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ported as it had hitherto been, at a ent stations, but have been carried to disvery heavy expense, while the pros- tant parts of the Russian empire; and even, pect of usefulness was so very small

. it is believed, to some of the surrounding They have also recalled their mission- countries. We unfeignedly sympathize ary in the Crimea. In the last Re- with the friends of this institucion, on the port it was stated, that he had baptized `occurrence of these serious disappointfour Tartars; but all of these have con- ments; but we trust they will not be al.. ducted themselves in a manner unworthy lowed to abate the Christian ardour of of the Christian name. The opposition of this or any other Missionary Society. Let the people to the doctrines of Christianity them only plan their missions with pruis stated to be considerably augmented. dence, and conduct them with faith and With respect to the circulation of the patience, and the meekness of wisdon ; Scriptures, the missionary writes; For and, notwithstanding perhaps many parmore than a twelvemonth past, I have not tial disappointments," they shall reap in given away a single copy of the New due time, if they faint not. Testament, or of any religious publication whatever, in my immediate neighbour- CHINESE COLLEGE AND MIS. hood. This has not arisen from any re

SION AT MALACCA. luctance on my part to grant, but from the Dr. Milne's “ Commentary in Chinese aversion of the people to receive the gift.” on St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians;"

The station at Karass the Directors have and also his “Essay on the Soul of Man,” at present resolved to continue; for there, Irave been published. A tract, forming a if in any part of Russia, the missionaries small Chinese volume, intended as will have liberty to carry on their labours, “ Help to a Heathen Reader of the Scripas Karass is the parent settlement to which tures,” together with a “ Christian Tract missionary and other privileges were for the use of Schools,” consisting chiefly originally granted. Here, for upwards of of selections from Holy Scripture, have twenty years, more of the seed of Divine been composed by the Rev. D. Collie, Truth has been sown than at any of the and are highly spoken of by Dr. Morrison. other stations, and a more general impres. Thousands of Bibles, Prayer-books, Homision has been made on the Tartars. Here lies, and Christian Tracts have already most of the persons ransomed by the So- issued from this press. The blocks for ciety reside, to some of whom it is hoped the Commentary were cut at the expense the past labours of the missionaries have of the Londo:1 Missionary Society; those not been altogether in vain ; and for whose for two of the tracts, at the expense of spiritual instruction it is desirable to make the Religious Tract Society; a “ Friend of some provision. Here too a number of Youth” has paid the cost of the schoolGermans settled a number of years ago book; the Prayer-bouk and Homily Soon the faith of the colonial privileges; and ciety has defrayed the expense of Prayerhad the Directors resolved to relinquish books and Homilies. Mr. Collie has Karass immediately, they might have been made a free translation into Chinese of involved in great and unforeseen difficul- Dr. Bogue's “ Essay on the Divine Auties. From this quarter too, should un- thority of the New Testament;" and a expected facilities arise to missionary ex- “ Friend to the Heathen” has promised to ertions among the Mohammedan tribes in defray the expense of cutting a set of the south of Russia, the heralds of mercy blocks for it, after it shall have been submay at a future period go forth among mitted to the inspection of Dr. Morrison, them, to proclaim the joyful sound of on his return to China, for which country "peace on earth, and good will towards he and his family are about to embark. men."

The accumulation of blocks, and the great Though the Directors are abridging in so expense of constantly engraving new considerable a degree their operations in characters, render verg desirable a set of the Russian empire, yet, on taking a retro- punches for Chinese characters, that they. spect of their past labours, they trust that may be founded, and as easily multiplied as they have not been altogether in vain. alphabetical letters are. Dr. Morrison in Individuals among the Mohammedans, and particular has been very urgent in pressing even among our own countrymen, there is this important suggestion on the friends ground to hope, have reason to bless God of Oriental literature and Christian misfor the instructions of the missionaries ; sions. and many copies of the New Testament, In the College there are 26 native and of other parts of the Holy Scriptures, Chinese students; 16 of whom are on the have not only been circulated at the differ- foundation, and eight more are candidates for admission : one Chinese youth is sup- course of the year, been added to the ported by an individual ; a Dutch youth number previously in connexion with the pays bis own expenses. A Chinese mis- Society, presenting a total of seventy on sionary is residing at the college, for edu- the present list. Twenty-eight of these cation. A gentleman has procured and are itinerant readers, and the rest are congiven to the college a valuable unedited fined to a particular neighbourhood. The manuscript on the grammar and idiomatic readers are, in many instances, employed phrases of the Chinese language, written as teachers and inspectors of evening in Latin by a learned Catholic missionary, schools; and are entrusted with a discreand has supplied funds to print it at the tionary power of granting copies of the college.

