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sacrifice to be offered with a reluc. Fourthly. Nor is it without amtant mind : “ the Lord loveth a ple cause that the Christian thus excheerful giver," both in our dedica- perieuces the most solid satisfaction of ourselves to his service, and tion of mind in devoting himself to in our efforts to do good to man. the service of God; for, as in the kind. Like the people of Judah case of the people of Judah in our and Benjamin in the text, we are text, He is found of all who seek to enter into or renew our cove. him.—To find God, is to find whatnant with God “with all our heart;" ever can make us really happy, and to seek him, not formally or lan- either in this life or that which is guidly, but “with our whole desire." to come. He is not indeed far from

But, thirdly, let us call to mind us; his presence is ever visible in the happiness which the people felt the works of his hands, and the when they had thus solemnly taken mercies and judgments of his prothe Lord to be their God: “they vidence; but our hearts are blinded rejoiced,” it is said, “ at the oath :" by sin, that we do not discern him ; they did not think that they had and so corrupted, that we are concontracted an irksome obligation, or tent to live without him. But no wish to retract their engagement; sooner do we perceive the guilt and on the contrary, they felt what the misery of such a state of mind, and word of God declares, that the ways begin to seek him with our whole of wisdom, that is, of religious wis. desire--that very desire itself being dom, are ways of pleasantness, and his gift—than he is found of us; and all her paths are peace. So long as he gave the people of Judah rest as our hearts are alive only to the round about from their national world and dead to God, our pro- enemies, he affords us rest from the fessed religion ministers to us neither spiritual slavery of sin, and bestows happiness nor safety. If we are upon us the glorious liberty of the merely following the dictates of children of God.

Our transgreshabit or education in performing a sions are pardoned, our hearts are certain course of external Christian renewed, and our consciences are duties, while we feel no real love cleansed by the blood of bis Son, to God, or delight in his service, or and the sanctifying influences of gratitude to the Saviour, our sup- his Holy Spirit. We enter upon a posed religion is but the perfor- state of the most exalted privileges; mance of a burdensome task, and a state of peace with our reconciled it affords us no solace in affliction, Creator upon earth, preparatory to no hope under the weight of our an eternal union with him in the transgressions, no joy in life, no re- world of everlasting peace and joy. pose in death. But the true Chris- For never will he violate his part of tian, the man who, in the language the covenant ; never will he reject of out text, “ seeks the Lord with those who come to him in the way all his heart," bas, in every change which he has appointed through the and condition of life, a constant merits and mediation of his Son. source of inward satisfaction arising If we forsake him, he will forsake from the presence and the power us; but if we cleave to him, bis arm of God. Although the fig tree is not shortened that it cannot save should not blossom, neither should us, or his ear heavy that he cannot fruit be in the vines ; though the hear our petitions, or his mercy labour of the olive should fail, and scanty that he will not receive us, the fields should yield no meat ; the

or his fulness less than inexhaustible flocks should be cut off from the that he cannot supply all our nefold, and there should be no herd cessities, so far as is really best for in the stall; yet will he rejoice in us, beyond even the largest prayer the Lord, and joy in the God of of faith, or the most unbounded his salvation”

wishes of the heart.

Let us then feel it to be our duty, consideration, he denounces an that on which our eternal safety anathema against those who should depends, and not less the highest pri preach any other Gospel, besides vilege which we can enjoy, to enter that which he had preached to into a covenant of devotion to the them. Yet the ordinary version of service of God; or rather to renew, the 7th verse makes him, after ex. and to regard with an increasingly pressing his wonder at their being practical influence, that into which so quickly seduced from him to we sacramentally entered in our another Gospel, contradict himself, baptism, and which we have per- by representing the new doctrine haps often confirmed by subsequent as not another Gospel. “I marvel, resolutions, though broken almost that ye are so soon removed from as soon as made. No longer let him, who called you to the grace us halt between two opinions; no of Christ, unto another Gospel ; longer let us make the world our which is not another ; but there be God, while in words we profess to some that trouble you &c.” But be dedicated to the service of our this translation appears to me as Creator and Redeemer. The vows incorrect as it is repugnant to the of God are upon us.

