mr. John Baynham, 20 Jan. 1779.

Elizabeth, wife of Edward Whitacre Esq. 1 Sep. 1727, aged 25.

Catharine, daughter of Frederick Burr Esq. 6 Jan. 1734, infant.

Petronella, daughter of the above, 8 April, 1739, infant.
Samuel Alexander, son of the above, 1 May, 1732, infant.
John Elderton, Gentleman, 5 Aug. 1782, aged 53.
John Parker, 16 June 1740, aged 52.
Bathsheba, his wife, 6 May 1763, aged 84.
Christopher, their son, 7 Oct. 1711, infant.
Henry, their son, 2 Feb. 1717, infant.
William Gibson, 9 April 1773, aged 87.
Sarah, his wife, 1 June 1761, aged 72.
Middle or Rector's Chancel.
Mr. Joseph Williams, Citizen &c. 1 June, 1756, aged 57.
On a black marble ledger.

Here lyeth the body of James Moulton, gent. who died the 5th of October, 1761, aged 59 years, deservedly esteemed, His extensive liberality to the Poor was an amiable example to the wealthy, and his death a real loss to the aged and Indigent. On a black marble ledger.

Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Moulton (relict of James Moulton, gent.) who died February 10, 1772, aged 67 years,

On a large slab covering a vault under the brass eagle,

of Broad Green,
departed this life

January 18, 1809, aged 55 years.

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