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[blocks in formation]
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A', all.

Abeigh, at a shy distance.
Aboon, above.

Acquent, acquainted.
Ae, one.

Aften, often.

A-gley, off the right line.
Aiblins, perhaps.

Amaist, almost.

Amang, among.

Ance, once.
Ane, one.
Asklent, aslant.
Aught, eight.
Auld, old.

[blocks in formation]

Bing, heap of corn, potatoes, etc.
Birk, the birch.

Ain, own.

Airt, direction, the point from Birkie, a spirited fellow.
which the wind blows.

Blate, shamefaced.
Blaw, to blow.
Bleer't, bleared.
Blin', blind.

Bluid, blood.
Bocked, vomited,

Bonie, beautiful.

Brae, the slope of a hill.
Braid, broad.

Baggie (dim. of bag), the stom- Braing't, reeled forward. ach.

Brattle, a short race; hurry;

Bairns, children.


Bairntime, a family of children. Braw, handsome.
Baith, both.

Bardie, dim. of bard.

Bear, barley.

Beet, to add fuel to a fire.

Breastit, did spring up or for


smooth, un

Brent, straight,

Brig, bridge.
Brooses, races at country wed-
dings, who shall first reach the
bridegroom's house on return- Crouse, gleeful.


ing from church.

Buirdly, strong, imposing look- Daimen-icker, an ear of corn ing, well-knit.

Bure, bore, did bear.

Burn, stream.

Ca', to drive.

Ca'd, named.
Caird, tinker.

Canna, cannot.

Cannie, careful.

Cantie, in high spirits, merry.

Cape-stane, cope-stone.

Carlin, an old woman.
Cauld, cold.

Burnewin, i.e. burn the wind, a Deil, devil.


Claes, clothes.

Clips, shears.

Clout, a patch.
Cog, a wooden dish.

Coila, from Kyle, a district of
Ayrshire, so called, saith tra-
dition, from Coil, or Coila, a
Pictish monarch.

Coof, fool.

Coost, did cast.

Craw, to crow.

Croon, a hollow and continued

Corn't, fed with oats.
Crack, converse, gossip.
Cranreuch, hoar frost.

now and then. Daur't, dared.

Daurk, a day's labor.

Chittering, trembling with cold. Ee, eye.

Dine, dinner-time.
Donsie, unlucky.
Doure, stubborn.

Dow, do, can.
Dowie, low-spirited.
Dribble, drizzle.
Driegh, tedious.

Droop-rumpl't, that droops at the


Drumly, muddy.

Een, eyes.
Eydent, diligent.

Fairin, a present, a reward.
Fause, false.

Fell, keen, biting; nippy, tasty.
Fetch't, pulled intermittently.
Fidge, to fidget.

Fier, brother, friend.
Fittie-lan, the near horse of the
hindmost pair in the plough.
Fleech'd, supplicated.
Fleesh, a fleece.

[blocks in formation]

Gaun, going.

Gear, wealth, goods.

Gie, give.

Glowr, stare.

Gowan, the daisy.

Gowd, gold.

Grat, wept.

Gree, a prize.
Guid, good.

Glaizie, glittering, smooth, like Hotch'd, fidgeted.



Gumlie, muddy, discolored.

Ha' Bible, hall-Bible.
Hae, have.

Haffets, the temples.
Hafflins, partly.

Hain'd, spared, saved.

Hame, home.
Hamely, homely.

Hansel, a gift for a particular
season, or the first money on
any particular occasion.
Hastit, hasted.

Hawkie, cow.
Heapit, heaped.

Histie, dry, barren.

Hizzie, hussy.
Hoble, to hobble.

Hald, an abiding-place.

Hallan, a particular partition wall in a cottage.

Guid-willie, with hearty good Jauk, to dally, to trifle.

Jaups, splashes.

Jinker, that turns quickly, a dodger.

Hodden-gray, woollen cloth of a

coarse quality, made by mingling one black fleece with a dozen white ones.

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Howe, a hollow or dell.
Howe-backit, sunk in the back.
Hoyte, to amble crazily.

Ilk, every.

Ingle, the household fire.

Kebbuck, a cheese.

Ken, know.

Ket, a hairy, matted fleece.

Knaggie, like knags, or points of


Knowe, a hillock, a knoll.

Kye, cows.

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