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as dy feeu Ard-voylley 'choyrt da dt'Ennym Casherick, trooid Yeesey Creest nyn Jiarn. Amen. Rubrick.

Infaghey. Eisht * nee yn Saggyrt chyn

Ta fhin fakin lesh cre'n Tushtey daa gys y Pobble, as lesh Arrym

mooar va ny Annaghyn shoh pointit cooie fockley magh ooilley ny feih kin dy nee liorish y Leigh ta Toiggal

dy ve lhaiht 'sy Chirveish lhoh, faAnnaghyn : as nee yn Pobble, er er ny gheddyn jeh Peccah : As tra nyn Ghlioonyn, lurg dy chooilley ta fhin geonaghtyn ayns nyo GovinAnney, Myghin y birrey er fee fheanse hene, nagh vel fhin er vreayll son ny t'ad er vrijhey jeu 'Sy hee mayd eisht yn Ymmyrch, as y Ban

ta , Traá t'er n'gholl shaghey, as naght t'ayns Fer-kionnee, as cre cha Grayse dy reayll ad son y Traa jeean as Ihifagh fhin guee er Jee, er ta ry heet, myr ta ayns shoh cur- y Ghraih echey, dy yannoo Myghin orrit roue.

rin, as dy injillaghey ny Greeaghyn ain dy reayll ny Leighyn fhoh,


Coyrle as Ynsaghey.
Y vod oo Biallys arryltagh y choyrt da ny Annaghyn

shoh dy Yee, lhisagh oo dy shickyr credjal, --Dy vel Jee, echey nagh vel feme er y Viallys as y Chirveilh ainyn, er choyrt dooin ny Leighyn shoh, ooilley cooidjagh, son у Foays' ain hene, dy fmaghtaghey Mee-viallys nyn Ghooghys, as dy lhiettal shin veih fhin hene y choyrt mow.

Smooinee er ny Annaghyn 'sy Toilshey shoh, as myr t’ad cheet veih Graih vooar Yee da e Chretooryn boghtey; er-nonney jeeaghee oo orroo myr Errey, as ver oo Biallys daue lesh Aigney neu-arryltagh.

Kiare oo hene er-y-fa shen dy eaishtagh roo_lesh Tastey geyre, as Arrym, cooie dasyn ny Annaghyn echey t’ad, as eisht bee Ennaghtyn s'breeoil ayd cre’n Bannaght te, dy vel Yeeley Creest, liorish e Vaase, er livrey shinyn veih'n Mollaght as y

* Tra ta fhin goaill Tastey cre whilleen t’ayn, nagh vel Aght ar. ragh oc dy heet gys Toiggal jeh nyn Gurrym, bee eh er ny akin leh cre'n Resoon mooar ta'n Saggyrt er ny harey dy lhaih ny Annaghyn shoh dy Yee dy arrymagh; as cre'n Tastey crauee Thilagh ve currit da'n Rubrick shoh.


the Curse and Punishment due to those that break them;

-having prevailed with God to accept of our Repentance, and to enable us by his Grace to observe them better for the Time to come.




THEN you consider how apt
OD spake these Words, WHE

and said, I am the every Man is to have his Lord thy God: Thou shalt mires' or loves, or fears, or trusts

Idols ;-something which he adhave no other

Gods but | in, or adores more than the God me *

who made and redeemed him ; you will see the Reason and the Ne

and cesty, of this Command ; People.

will most heartily beg of God, to Lord have Mercy upon us, that you may love him with all

keep you from such Idolatry, and and incline Hearts

to your Heart, and above all Things. keep this Law.


Thou shalt not make to thv-

The Propeness of all Nations

to the vile Idolatry of making and self any graven Image, nor the

worshipping Images, and the CreaLikeness of any Tbing that is tures they represent, shews the abin Heaven above, or in the folute Neceflity of the Authority Earth beneath, or in the Wa- of God, to prevent so great a Sin, ter under the Earth. Thou

and Contempt of the Divine Mafhalt not bow down to them, would follow.

jefty, and the Judgments that nor worship them: For I the Lord thy God am a jea

* The Law of Nature and Right Realon, being the Law of Man in the State of Innocence, would still have been a sufficient Guide, had it not been much obscured, and almost blotted out, and rendered ineffectual, by the Transgression of our first Parents, and the Wickedness of their Pofterity. It was then that God republished these Laws by Moses in Writing, to awaken Men, and to be 'a standing Witness gainst all such as would not consult their own Consciences, and the Law written in their Hearts,



Kerraghey ta cair dauesyn ta dy vrishey ad, -as dy vel eh er chosney veih Jee dy yannoo Soiaghey jeh'n Arrys ain, as dy niartaghey thin lesh e Ghrayse dy reayll ad ny

share fon


Traa ta ry heet.

Yn Chirveish.

Yn Ynfaghey.