Scripture, where an interest has been ex

cited by their exertions. LOYON HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. The number of copies of the Scriptures

We select from the Nineteeth Report of circulated in the course of the year is 1789 this Society, the following details respect- English and Irish Bibles, and 22,509 Enging the progress of the institution. lish and Irish Testaments, making a total

Under the head of Day-schools, the of 24,298 copies. This presents an increase Committee report 753 schools, containing of 7996 copies upon the circulation of last 67,722 scholars. This statement exceeds year, and a total of 133,200 copies since that of the preceding year, by 100 schools, the establishment of the Society. and 6.335 scholars. A very considerable The Committee state, that the rule of the proportion of this increase has taken place Society is simply to employ the Irish lanin districts where scriptural education bad guage as a medium of information in cases not previously penetrated. The increase where a voluntary feeling in its favour is disof Sunday-schools during the year is 27 covered to exist; distinguishing between the schools, and 3516 scholars ; presenting a expression of a spontaneous preference total of 265 schools, and 20,661 scholars. upon the part of the peasantry themselves, The progress of these schools continues and any attempt on the part of the Society. to realize, in an increasing degree, those In the practice of the institution, the use satisfactory results which had been anti- of the Irish language is prevalent in the cipated at their formation. Wherever adult schools; and in very extensive tracts established, they tend greatly to eradicate of the country it is exclusively employed habits of idleness and Sabbath breaking; by the Scripture readers. The extension and in Ireland they afford one point at of the Society's system has demanded the least in which the extremes of society in appointment of three additional inspectors, that unhappily divided country are found making a total of twelve in the present list in friendly contact.

of the Society. Last year's return presented the number of 181 adult schools, and 10,117 pupils : KILDARE-PLACE SCHOOL SOon which there has been a decrease of 52

CIETY. schools, and 4238 scholars. The Com- From the last Report of the Kildaremittee state, that, as these schools are li- Place Society, for the education of the mited to the winter season, they are sub- poor of Ireland, omitting various arject to circumstances of greater uncertainty guments and explanatory details respectthan those which are open during the ing the principles of the institution, we year; and there are many circumstances collect the following syllabus of its actual which may operate to prevent the re-open- proceedings.—The Committee remark : ing of the same school. It has been the Notwithstanding the difficulties which practice in the Society's adult schools, to have impeded the progress of education limit admission to such candidates as could in Ireland, during the last year, beyond not read; and to confine their application the experience of any former time, the to the exclusive use of the Scriptures; Society has not only held its ground, but and under this plan of regulation, the first has extended its sphere of usefulness. season is generally found sufficient to con- The Committee for the last year had laid fer the sum total of the advantage to be before Parliament an estimate for carryderived; and the consequence is, that such ing on the operations of the Society, and pupils as bave attained to the art of read. amounting to 30,0001. They were ining; and become possessed of a copy of the formed that 20,0001. only had been voted, Scriptures, are not likely to present them. until the Commissioners' Report should selves as candidates for a subsequent be received. This state of things produced course.

