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LibraryThing Review

Prehľad pre používateľa  - SeriousGrace - LibraryThing

Stella Silver, at five years old, stands with a gun in her hand. Her father, over her shoulder, teaches her how to pull the trigger. He wants her to know "what happens to a bullet fired" (p 4 ... Čítať celú recenziu

LibraryThing Review

Prehľad pre používateľa  - wareagle78 - LibraryThing

Powerful book, set in Birmingham in the racial-torn 60's. The story is told from several points of view, including white students from Birmingham Southern College, liberal in their hearts but with no ... Čítať celú recenziu

Review: Four Spirits

Prehľad pre používateľa  - Maureen :) - Goodreads

one of my favourite all time books.....civil rights movement era, told by all characters experiencing the times from their position......rich white, disabled white, black, kkk, wife of kkk, not often a book makes me cry.....wonderful wonderful. Čítať celú recenziu

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