Zwei mittelenglische geschichten aus der hölle: kritisch herausgegeben, Inauguraldissertation

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Anne Louise Leonard
1891 - 74 strán (strany)

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Strana 2 - ... MS. Bodl. 264, and MS. Ashmole 44. There are some memoranda on f. 49, v°, which are quoted elsewhere. 2. Prognostications for each month of the year in which thunder falls. f. 50, r°. This is written in a different and more recent hand, apparently temp. Hen. VIII. It occurs very frequently in MSS. 3. The lamentation of a sinner in Purgatory, entitled Lamentacio Peccatoris. f. 51, v°. Beg. Alle Crystyn men that wawkes me bye, Behold and see this dulfule seyght. In twenty stanzas of four lines...
Strana 23 - HAD-I-WIST. That is, had I known the consequences, a common exclamation of those who repented too late. See Addiwissen; Towneley Myst. p. 100 ; Florio, p. 14. " Had I wist comes ever to late," Northern Mothers Blessing, 1597.
Strana 27 - Cristes curs mot he have that clepeth me gadelyng ! I am no worse gadelyng, ne no worse wight, But born of a lady, and geten of a knight.
Strana 16 - ... then was to late, sore was I shente. Thes fendes fell they haue me hente; a-way with them thys am I wayvyde in hell euer-more to be brente. Allas! the worlde hathe me dysseyvyde.
Strana 27 - A 3EN him the develen come anon, and nome thane wrecche faste, And defoulede him stronge y-nou3, and amidde the fur him caste. Tho he fonde that seint Brendan seide tho he out wende, Him faillede grace, hou so hit was, his lyf to amende. So stronge brende...
Strana 17 - I was yn all my floures, then was I blythe as bryde on brere; therfore I suffer mony sharpe shoures, and by thys bargeyn wonder dere. I suffer paynes mony and sere, wherfore thys I make my mone; now...
Strana 26 - Lordes wyll I wyll neuer groche, lowd nor styll. He mygth a sent me a better desteny Yf yt had a be hys plecer.6 193 ABRAHAM.

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