a very great interruption to the progress Ten Scripture readers have, in the of the Society; and although the subsequent liberality of Parliament, and of SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING his Majesty's Government, encouraged CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. your Committee to resume its operations The Appendix to the Society's last upon its former scale, yet the effects of Report contains a communication from the check which had been thus given, the Society's Missionaries at Tanjore, to have, continued to discourage the es- the Madras District Committee, relative tablishment of new schools. Notwith- to the Society's India Mission, since standing these impediments, however, transferred to the Society for the Propayour Committee have to announce, that, gation of the Gospel. The following is in the course of the year, 261 new schools, the substance of this communication. calculated to contain 18,539 scholars, have “ The congregations have each year been added to your list ; and that the received a considerable addition. The total number of schools which were as- number of Heathen and Roman Cathosisted from your funds, during the year, lics added to the congregations during either with grants of money, or of school these four years is small indeed; but, requisites, including the 261 new schools, considering the difficulties and disadvanwas 1,044—and the sum paid on account tages under which the Christians of that of such grants, was 11,6851.

part of the country in particular labour, “ At the commencement of the year, it is an increase deserving notice. Some 1490 schools were in connexion with you; of the disadvantages alluded to will be 261 new schools having been added, and mentioned below. 156 having chosen to remain exclusively “ To the schools, also, one at Tarasaattached to other institutions with which ram has been added last year; and the they had been connected. The balance of number of children has increased from these additions and subtractions from 200 to 266. We found those congregayour numbers, gives 1,595 schools which tions, where schools were established, still remain on your list.

usually in a much better state than those “ The number of schoolmasters who where there were none; so that it would have been received into your training- seem very desirable to have a school esschool, during the past year was 200, and tablishment in each of them. To the your Committee found 69 in training catechists it is impossible to attend the when they entered into office, making a children, they being obliged to go often total of 269. The total number of mas- fifteen miles in order to see the Christians ters admitted since the opening of the of their district. Should the inhabitants, training -sehools, amounts to 1040. A however, Christian as well as heathen, training-school for schoolmistresses had see their children freely instructed and been opened, making a total of 1171 improving in useful knowledge, it would teachers, male and female.

undoubtedly contribute greatly to endear “ In the cheap-book department, your to them our holy religion, and prepare Committee have to state, that the pro- their minds for the faithful labours of the gress has been satisfactory; you have catechist.” now on your list, 55 varieties of five-sheet From the reports of the acting native books, and 9 varieties of two-sheet books; priest, who every month visits part of the re-prints of 6 have been made during the congregations and schools committed to year. The total number of cheap books his particular care, and from their persold during the year, was 132,477 ; mak- sonal observation, the Missionaries lay ing a total, from the opening of the de- before the Committee various remarks on pository, in November, 1817, of 1,089,933. the state of each congregation and school. Besides these sales, and the distributions The following are a few of these notices. throughout your schools, 127 grants have Vatistergoody, near Tranquebar, with been made of cheap books, to form lend- ten other villages at the distance of three ing libraries for schools not conducted to fifteen miles from the central place, is on your principles, and for institutions subject to the French jurisdiction of for the benefit of the poor. These grants Carical. Out of eighty Christians only for libraries are made freely, without any twenty-two live in Vatistergoody; the condition, save that the books shall be catechist is therefore obliged to visit the preserved and applied faithfully for the rest once in two or three months. If he purposes for which they were given.- is not absent, they in the central place are The number of volumes granted for this instructed at night after they return from purpose, was 11,295.

their work-for even 'on Sundays they find it difficult to get leave for a few hours from their heathen masters. As there is

lier age.

no schoolmaster, the children are ex- up in entire ignorance, we placed a schooltremely ignorant ; and till they are better master here in June lası; and we were taken care of, we can never expect Chris- glad to state that, besides the ten Chris. tians worthy their profession. We ad- tian children, ten heathen children are at monish the parents to bring or send their present attending school, and, as far as children, if possible, on Sundays to their circunstances allow it, diligent. church, where the catechist might in- Kawastalam, with nine villages distant struct them a few hours ; they were will. from one to seven miles from the central ing, but said it was not always in their place.-Although the catechist is attenpower. Could a schoolmaster be placed tive to his duty, yet there have been sevethere, at least twenty children might be ral instances of very gross offence in this collected from the neighbourhood. congregation. The circumstance that it

Kumaramangalam, with ten villages, is chiefly the female sex against whom distant from one to six miles from the we are to complain, shews that they must central place. This congregation is by have been entirely neglected in their earfar in a better state. Divine worship is

