A handbook for travellers in Surrey, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight [by R.J. King].

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Strana 75 - Fear and trembling Hope, Silence and Foresight ; Death the Skeleton, And Time the Shadow ; there to celebrate, As in a natural temple scattered o'er With altars undisturbed of mossy stone, United worship ; or in mute repose To lie, and listen to the mountain flood Murmuring from Glaramara's inmost caves.
Strana 121 - O could I flow like thee ! and make thy stream My great example, as it is my theme ; Though deep yet clear, though gentle yet not dull ; Strong without rage, without o'erflowing full.
Strana 153 - Here let us sweep The boundless landscape; now the raptured eye, Exulting swift, to huge Augusta send, Now to the sister hills that skirt her plain, To lofty Harrow now, and now to where Majestic Windsor lifts his princely brow. In lovely contrast to this glorious view, Calmly magnificent, then will we turn To where the silver Thames first rural grows. There let the feasted eye unwearied stray; Luxurious, there, rove through the pendent woods That nodding hang o'er Harrington's retreat...
Strana 153 - The carriage rolled rapidly onwards through fertile meadows, ornamented with splendid old oaks, and catching occasionally a glance of the majestic mirror of a broad and placid river. After passing through a pleasant village, the equipage stopped on a commanding eminence, where the beauty of English landscape was displayed in its utmost luxuriance.
Strana 239 - The porker's snout — not nice in diet shows ; The padlock shut — no secrets he'll disclose ; Patient the ass — his master's wrath to bear; • Swiftness in errand — the stag's feet declare ; Loaded his left hand — apt to labour saith ; The vest — his neatness ; open hand — his faith ; Girt with his sword — his shield upon his arm — Himself and master...
Strana 67 - with a conceit of that delicate Knight, Sir Francis Carew, who, for the better accomplishment of his royal entertainment of our late Queen Elizabeth, of happy memory, at his house at Beddington, led her majesty to a cherry-tree, whose fruit he had of purpose kept back from ripening, at the least one month after all other cherries had taken their farewell of England.
Strana 197 - ... struck my sight when I came to the edge of the hanger, which was on the south. The ends of these promontories are nearly perpendicular, and their tops so high in the air, that you cannot look at the village below without something like a feeling of apprehension. The leaves are all off, the hop-poles are in stack, the fields have little verdure; but, while the spot is beautiful beyond description even now, I must leave to imagination to suppose what it is when the trees and hangers and hedges...
Strana 156 - Remembrance oft shall haunt the shore When Thames in summer wreaths is drest, And oft suspend the dashing oar To bid his gentle spirit rest...
Strana 92 - All is great and foreign and rude ; the walks seem not designed, but cut through the wood of pines ; and the style of the whole is so grand, and conducted with so serious an air of wild and uncultivated extent, that, when you look down on this seeming forest, you are amazed to find it contain a very few acres.
Strana 14 - madam I may not call you, mistress I am ashamed to call you, and so I know not what to call you ; but, howsoever, I thank you.

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