QAYR Jee ny
Goan RA t'ou goaill Taftey cre cha

ta dy chooilley shoh, as dooyrt eh, Mifh

Ghooinney e Yalloonyn y ve y Chiarn dty Yee: Cha bee echey ;-Red ennagh t'eh goaill tait. Jee erbee elley ayd's agh nys ayn, ny cur Graih da, ny goaill mish. +

Aggle roish, ny Treifhteil ayn, ny

cur Ooashley da ny smoo na t'eh cur Pobble.

da Jee ren eh y chroo as y chionnaghey : hee oo Oyr as Ymmyrch yn

Anney shoh ; as nee oo dy creeoil Hiarn jean Myghin orrin, as guee er Jee, dy reayll oo veih lheid y injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy Jalloonys, as dy vod 00 Graih y reayll yn Leigh loob.

chur da, lesh ooilley dty Chree, as

erskyn dy chooilley Nhee. Saggyrt. Cha jean oo dhyt hene Jal Ta’n cliaghtey cadjin va ec dy loo grainnit erbee, ny Co-chaf- chooilley Ahoon gys y Jalloonys ca lys jeh Nhee erbee dy vel ayns jee dy yannoo as dy ooafhlaghey CafNiau heose, ny er y Thalíoo lyffyn as ny Cretooryn t'ad coloyl

aghey, soilshaghey cre'n Feme ymwass, ny ayns yn Ushtey fo'n myrchagh va loo Pooar Yee dy lhiet. Thalloo. Cha jean oo croym- tal lheid y Pheccah mooar, ayns foimey sheese huc, ny ooashley aghey beg jeh’n Ard-ooalhley Flau'chur daue: Son Mifh y

nyfiagh, as ny Kerraghyn eiyrtyllagh Chiarn dty Yee, Jee eadolagh,


+ Veagh Leigh nya Ghooghys as Resoon Cairal, shen va’n Leigh v'ec Dooinney ayas y Stayd dy Onid, kinjagh er ve Leeideilagh fondagh dooin; er-be dy row eh dy mooar er ny ghorraghey, as faggys er ny ghoiley ass, as jeant gyn Vree, lioriín Peccah nyo Gied Ayr as Moir, as Mee-chraueeaght y Cluight oc. Ren Jee er-y-fa shen ny Leighyn shoh y hoilshaghey nagh ass-y-noa liorish Mofes ayns Scrieu, dy ghoostey Deiney, as dy ve Feanish kinjagh noi ocfye ooilley nagh goghe Coyrle nyo Gooiniheanleyn hene, as y Leigh va feruit ayns ny Creeaghya oc,


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Observations. lous God, and visit the Sins At the same time, God has of the Fathers upon the given us the greatest EncourageChildren, unto the third and Commands; affuring us, that both

to obey this, and all his fourth Generation of them we, and our Children's Children, shall that hate me, and shew Mercy reap the Blesling of our Obedience. unto Thousands in them that Love me, and keep my Commandments.


Lord have Mercy upon us, and incline our Hearts to keep this Laz.

Thou shalt not take the Happy is it for the World,
Name of the Lord thy God that Men are restrained (as far
in vain : for the Lord will God and bis Judgments, will re-

a Command, and the Fear of not hold him guiltless, that train them) from profaning his taketh his Name in vain. Name to idle and wicked Purpo

ses,Were it not for this, all People.

Reverence for Oaths, and to God

himself, would be lost among Men, Lord have mercy upon us, and incline our Hearts to keep this Law.

Remember that thou keep ward we are to learn our Duty,

When we consider how backholy the Sabbath - Day. Six how apt to forget it, and unwilDays shalt thou labour, and ling to put it in Practice, we cando all that thou hast to do; not but acknowledge the Necessity but the seventh Day is the and Kindness of this Command,

which obliges every

Man, who | Sabbath of the Lord thy God; loves and fears God, to keep in it thou shalt do no manner Ione Day in seven holy to




Ynsaghey. ta kerraghey Peccaghyn ny Ec y Traa cheddin, ta Jee er boiAyraghyn er y Chloan, gys y

aghey roïn yo Leagh fmoo son coyrt trass as y chiarroo Heeloghe naghyn ; coyrt dooip Shickyrys, do

Biallys da shoh, as da ooilley e Anjeufyn ta dwoaie oc orrym, as jean chammah shin hede, as Cloan foilshaghey Myghin er Thou- nyn Glieoney cofney Bannaght nyo faneyn jeufyn ta Graihagh or. Miallys. rym, as freayll my Annaghyn.


Hiarn, jean Myghin orrin, as injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn Leigh mob.

Cha gow Ennym y Chiarn

S'mayorey te da'n Theihll, dy vel dty Yee ayns fardail : son cha Deisey ihiettit (choud as nee Sarey, gum y Chiarn eshyn gyn loght, as Aggle Yee, as e Cherraghyn, ady ta goaill e Ennym ayns fardail. Iniettal) veih an chasherickey e En

nym ayns Cooishyo fardalagh as mee

Er-be shoh, veagh dy Pobble.

chooilley Arrym son Loo, as lon Jee

henc, er ny choayl maltey Deiney. Hiarn jean Myghin orrin, as injillee ny Greeaghyn ain dy reayll yn Leigh shoh.


Cooinee dy vreill oo yn

Tra ta sin dy dowin {mooinaghDoonaght dy casherick. Sheytyn cre cha moal as ta shin dy yoLaa nee oo laboragh, as ooildy yarrood eh, as neu-arryitagh dy

saghey nyn Gurrym, cre cha đailoo ley ny t'ayd y yånnoo;, agh y eiyrt da, cha vod mayd agh goaili-rith chiaghtoo Laa Doonaght y y Chenjallys as yn Ymmyrch va fon Chiarn dty Yee. Er cha jean yn Anney hoh---ta kiangley dy oo monney erbee dy Obbyr, chooilley Ghooinney ta graihagh er

as agglagb ro. th Jee, dy reayl: un Laa uss, as dry Vac, as dty Inneen, ayns Shiaght casherick gys y Churn; dry Er-mooinjerey, as dty In. I dy chummal seose Tushtey jeh'n Jee M


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