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engage, from the highest to the low in the British Colonies, can the Goest, and thereby afford substantial spel have “ free course," as to proof that there is life and power produce those extensive moral transin the religion they profess; that it formations which it is destined to acis an active vigorous principle, which complish. It is a matter of heartfelt may be mighty, even in feeble hands, rejoicing, indeed, that the preaching to the pulling down this strong-hold of the Gospel, even in the land of of multiplied evil, and setting at slavery,should not be unaccompanied liberty 830,000 immortal beings, the with its renovating power ; but we wretched victims of a twofold bond, consider such instances of its success age, bondage of soul as well as body. as no argument against the general

We are aware that great offence hostility which the system of slavery may be taken by some individuals bears to Christianity. Such, indeed, at such an employment of the Chris- is the baneful influence of that systian Pulpit; at such an exposure, in tem, and the contaminating effect such a place, of a system in which which a familiarity with it produces, many persons of the first conse- that even zealous Ministers of the quence, and of allowed respectabi- Gospel are led to imagine themselves lity, men of education and liberal under the melancholy necessity of attainments,” are concerned. But administering that Gospel partially. that can be no solid ground of ob- They inculcate, indeed, upon the opjection with those who consider the pressed slave, its gentleness, meek. great offence excited by the preach- ness, and long-suffering; but they ing of their great Lord and Master withhold from his oppressors the on a similar occasion,—that of de- exposition of the woes which it detecting, exposing, and reprobating nounces against injustice and op“ wickedness in high places,”—the pression. And even those other injustice, extortion, and cruelty of sins, which prevail the most among Scribes and Pharisees, persons in the masters of slaves--the violation their day of great eminence and dis- of the Sabbath, and impurity of tinction.

conduct-they dare not condemn, Under existing circumstances, we with the explicitness which becomes can imagine no subject which can the Christian Minister, but at the more worthily engage the constitut- hazard of persecution, if not of mared guardians of the public virtue, its tyrdom. The truth, instead of being morals and religion, than the denun- preached without reserve, and imciation of that anti-Christian tyranny partially to all, must, in this part of which tends to obliterate all sense the dominions of Christian Britain, of natural justice, every feeling of be garbled and mutilated. Topreach humanity, every principle of reli- the pure doctrines of the Gospel to gion; which renders the hearts of its slave-holders; to enforce upon them active agents and abettors inaccess the sanctity of the Sabbath; to tell sible to Christian reproof, and sub- them that uncleanness is one of those jects them, consequently, to a more sins for which the wrath of God hopeless bondage than even that of will come upon them; to remind their poor victims, inasmuch as it them of the absolute right of their extends beyond the period of their fellow-men, the Negro slaves, to represent existence.

ceive at their hands compassion, We can imagine nothing more justice, humanity, brotherly kind. truly in character for Ministers of ness, love, would be to rush into that Gospel which lays the axe to the very jaws of destruction. We the root of every corrupt tree, than may imagine, from the example of to make open war against this bold the Missionary Smith, what would, and malignant “enemy of all righte. be the fate of the Minister or Misousness ;” since it is apparent that sionary who, in the land of slavery, in no community, where it reigns as should have the boldness to tell the

slave holders, “ It is not lawful for tacked from the Christian pulpit ; thee thus to degrade and oppress thy and, by the instrumentality of that fellow-creature, thy brother: It is mighty engine, even have its deathnot lawful for thee to treat immortal blow speedily administered. intelligences as brute animals; to Thirty-eight years have now elapsscourge and chain thy over-worked ed since the wrongs of the Negro and defenceless slave: It is not law- Slave have occupied the anxious ful for thee to force him to labour attention of the people of England, on the Sabbath for the subsistence How little has yet been done for his thou art bound to give him : thou art vindication, we need not specify. thereby heaping to thyself wrath But we may ask, how much longer against the day of wrath.” And, we are to wait in the expectation yet, is not this the language he is that the Colonists will themselves bound to use?

achieve the work of reformation? Or But “to touch on such topics,” it shall we leave them still to place may possibly be said, “ would be their reliance, for the perpetuation the height of imprudence, and must of their immoral and destructive wholly defeat the object of Missions, system, on our carelessness, or timiand endanger the lives of the Mis- dity, or insincerity—a feeling which, sionaries : the fate of Smith and of it must be owned, our conduct in Shrewsbury are sufficient proofs of time past has been too well calcuthe necessity of caution.” We admit lated to engender? Is it not at length the existence of the danger: we ad- high time to resort to decisive and mit that persecution more fierce and effectual measures? Is it not high cruel could hardly be expected in time that Christians (those to whom China or Japan, than has been ex- the name truly belongs) should comperienced in the Slave Colonies of bine all their efforts, should concenChristian Britain. But without cen- trate all the force of their moral and suring those who have submitted to religious principles, in the strenuous the alleged necessity of thus abridg- use of every means by which they ing their commission to preach the themselves and their country may Gospel, to declare the whole counsel be soonest purged from this deep of God, to every creature; we would pollution? Is it not, most especially, ask, whether all this does not prove high time for “the Priests, the Mithe incompatibility, not only with nisters of the Lord,” to interpose, law and justice, but with Christianity that this moral plague may be stay. itself, of the slavery which prevailsed, before this highly favoured land in our Slave Colonies. But though be smitten with a curse? Let the it may be difficult, and even peril. worshippers of Mammon propose a ous, to exhibit, in those colonies, league with this any other than an imperfect and righteousness;" but let Christian mutilated picture of Christianity; Ministers give it no quarter. To yet here at least, in this happy coun- them we would say, in the words of try, the Minister of the Gospel may the Prophet of old, “ Cry aloud ; enforce its obligations without con- spare not; lift up thy voice like a cealment or reserve. In the United trumpet ; and shew my people their Kingdom, at least, an unmutilated transgression, and the house of Jacob Gospel may still be preached, with- their sin.” After the example of the out hazard, to the highest as well same Prophet, let them reprove and as to the lowest of the community, exhort those who, while they frenone daring to make the boldest quent the courts of the Lord, and assertor of its uncompromising doc- appear to “ delight in approaching trines afraid. Here, NEGRO SLA- to God,” yet continue to “ smite VERY, the most daring of all outrages with the fist of wickedness;" and, on the laws both of God and man, on the very day appropriated to His may be safely and successfully at service, " to find their pleasure, and exact all their labours ;" reminding to him, who is the “ prevailing Inthem, that the service which God tercessor with the Father.” He is requires at their hands, in the first to be your example, “ in whom was place, is “ to loose the bands of no guile,” and who “ did all things wickedness, to undo the heavy bur- well.” His laws you are to obey, dens, to let the oppressed go free, who“ spake as never man spake.” and to break every yoke.” Nor His honour you are to pursue, who does He less require, at the hands of is " seated at the right hand of the all his Ministers and all his People, Father,” the King of kings, and that they should combine their Lord of lords. And him you are to strenuous and unceasing efforts to revere and love, who, for your sakes, bring about this righteous consumo poured out his soul unto death. mation *.