A school here would prove well attended, though under the same a great blessing; twenty children at difficulties as in the former place: fifty least, including thirteen Christian chilpersons usually assemble; the rest are dren, might be collected. visited by the catechist in their houses. “ We beg leave now to recommend The Christians are under great oppres- this part of our mission to your Comsion, and often forced to attend on hea- mittee's kind attention and patronage. then feasts to draw the Swamy coach. Something might be done perhaps for the Complaints are frequently brought to us; relief of these poor Christians. The late but all that we could do hitherto for their Collector of Tanjore, Charles Harris, comfort, was to adınonish them to be Esq., issued, when requested, an order patient.

that the Christians should be allowed to “ The school is well attended, except attend on Sundays on Divine worship, in the time of cultivation. From the pro- if very urgent labour in the fields did not gress of the children the schoolmaster prevent them, and that they should not appears diligent. A number of Chris- be forced to attend on heathenish feasts, tian families, living at Neduwasel, applied or to pull the Swamy coach. A renewal several times for a schoolmaster: and of this order would be highly beneficial. could their request be complied with, at Many heathen, who, by the ill treatment least twenty children might be collected. and oppression Christians usually met

Serfojeerasah pooram, with six villages with, were hitherto frightened from emfrom one to five miles distant from the bracing Christianity, would be encoucentral place.--Here, too, the Chris- raged." tians suffer from their heathen masters, and are often prevailed upon to practise SPANISH-AMERICAN STATES. heathenish customs. They are, however, In the annual survey of missionary staupon the whole, regular in their atten- tions in the Missionary Register is condance on Divine worship,

tained an account of the progress of reThe school, though but lately estab- ligion, education, and religious liberty, in lished, is in a prosperous state. Some, the new independent States of America, especially heathen, boys have made a formerly under the Spanish monarchy, rapid progress. Here, as well as in seve- from which we select the foilowing noral other places, some children of the high tices. These States contain, according caste attend, notwithstanding the school- to Humboldt, nearly 16,000,000 inhabimaster being of the low caste.

tants. Of Portuguese America, containing Elendengoody, a free school. - It has 4,000,000, we can collect little satisfactory since its establishment been well attended information relative to its intellectual and But, no Christians living in the neighbour- religious improvement. hood, the scholars, besides a few Roman The progress of Religious Liberty may Catholics, are chiefly heathen children. be retarded by the intercourse which the

Teralundoor, with eleven villages dis- Pope has lately opened with these States; tant from one

to twelve miles from the cen- but the consolidation of their civil freetral place. The school is well attended. dom will ultimately secure, it may be Some heathen boys of the high caste fre- hoped, an unimpeded access to the unquent it: they read some of our Chris- derstandings and consciences of the peotian books, but refuse to learn any thing ple. Buenos Ayres has herein taken the out of them by heart. Not to frighten lead: the free exercise of their religion them from the school, we leave them in has been granted to British and American this point at their own choice, well satis- Protestants; and a Law has been enacted, fied that they do not object to be taught declaring that “the right which man has by a schoolmaster of the low caste. to worship God according to his con

Tarasaram, with nine villages, dis- science, is inviolable in this province.” tant from one to seven miles from the The Rev. T. Parvin, from the United central place.--Finding a considerable States, and the Rev. J. Armstrong, from number of Christian children who grew our own country, both conduct public CHRIST. OBSERV. No. 292,

