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W. Annan, Printer, Croydon.


ABBOT, Archbishop, his chief residence at Croydon, 170.
Forbids the book of sports being read there, ib. Shoots
Lord Zouch's park keeper, ib. Consecrates three bishops
in his chapel at the palace, 171.

Act, obtained to enclose the waste lands, 47. To remove
doubts, ib. To sell the waste lauds and build the court and
market house, 55. To repair the church, 72. To sell the
palace, 187. To make the canal, 196.

Addiscombe, description of, 40. A seminary for cadets at, 138.
Agricola, his road near Croydon, 21.
Alms-house, of Ellys Davy, 87. Its governors, ib. Sta-

tutes of 324.

Amusements, 198.

Anecdote of Chancellor Bacon respecting the palace, 21.
Of Rowland Philipps the vicar, 297.

Antoninus, an able geographical writer, 17.
Antiquity of Croydon, 9, 19.

Archbishops buried at Croydon, 59.

Arundel, Archbishop, his residence at Croydon, 156.
Assembly-rooms, at the Grey-hound and King's-arms, 199.

Back-lane, number of houses in the, 7.

Bainbridge, T. Esq. his residence at Broad Green, 50.
Bancroft, Archbishop, no acts of his dated at Croydon, 169.
Banstead Downs, their fine flavoured mutton, 15. Healthy
situation, ib. celebrated by the poet Dyer, ib.
Baptisms, average number of in 20 5.
Barkley, the poet, buried at Croydon, 59.
Barracks, when built, 204.

Battle, at Croydon, 92. Where fought, 93.
found where fought, ib.


Bells, of Croydon when cast, 76. formerly baptized, &c. ib,
first ring of at Croyland Abbey, 77. Saint's Bell.
why so called, &c. ib.

Bencham, see Whitehouse, 44.
Benefactions, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147.

Bible, antient one in the Hospital, 108.
Billiards, 199.

Bird's lodge, description of 52.

Births, extraordinary, 60. A monstrous one, 61.
Bishops, consecrated at Croydon, 155, 160, 169, 171,185,
Buried there, 60, 78.

Blease, breaks the church windows, 72. Complaint against
him by Mr. Finche, for artifice and extortions, 122.
Bourne, at Croydon, mentioned by Camden, 19.
Boroughs, in Croydon, 7. The origin of ib.
Borders, by what tenure held, 13.

Book Society in Croydon, 206.

Bourchier, Archbishop, Croydon his chief residence, 157.
Bradwardin, Archbishop, 154, a learned and distinguished

prelate, ib.

Bricks, for building the hospital prove bad, 126.
Brickwood, John F-q. his residence described 39.
Broad Green, its number of houses, 7. Described, 50.
Buildings of brick, when introduced, 180. Observations upon
at Croydon Palace, 177.

Burials, average amount of in 20 years, 5. Origin of in
churches, 73.

Boteler, Sir William, slain at Cropedy-bridge, 40.
Butter-market, 193.

Cadets, a Seminary for at Addiscombe, 138.
Carucate, what its contents, 12.

Canal, 196.

Cavalry, a troop of raised at Croydon, 205.

Chapel, of the Holy Trinity dedicated, 96. Chaplains of, 130.
at the Palace, 183. More than one there, ib.


secrations therein, 160, 169, 171.

Chichele, Archbishop, lived much at Croydon, 156.
Chauntry, St. Mary's by whom founded, 82. Endowments,

83. Incumbents, 301.

Chauntry, St. Nicholas by whom founded, 85. Endowments,
86. Incumbents, 302.

Church, its antiquity, 62. Description of 70. Appropri-
ated to the Convent of Bermondsey, in exchange for the
manor of Waddon, 67, 68. Much damaged by a violent
storm, 72. On fire, ib. Repaired by Act of Parliament,
73. Effectually repaired, 75. Archbishops buried there-
in, 78.

Church street, number of houses there, 7.

Coins and medals, 160.

Courchwarden, a poll for, 57.

Clewer, the vicar, convicted of theft and burnt in the hand,


Cole, William Esq. his residence, 52.

Common, description of, 50. Its number of houses, 7.
Coombe, house described, 38.

Copyholders, their tenures, 29, 30, 31.

Court and Market-house built, 191.

Courtney, Archbishop, receives his pall at Croydon, 155.
Cites the Reformer Wickliffe before him at St. Pauls, ib.

Cranmer, exchanged several manors with Hen. VIII. 159.
Was frequently at Croydon Palace, ib.

Croham, described, 37.

