Poetical Works, Zväzok 1

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W. Porter, 1785

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Strana 7 - The youth to exile from his faithful fair, He in fond dreams hangs o'er her glowing cheek, Still owns her prefent, and...
Strana 193 - GiRARD, fecretary to this duke, and no contemptible biographer , relates, that this hiftory came down to the place where the old man refided in Gafcony, a little before his death; that he read it to him, that the duke confirmed the truth of the narrations in it, and feemed only furprifed by what means the author could be fo well informed of the moft fecret councils and meafures of thofe times.
Strana 130 - And give falfe vigour to the weaker caufe; To paint a fpecious fcene with niceft art, Retouch the whole, and...
Strana 147 - Tho' keen her fpirit, her attachment fond, Bafe fervice cannot fuit with Friendship's bond ; Too firm from Duty's facred path to turn, 375 She breathes an honeft figh of deep concern, And pities Genius, when his wild career Gives Faith a wound, or Innocence a fear. Humility...
Strana 127 - And made the intereft of mankind her care ; Pleas'd her grave brow with garlands to adorn, And from the rofe of Knowledge ftrip the thorn. THY lively Eloquence, in profe,. in verfe, Still keenly bright, and elegantly terfe, 355.
Strana 216 - ... as the face of one well disposed. But it was to the disadvantage of the painter, for it was best when he spake. His worth may bear a tale or two, that may put upon him somewhat that may seem divine. When the Lady Margaret his mother had divers great suitors for marriage...
Strana 6 - Difpels the cloud, with melancholy fraught, That abfence throws upon her tender thought. Bleft be the pencil ! whofe enchantment gives To wounded Love the food on which he lives. Rich in this gift, tho...
Strana 41 - Dibutades, a potter of Sicyon, first formed likenesses in clay at Corinth, but was indebted to his daughter for the invention — The girl, being in love with a young man who was soon going from her into some remote country, traced out the lines of his face from his shadow on the wall by candle-light Her father filling up the lines with clay formed a bust, and hardened it in the fire with the rest of his earthen ware.
Strana 142 - It may in ruder periods ; but in thofe, Where all the luxury of Learning flows, To Truth's plain fare no palate will fubmit, Each reader grows an Epicure in Wit ; And Knowledge muft his nicer tafte beguile 225 With all the poignant charms of Attic ftyle.
Strana 231 - I fear most ineffectually) for powers to unite some touches of the sportive wildness of Ariosto, and the more serious sublime painting of Dante, with some portion of the enchanting elegance, the refined imagination, and the moral graces of Pope ; and to do this, if possible, without violating those rules of propriety which Mr.

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