The Thracian wonder

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Rodwell and Martin, 1816
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Strana 311 - Barons praised the bird, And for her courage she was peerless held. The Emperor, after some deliberate thoughts, Made her no less ; he caus'da crown of gold To be new fram'd, and fitted to her head, In honour of her courage : then the Bird, With great applause, was to the market-place In triumph borne ; where, when her utmost worth Had been proclaimed, the common executioner First by the King's command took off' her crown, And after with a sword struck off her head, As one no better than a noble...
Strana 134 - ... went by th' ears about it; The constable is called to atone the broil, Which done, and hearing such a noise within, Of imminent shipwreck, enters the house, and finds them In this confusion: they adore his staff, And think it Neptune's trident; and that he, Came with his Tritons, (so they call'd his watch) To calm the tempest, and appease the waves : And at this point we left them *. Clown.
Strana 9 - twixt our sense and reason makes divorce ; Love's a desire, that to obtain betime, We lose an age of years pluck'd from our prime ; Love is a thing to which we soon consent, As soon refuse, but sooner far repent. Then what must women be, that are the cause That love hath life ? that lovers feel such laws ? They're like the winds upon Lapanthae's shore, That still are changing : O, then love no more ! A woman's love is like that Syrian flower, That buds, and spreads, and withers in an hour.
Strana 30 - Now does jolly Janus greet your merriment; For since the world's creation, I never changed my fashion; 'Tis good enough to fence the cold: My hatchet serves to cut my firing yearly, My bowl preserves the juice of grape and barley: Fire, wine, and strong beer, Makes me live so long here, To give the merry new year a welcome in.
Strana 131 - Alferez." some lost their legs, whilst other of their wings were forc'd to fly ; the pioneer undermined nothing but pye-crust; and Wine. Enough, enough ! your wit hath play'd too long Upon our patience : Wife, it grieves me much, Both for the young and old man ; the one graces His head with care, endures the parching heat And biting cold, the terrors of the lands, And fears at sea in travel, only to gain Some competent estate to leave his son ; Whiles all that merchandise, through gulfs, crosstides,...
Strana 15 - ART thou gone in haste ? I'll not forsake thee ; Runn'st thou ne'er so fast, I'll o'ertake thee : O'er the dales, o'er the downs, Through the green meadows, From the fields through the towns, To the dim shadows. All along the plain, To the low fountains, Up and down again From the high mountains ; Echo then shall again Tell her I follow, And the floods to the woods, Carry my holla, holla ! Ce ! la ! ho ! ho ! hu ! OLD FATHER JANEVERE. NOW
Strana 205 - Who could be otherways, to leave a father So careful, and each way so provident ? To leave so many and such worthy friends ? To abandon your own country ? These are some ; Nor do I think you can be much the merrier For my sake. Y. Ger. Now your tongue speaks oracles ; For all the rest are nothing : 'tis for you— Only for you I cannot. Wife. So I thought; Why, then, have you been all this while so strange ? Why will you travel, suing a divorce Betwixt us of a love inseparable ; For here shall I...
Strana 98 - Actors," with some variations and additions. of that accurateness both in plot and style, that these more censorious days with greater curiosity acquire, I must thus excuse. That as plays were then, some fifteen or sixteen years ago, it was in the fashion.
Strana 133 - Fly, saith one, Up to the main top, and discover. He Climbs up the bed-post to the tester there, Reports a turbulent sea and tempest towards ; And wills them, if they'll save their ship and lives, To cast their lading over-board. At this All fall to work, and hoist into the street, As to the sea, what next came to...
Strana 104 - True it is that my plays are not exposed unto the world in volumes to bear the title of Works — as others; one reason is that many of them by shifting and change of companies have been negligently lost, others of them are still retained in the hands of some actors, who think it against their peculiar profit to have them come in print, and a third, that it never was any great ambition in me to be in this kind voluminously read.

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