Crosses, four at Croydon, their situation at present not
known, 29.

Croydon, its situation, 1. Description of 2. Increase of

population, 5. Its several divisions, 6. Antiquity, 9.
Domesday, account of 11. Etymology, of its name, 15.
Roman road at, 21. Ancient description of, ib. Poetical
description of 23. Trade, 95.

Danegeld, Croydon, how rated thereto,, 15.

Davy, Ellys, his Alms-house, founded 146. Abstract of the
Statutes, 324.

Death, dance of in the hospital, 108.

Decrees of the Court of Exchequer respecting tythes, 304.
A second Decree, 311. A further Decree of the Lord
Chancellor respecting the same, 314.

Dene, Archbishop, 158.

Devil and St. Dunstan, the title of a comedy, 22.
Dingwall, John Esq. his residence, 53.

Dissenters, their several Meeting Houses, 206.
Dole given away at the Palace gates, 185.

Domesday, 11. Published by order of Parliament, ib.
Duppa's Hill, 7.

Elizabeth, Queen, entertained, with her court, at Croydon by
Archbishop Parker, 162. Dissolves her Parliament, as
being inclined to puritanical principles, 254. Her visits
and tour through Surrey, Sussex and Kent, to Dover and
Canterbury, 165. Her death, 266. Funeral, 279.
Enclosures of Norwood and Croydon-common, 53.
Epitaphs, in the Church, collected by Aubrey, 352.
Chancel, 354. St. Mary's, 362. St. Nicholas, 366,
Church-yard, 367. Since the time of Aubrey.---In the
Church, 368. St. Mary's, 375. St. Nicholas, 373.
Chancel, 372. Belfrey, 378. Church-yard, ib.
Ermine-street, near Croydon, 21. Made by Agricola, ib,
Essex, Earl of, his treacherous designs, 204.

Fairs, when and by whom granted, 18.

Field, Geo. Esq. his residence, 53.

Finch, Mr. superintends the building of the Hospital, 90.
Fishmongers, the company of, give an annual dinner to the
poor of the hospital, 94.

Frost, a severe one in 1607, 61.

Fossils at and near Croydon, 404.

Gage, Sir Henry, killed at Cullum-bridge, 36,
Gentry, resident at Croydon in 1443, 19.

Goblets, three wooden, in the Hospital, 100.
Grim, the collier of Croydon, 22.

Grindall, Archbishop, chiefly resident at Croydon, 164. His
attachment to the puritans, 230. suspended from the See,
231. Is blind, ib. His death, 232. His monument, 354.
Gravesend, holds Bencham, or Whitehouse, 44.
Grove-house, the residence of S. Chollet Esq. 52.
Gurney, the celebrated Lord Mayor, a native of Croydon, 20.

Haling house and park, described, 34.

Hall at the palace, described, 181.

Ham, description of, 42.

Hamlets in Croydon, 4.

Hatton, Sir Christopher, appointed Lord Chancellor in the
palace of Croydon, 243.

Heron, Sir Nicholas, resident at Addiscombe, 40.
Hide of land, how much, 12.

High-street, its number of houses, 6. West side, de. ib.
Hospital of the Holy Trinity, founded, 88. Expense of

building, &c. 91. Form of admission, 111. Foundation
laid. 116. Its Statutes, 336. Visitation of, by the Arch-
bishop, 346. Chapel dedicated, 95. Mottos for the
gateway, 98. School established, 99. Deed of Founda-
tion, 339.

Herring, Archbishop, completely repaired the palace, 176.
Hutton, Archbishop the last who resided there, 185. His
character, 186. "Epitaph at Lambeth, 187.
Hunting, 200.

Howard, the celebrated Lord Admiral his residence at Ha-
ling, 36.

Houses, number of in Croydon, 5,

Infantry, four companies embodied at Croydon, 205.

Incumbents of St. Mary's Chauntry, 301. Of St. Nicholas 302.
Judges Yates and Rigby died of a disorder caught at Croydon
Assizes, with other persons of quality, 20,
James 1. of England, his arrival in London, 280.
Juxon, Archbishop, repairs the palace, 174.

Kilwardby, Archbishop, obtained the grant of a fair, and
market, 18. A resident at the palace, 152.
King of Scotland detained as prisoner at Croydon palace, 156,

Lanfranc holds the manor of Croydon 14.

Langham, Archbishop, once a resident at Croydon, 154.
Laud, Archbishop, greatly improved the Palace, 172.
Letters, seven from Mr. Finch, detailing the progress of the

work at the building of the hospital, 113,

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