Let us then context ; for bad this been the remember the solemnity of the Apostle's meaning, he would doubtstipulations into which we have eno less have repeated the word &repov ; tered; let us seek his pardon for thus εις έτερον ευαγγελιoν, ο εκ εσιν our past violations of them, and his erepov; but the words are els étepov grace for the time to come, that we ευαγγελιoν ο εκ ετιν αλλο; and αλλο may be enabled, in truth as well as in is immediately followed by El un profession, “ to renounce the devil in the sense I conceive of Any Ort

, and all his works, the pomps and and plainly governs them: but this vanities of this wicked world, and grammatical dependence is lost sight all the sinful lusts of the flesh;" of in the ordinary translations, partthat we may believe with the heart ly by giving the antecedent memunto righteousness “ all the articles ber an absolute form, partly by of the Christian faith;" and "that rendering et un by the particle but, we may keep his holy will and com- which may have an adversative as mandments, and walk in the same well as an exceptive sense. Now all the days of our life;" which may these objections I would obviate He, of his infinite mercy, enable us by referring the relative ó not to to do, through Jesus Christ our Lord. evayyedcov, (which I apprehend is Amen.

the sole cause of the mistake,) but to the whole antecedent member,

and the whole passage would then Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer.

run thus : “ 1 marvel, that you are

so quickly seduced from him who The ordinary versions of Gal. i. 7. called you to the grace of Christ, appear to me to give a sense to the unto another Gospel, which [unApostle's words, at variance both happy circumstance] is nothing else with the context and the main scope of the whole Epistle, and

So at least, it seems to the writer of one also which the Greek words do these remarks ; but most writers view the not properly admit of. The design Apostle as only checking himself by a of the Apostle is to counteract that figure of speech, as though he exclaimed: Judaizing spirit which began to pre. deserves not the name ; for it is not the

" Another Gospel did I say? Alas! it vail to an alarming extent amongst Gospel.” Some commentators read only the Galatians, and which was sub. ó oux “ which is not," which is versive of the vital principle of nothing, which cannot be said to exist ; Christianity; and, in the verses im- either omitting the apdo with some mamediately following the one under clause.

nuscripts, or carrying it to the succeeding

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(that is, your sudden secession is to dragon, and from the mouth of the be ascribed to no other cause) but wild beast, and from the mouth of that there are some who trouble the false prophet, three uncleansed you, and are desirous of perverting spirits as frogs. For they are spirits the Gospel of Christ." This mode of demons, making signs, which go of translating the passage makes forth to the kings of the whole hathe whole context harmonious ; and bitable world, to gather them toI think is more consistent with the gether to the war of that the great Greek phraseology, than the com- day of God, the Lord of all. Bemon version.

hold I come as a thief. Blessed is D. M. P.

he that watcheth, and observeth his garments, that he may not walk

about naked, and they see his Tothe EditoroftheChristian Observer. shame. And they gathered them