2 K

worship: Colombia has, in part, already and the waters of life will shortly pour their followed this example ; having granted, in fertilizing tide over the boundless plain. a treaty with the United States, entire Dwell upon the guitableness and seasonsecurity of conscience to the citizens of ableness of such efforts at this moment: those States.—Mr. Parvin, who with Mr. contemplate the effects which will be proBrigham was sent in 1823 by the American duced by the Gospel; its influence upon Board of Missions, opened a school at the laws and lives of the people, making Buenos Ayres in March 1824; which the rulers a terror, not to the good, but gradually increased to 60 day scholars and only to the evil; making the ruled obe10 evening, all above ten years of age and dient for the Lord's sake, and introducing many of them arrived at manhood, with 6 into the cottages of the poor and the palaces children from ten to eighteen years old of the rich a principle of social virtue; in his family. A desire of learning Eng- causing the wall of separation to be broken lish was the means of introducing the New down among the people of far different conTestament among these scholars, who ditions, and leading them, though still are nearly all of Spanish descent, and varying in wealth and rank, to meet by many of them connected with the first fa- faith and affection as one flock and one milies. A Sunday school has been opened fold-that of our Lord Jesus Christ.”. for the children of Protestants. Mr. Grants of money and books, to the amount Brigham had left Buenos Ayres for Chili, of nearly 35001., were made for this object, on a journey of investigation. Mr. Par- in the Society's twenty-tirst year; and, in vin visited Boston last year, to procure the prospect of an increasing circulation, more aid.

15,000 copies of the Spanish Scriptures The provision made by the States for

were put to press. The Rev. John Armthe support of education is steadily in- strong was sent by the Society for the ereasing. In Mexico, Iturbide opened a furtherance of its object among these school of mutual instruction in 1822; and States: he is now settled at Buenos Ayres had planned the establishment of the as minister to the English residents; but system in all the provinces. The present will still promote the designs of the SoGovernment having a similar measure in ciety. A Bible Society had been estacontemplation, the Committee of the Bri- blished in Colombia. - Mr. Thomson, in tish and Foreign School Society had offer- a journey from Lima to Bogota, found, in ed education and support for two young every place, zealous co-operators in govermen, either Spaniards or Aborigines, by nors of towns, ecclesiastics, and others : At whose means the system may be effectively Guayaquil, he sold 705 copies of the New introduced and established. In Colombia, Testament in three days.

In Buenos model schools have been formed in the Ayres, great anxiety for the Scriptures capital and some other cities, in further prevails; and they are finding their way ance of a decree of the Government for there into families of the first respectathe establishment of the system of mutual bility.--Mr. Parvin thinks that, amidst a instruction in all the provinces: the bene- population of 80,000 in the city of Buenos fits of education are to be extended to fe- Ayres, there are not more than 500 Bibles males. In Peru, the labours of Mr. and from 1500 to 2000 Testaments. The Thomson were partially interrupted by circulation of useful books and tracts will the war: about 200 children, however, be promoted by the Spanish Translation remained in the inodel school at Lima; Society, noticed in our last volume. The and another school in the same city had Religious-Tract Society has added twelve eighty scholars. Bolivar, as Dictator of Spanish tracts to its list: it is preparing, Peru, has lately issued a decree providing in Spanish, Burder's Village Sermons, for the establishment, in the capital of Leslie on Deism, and Gosner on Primi. each department, of a Normal school; to tive Catholicism; and has forwarded to which each province of the department is various parts of the continent 106,000 to send at least six children, in order that Spanish iracts.--In reference to slavery, it they may ultimately extend the system to is remarked in the last Report of the every part of the Republic. The schools African Institution; “ It is gratifying to established by Mr. Thomson at Santiago observe, that the rising Republics of South in Chili had, in January last year, become America continue to identify their inteextinct. At Buenos Ayres, an act was rests, and their own emancipation from passed for appropriating 12,000 dollars political slavery, with the restoration to per annum for educating young men in personal freedom of the still more deforeign countries, for the ultimate benefit graded members of the human family, the of their own.

Negro Slaves.” We have already noticed In reference to the Scriptures as pecu- a decree of Mexico on this subject. Coliarly important to these rising States, lombia had nobly led the way. In Peru, a the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry re- decree, issued by Bolivar, has liberated marked, at the last anniversary of the from a state of great oppression the AboriBritish and Foreign Bible Society; “Our gines and Half-castes, forming nearly foursociety stands ready with all its means to lifths of the whole population; which consupply them amply, and to diffuse in those sisted, according to an official census taken countries the inestimable benefits of the in 1795, of 136,311 Whites, 608,911 Inword of God. The mound is broken through, dians, 241,437 Mestizoes or descendants

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