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Williams, William, 27 April 1787, aged 47.

Alce his wife, 10 Feb. 1787, aged 37.

Willmot, Elizabeth 6 April 1770, aged 1 year 11 months. Wiltshire, John 7 Oct. 1815, aged 57, and 4 Children who died in their infancy.



Winter, Elizabeth 23 July 1802, aged 71,
Withers, William 6 May 1791, aged 37.
Wood, William 19 Feb. 1792, aged 36.
Hannah 7 Nov. 1784, aged 62.
Mary April 1732, aged 24.

Woolfe, Richard 2 June 1766, aged 66.
Mary his wife 27 June 1766,

Woolford Sarah 8 Aug. 1791, aged 15.
.John 10 Feb. 1794, aged 56,

..William 23 March 1806, aged 34.

Wyles, Edmund, Wandsworth 11 June 1769.



....... Edward Jun. Loughborough 15 June 1770, aged 74.


Wynn, Francis 23 Jan. 1815, aged 23.

The following lines are on a rail, placed in memory of a man who was murdered in March 1750 ;

Thou shalt do no murder, nor shalt thou steal,
Are the commands Jehovah did reveal;

But thou, oh wretch, who without fear or dread
Of thy tremendous Maker, shot me dead
Amidst my strength and sin---but Lord forgive
As I through boundless mercies hope to live.

On a handsome monument, newly erected, is the following


Sacred to the Memory of

who died on the 24th of June, 1817,

in the 80th year of his age.
Uniformly benevolent, generous and social,
his virtues will ever live in the
remembrance of his grateful relatives,
who have erected this monument.

Rare Plants.

We trust that the following list of curious Plants to be found in the parish of Croydon and its vicinity, will be acceptable to the Botanical Reader.

Achillea Ptarmica, screesewort, or, goose-tongue, grows at Streatham.

Agrostis spicca venti, silky bent grass, Croydon & Kingston. Aguga chamæpitys, ground pine, in corn fields, and on the Banstead Downs.

Anagallis arvensis, blue pimpernel, at Croydon, Streatham, Peckham, and Mitcham.

Aquilegia, columbine, Norwood.

Asperula cynanchica, squinancy-wort, Croydon, Box-hill, and Sutton.

Avena pubescens, downy oat grass, Downs near Croydon.

Blechnum boreale, rough spleenwort, Norwood.
Bunium flexuosum, earth-nut, or pig-nut, Croydon and

Bupleurum rotundifolium, thorow-wax, Croydon, Sutton, Epsom, and Leatherhead.

Butomus umbellatus, flowering rush, Croydon.

Campanula rapunculus, rampions, on banks of ditches, and corn-fields near Esher and Croydon.

Carduus pratensis, meadow thistle, Croydon Common.
Carex capitata, round-headed carex, on turfy bogs near
Croydon, and on Shirley Common.

Carex pulicaris, flea carex, on turfy bogs, on Shirley Common, and near Croydon.

Caucalis daucoides, small bur parsley, Banstead Downs. Centunculus minimus, bastard pimpernel, Croydon, and Barnes Common.

Cerastium arvense, field chick-weed, on the dry banks at


Cerastium semidecandrum, litle mouse-ear chickweed, ibid.
Chenopodium, hybridum, maple-leaved goose-foot, Norwood.
Chlora perfoliate, yellow wort, in Croydon fields.
Cistus surrejanus, dotted leaved cistus, Croydon.
Convallaria, majalis, lily of the valley, Norwood.
Crataegus aria, white beam tree, or mountain service tree,
common in the copses near the Downs, and about Croydon.
Crepis fœtida, stinking hawk's beard, Banstead Downs.

Dianthus armeria, Deptford pink, in gravelly pastures and meadows, near Croydon, in great plenty.

Dianthus dittoides, maiden pink, on Duppa's Hill.

Digitalis purpurea, purple fox glove, Norwood, and Shirley Common.

Erigeron acre, blue fleabane, Streatham.

Eriophorum vaginatum, hare's tail rush, on the great bog beyond John Coal's at Croydon.

Erodium moschatum, musky stork's bill, Streatham-common.