together unto the place which is NEARLY a quarter of a century since, called in Hebrew, Armageddon." in your first volume, (See Christ. I believe I have here given as Observ. for 1802, p. 763) you fa- nearly as may be, the close transvoured me by admitting a paper sign- lation of the original. See Dean ed JUVENIS; the design of which Woodhouse, new Version of the was to shew that there are parts of Apocalypse. The first observation sacred prophecy, relating even to which I have to make, is, that, as our own times, and conveying to us I before premised, there is a most most important admonition, in the remarkable agreement among Proexplanation of which there is little testant interpreters, that the fall of or no difference of opinion among the Ottoman empire is here foretold Protestants. As respects the Book under the symbol of the drying up of the Revelations, this unity of of the great river, the Euphrates. opinion, I stated, continues till we For the sense of the older comcome to the tenth chapter, where mentators, see Poole's Annotations first the great chain of interpretation in loc. , and Bishop Newton. And, is broken, and the ordinary reader if I recollect rightly, the eminent confounded by a variety of inter- authors on prophecy in more modern pretations. The connexion of that times have not the slightest dischapter with the remainder of the agreement on the question. To the book, I considered to be the jugu- best of my recollection, Mr. Faber, lum cause, the dignus vindice nodus, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Irving, Mr. Biwhich demands the most careful in- cheno alike assert, that the fall of vestigation of the student of pro- the Ottoman empire is intended by phecy. For the above reasons, and the drying up of the Euphrates. on account of the present aspect of At the same time it must be conthe political world, I beg leave to fessed, that some few commentators refer your readers to that paper, have thought that, since all the and to make some additional ob- vials are poured upon the Roman servations on the prophecies re-empire, this vial canvot be unlating to the Mohammedans. derstood as poured out upon a na.

The passage of Scripture on tion so remote from Rome, and which I offer you my remarks, con- which likewise is spoken of in the tinued from December 1802, is prophecy, as being a scourge upon Revel. xvi. 12–16: " And the Rome. sixth angel poured out his vial upon In answer to this objection, it the great river Euphrates: and the may be replied, that the literal river water thereof was dried up, that Euphrates was the barrier to the the way might be prepared of the old Roman empire ; and that the kings from the rising of the sun. Ottoman empire is at this time, And I saw from the mouth of the very probably, the barrier to the

modern Roman empire. And I be- may allege Bishop Burnet's History lieve that the modern Romans would of his own Times, folio, vol. II. consider the removal of this barrier, p. 82. Speaking of the year 1691 not as the removal of a scourge, he says, “ If the court of Vienna but as the infliction of the greatest had really desired a peace, they scourge to all Europe.

might have had it upon this victory The truth is, that at the time of on very easy terms : but they rethe English Revolution, Louis XIV., solved they would be masters of all James II., and the Turks were in Transylvania ; and in order to that, league against the liberties of Eu- they undertook the siege of Great rope and the Protestants every Waradin, which they were forced where. And it was the knowledge to turn to a blockade, so that it fell of this fact that gave the Prince of not into their hands till the spring Orange much assistance in his ad- following. The Emperor was led vancement to the throne of England. on by the prophecies, that assured

I translate the following remark- him of constant conquests, &c.” able passage from a work entitled, The same eminent prelate and Historia Nupera Rerum Mutationis historian, in speaking of the year in Angliâ, Authore Ezek Burridge, 1697, notices that Bishop Lloyd A. M. Diæces. Connor, Vicar, Ge- had foretold that the peace between neral. 1697, page 308. “It is most the Turks and Papists should be manifest to all men, that had the made in the year 1698. For in affairs of James succeeded, the this year, the hour, day, month, and liberty, of us all would have pe. year allotted to the successes of the rished; and the day shortly have Ottomans against the Eastern emcome in which sea and land, peace pire, ended, according to the judg. and war, would have been governed ment of Bishop Lloyd. by the nod of the French king. For And thus at every step of this he used, as the supports of his do- wonderful prophecy relating to the minion, the Emperor of the Turks, Ottomans, the general consent of and our king, whose faith stuck commentators and historians makes fatally to him. But what allied the vision so clear, that he may valour of the rest could have stood run that readeth. against this triumvirate fiercely The commencement of the fatal waging wars for empire and religion? period is thus marked by the hisFor had our king and the king of iorian of the Decline and Fall of the France, as they agreed to do, en- Roman Empire. “It was on the gaged the German emperor and twenty-seventh of July, in the the Turk in war, the two former year 1299 of the Christian æra, with joint forces would have as- that Othman first invaded the tersaulted Belgium by sea and land, ritory of Nicomedia, and the sinas a second door of Europe; but gular accuracy of the date seems by proffering to the Prince of Orange to disclose some foresight of the our abdicated empire, we saved rapid and destructive growth of the ourselves and others from those monster.” dangers.”

