Latin Hexameter Verse: An Aid to Composition

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Methuen, 1903 - 266 strán (strany)
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Strana 268 - Edition. KEY {Second Edition) issued as above. 6s. net. HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY EXAMINATION PAPERS. By CH SPENCE, MA, Clifton College. Second Edition. PHYSICS EXAMINATION PAPERS. By RE STEEL, MA, FCS GENERAL KNOWLEDGE EXAMINATION PAPERS. By A. MM STEDMAN, MA Third Edition. KEY (Second Edition) issued as above.
Strana 153 - Olympian games or Pythian fields ; 530 Part curb their fiery steeds, or shun the goal With rapid wheels, or fronted brigades form. As when to warn proud cities, war appears Waged in the troubled sky, and armies rush To battle in the clouds, before each van Prick forth the airy knights, and couch their spears Till thickest legions close ; with feats of arms From either end of Heaven the welkin burns.
Strana 161 - Where some, like magistrates, correct at home, Others, like merchants, venture trade abroad, Others, like soldiers, armed in their stings, Make boot upon the summer's velvet buds, Which pillage they with merry march bring home To the tent-royal of their emperor ; Who, busied in his majesty, surveys The singing masons building roofs of gold, The civil...
Strana 161 - He on his impious foes right onward drove, Gloomy as night : under his burning wheels The steadfast empyrean shook throughout, All but the throne itself of God.
Strana 134 - Tis sweeter far to me, To walk together to the kirk With a goodly company! To walk together to the kirk, And all together pray, While each to his great Father bends, Old men, and babes, and loving friends, And youths and maidens gay!
Strana 224 - Thus with the year Seasons return, but not to me returns Day, or the sweet approach of even or morn, Or sight of vernal bloom, or summer's rose, Or flocks, or herds, or human face divine: But cloud instead, and ever-during dark Surrounds me, from the cheerful ways of men Cut off, and for the book of knowledge fair Presented with a universal blank Of nature's works, to me expunged and rased, And wisdom at one entrance quite shut out.
Strana 222 - Chiding his mate back to her nest ; but she Lies dying, with the arrow in her side, In some far stony gorge out of his ken, A heap of fluttering feathers — never more Shall the lake glass her, flying over it...
Strana 264 - Crown 8vo, is. 6d. An elementary book adapted for Lower Forms to accompany the shorter Latin Primer. Notes on Greek and Latin Syntax.

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