Galium Anglicum, wall bed straw, Duppa's-hill.
Genista anglica, needle furze, or petty whin, on Norwood,
Croydon, and Mitcham Commons.

Gnaphalium, cudweed, Banstead Downs.

Hedysarum onobrychis, Saintfoin, Banstead Downs. Hypericum androsæmum, Tutsan, or park leaves, Norwood. Hypericum elodes, marsh St. John's wort, Shirley Common. Hypericum elodes, marsh St. Peter's wort, near springs; near the Mole and the Wandle, and on Shirley Common.

Hypericum montanum, mountain St John's wort, Croydon.

Leontodon palustris, marsh dandelion, Mitcham Common.
Leonurus cardiaca, motherwort, Coombe Lane.
Limosella aquatica, water plantain, Croydon.

Lycopodium ampullaceum, bottle-shaped wolf's claw moss,
Shirley Common.

Lycopodium selago, fir moss, ibid.

Mentha piperata, peppermint, Croydon and Mitcham.
Mentha pulegium, penny royal, Streatham Common.
Montia fontana, water chickweed, or, Blinks, between
Croydon and Streatham.
Myosurus, mousetail, Croydon, Streatham, and Wimbledon.

Ophrys anthropophora, green man ophrys, near Croydon. Ophrys muscifera, fly-orchis, in chalky meadows and pastures near Croydon and Wrotham.

Ophrys palustris, marsh ophrys, on the Reigate road.
Ophrys spiralis, lady's traces, Banstead Downs.

Orchis bifolia, butterfly orchis, Norwood and Penge.
Origanum vulgare, common marjorum, Croydon.
Orobanche major, great broom rape, Norwood and Epsom.
Osmunda lunaria, noon-wort, Shirley Common.

Phascum curvicollum, crooked stalked earth-grass, Croydon. Phascum curvisetum, short bent stalked earth moss, Croydon. Pilularia globulifera, pepper grass, or, pill-wort, on heaths, and at Streatham Common.

Polypodium vulgare, common polypody, Norwood.

Prenanthes muralis, ivy-leaved lettuce, Croydon to Sanderstead.

Pulmonaria officinalis, common lung-wort, in a wood between Croydon and Godstone.

Quercus sessiliflora, sessile-fruited oak, Norwood.

Ranunculus parviflorus, small-flowered crowfoot,

Banstead Downs.

Rhamnus catparticus, buckthorn, at Croydon and Dulwich. Rhamnus frangula, berry-bearing alder, on Norwood Commoh, at Croydon, and Dulwich.

Rosa spinosissima, burnet rose, in Waddon marsh.
Ruscus aculeatus, butcher's broom, Norwood.

on the

Saponaria officinalis, double soap-wort, Streatham.
Satyrium viride, green lizard flower, Banstead Downs.
Scabiosa columbaria, lesser field scabious, on Duppa's Hill.
Schoenus albus, white-flowered rush grass, in the marshes
between Wickham and Croydon.

Schoenus compressus, compressed bog-rush, on Shirley

Scutellaria minor, small scull-cap, Streatham Common, Sedum Telephium, orpine, or, live-long, Norwood, and Dulwich.

Spergula subulata, awl-shaped spurrey, Mitcham Common. Spiræ Filipendula, drop-wort, in meadows, and mountainous pastures on Duppa's Hill.

Splachnum ampullaceum, common splachnum, on turfey bogs by West Wickham*, and Addington.

* The parish of West Wickham, in Kent, is situated East of Croydon towards Bromley. Something of lustre has been cast upon its obscurity by the residence of Gilbert West, famous for his Observations on the Resurrection, and his Translations of many of the Odes of Pindar. He lived in the Manor House, where, as Dr. Johnson observes, "he devoted himself to learning and to piety." In this agreeable retreat," he was very often visited (continues his Biographer)" by Littleton and Pitt, who when they were weary of faction and debates, used at Wickham to find books and quiet, a decent table, and literary conversation. There is at Wickham a walk made by Pitt; and what is of far more importance, at Wickham Littleton received that conviction which produced his dissertation on Saint

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