The duration of the slaying of If this then be a true statement, the third part of men, is for a year, the objection against the received which, in the prophetical language, interpretations of the Euphrates, as is 360 years; a month, which signifying the Turks, is at once re- is 30 years ; a day, which is one moved. And it is manifest, in con- year ; and an hour, which is supsequence, that from the time of the posed to mean a month. English Revolution, and by effect The whole time is commonly of it, the woe of the Turkish em- calculated at 391 years; which, pire has ceased.

commencing in the year 1299, terIn proof that this was the case, I minated in 1690 ; thouglı, from a somewhat later date, and by a com- being deceived. And it is equally putation by solar years, Bishop clear that the same is a time of Lloyd and Mr. Whiston put off the temptation which cometh upon the period to 1698.

whole world, to try them that dwell The difference is of little conse- upon the earth. The prophecy itquence; and the less so, because both self suggests the following charac1690 and 1698 witnessed successive ters of this last conspiracy against and effectual degrees of the sentence the Lord of lords. The instruments pronounced upon the Ottomans, traverse the whole world, and by Thus far shall ye come, and no farther. the means of signs collect together

Bishop Newton placed the epoch the kings to the land of Judea. For and end of the period too soon. His without question Armageddon is date for the end of it is 1672; but the mountain of Migiddo, near to Mr. Eton has shewn that the St. Jean d'Acre. The above two Turks did prevail till 1683. Nei distinguishing characters point so ther did they receive any decisive strongly at the sect of Illuminati check till king William broke the especially, that I cannot but make conspiracy against the liberties of the application. Indeed; both the Europe, and, with the aid of Al- Abbé Barruel, and Professor Robimighty God, saved the Protestants, son, in their histories of the secret Britain, and the enpire.

conspiracies against the Christian And thus the second woe passed religion, royalty, and the social away at the close of the seventeenth compact, have almost seemed to be century; and it only remains that commenting on this vial.-The fol. the vial of desolation destroy the lowing expressions are extracted tottering ruins of that once mighty from the Abbé Barruel.

« The empire.

venomous reptile is often discovered And now every newspaper brings by the stench of its poison. Very some fresh intelligence of the im- few words suffice to extend these minent danger in which the Turks tenebrous and mysterious conquests. are placed.

But the thunderbolts of Heaven warn And is it not then our duty to mankind of their danger. Shrinking examine so signal a prophecy care- back, however, to its dark recesses, fully, impartially, and seriously; and with unabating ardour, it crawls from especially to notice, whether there den to den. The Jacobins have sebe not intermixed with it admoni- duced nations by means of a subtions and warnings, which it were terraneous warfare of illusion, error, a sin to neglect ?

and darkness. Let the honest man I would then most seriously and oppose them with wisdom, truth, , earnestly call the attention of all and light. Under the direction of your readers to the following cir- this triumvirate, one part of the cumstance accompanying this sixth subaltern agents disseminate their vial; namely, that the beast, the doctrines among the people of Condragon, and the false prophet, by stantinople, while others spread which Protestants have generally themselves throughout Asia, travel understood to be intended the Ro. into Persia, and to the Indies. man empire, infidelity, and popery, Others again preach their rights of send forth new agents and mission- man in the Levant, while the united aries, for the purpose of leaguing all forces of the sect make their descent the kingdoms of the world against on the coast of Egypt, and teach the Lord and against his anointed. the Ottoman court, the fatal effects

Hence it is most manifestly of having neglected to crush the proved, that the Church of Rome, first dawnings of the sect.” (Barso far from being meliorated by the ruel's Proofs, vol. iv. pp. 3, 4. 6. judgments of the former vials, con- 491. 560.) tinually waxes worse, deceiving and From Professor Robison we learn

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