enemy of all

These are the duties implied in that precept of doing all things in the

name of the Lord Jesus Christ. FAMILY SERMONS. No. CCV.

I. The precept implies that we

habitually contemplate him, in his Colossians iii. 17.-And whatsoever Divine character, and in the endear

ye do, in word or in deed, do all ing relations which he sustains to · in the name of the Lord Jesus.

wards us.

He possesses every possible claim It is the glory of Christians that to this affectionate remembrance. their leader is Divine. He to whose Adorned with all the perfections of service they are devoted, and under the Godhead, he sustains to us the whose banners they are enlisted in most endearing relations ; our mastheir warfare, is the Lord Jesus, ter, our friend, our protector, our “ the brightness of the Father's benefactor, and our Saviour. We glory," and the partaker of the Fa- should habitually contemplate him, ther's power."

.“ In his name ye are engaged with incessant and painful to do all, whatsoever ye do, in word toil in his Father's work, in promotor in deed.” You are habitually to ing the salvation of men; endurcontemplate him in his Divine cha- ing reproach, scorn, and suffering ; racter, and in the endearing rela- wounded by the tongues and cruel tions which he sustains to you. hands of his enemies ; lacerated by Your hopes of acceptance at the the scourge, dying on the cross. throne of Heaven, must be placed Often should our hearts turn from on him whose merits are all-suffi- the mournful spectacle of his cient. Your strength and support humiliation, to the triumphs of must be derived from him, whose his exaltation in heaven; to the power is almighty. Your prayers crown of honour, which now enin time of need must be directed circles his head; to the robes of

* The following publications of the majesty which now invest him ; to Anti-Slavery Society contain a full view of the throne of dominion, on which the nature and effects of Negro Slavery:- he is now seated ; to the sceptre of Stephen's Delineation; Wilberforce's Ap- power, of justice, and of mercy, peal; Clarkson's Thoughts ; Negro Slavery which he now holds; and to “ the as it exists in the United States, and in the British Colonies, especially in Jamaica; thousands, the ten thousand times Debate of 15th May 1823, with an Appen- ten thousand ; the multitude, which dix; First, Second, and Third Reports of no man can number, who cast their the Anti-Slavery Society; Tracts, No. I. to XV. on Negro Slavery, of which No.

crowns at his feet," ascribing adoraXIII. solves the question, Is Negro Slavery tion, and praise, and homage, to sanctioned by Scripture ?; Anti-Slavery him who was slain to redeem them Reporter, No. I. to VII. ; Impolicy of by his blood. Slavery; Stephen's England enslaved by her own Slave Colonies ; A Picture of

II. This precept further implies, Negro Slavery, drawn by the Colonists that all our hopes of acceptance at themselves.

the throne of Heaven should be de


rived from his merits-that we walk upon the sea; tread upon should consider him as our only way scorpions; and dare all the power of access unto God.

of the enemy. And “ in the name * There is no other name given of Jesus,” to whom “ all power is under heaven among men whereby given in heaven and in earth," and they can be saved, but only the who is the hope, the strength, the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” sufficiency of his faithful people, can He is the “only Mediator" between we do greater things than these ; the offended Majesty of heaven, and for his grace shall disarm temptathe sinful race of men. “ In his tion, more formidable than the Philname,” trusting to his meritorious listine of old; heal the disorders, performances as the only ground of quicken the affections, and calm the acceptance with God, are we to passions of the soul; and finally, offer our prayers.

“ In his name," beating down Satan under our feet, acknowledging that through his despoil him of his power. intercession all our blessings and IV. Doing all in the name of Jemercies are conveyed to us, are we sus, further implies, that our prayers to give thanks. Our transgressions are addressed to him. had excluded us from the favour of “ All things," saith the Apostle, heaven, and had rendered us ob- are sanctified by the word of God, noxious to the justice of God. But and by prayer.” It is prayer

which by the blood of Christ, we who procures God's blessing : on “ were once afar off,” are now undertakings ; without which, vain * brought near," and by his righte- are the help and labour and devices ousness, the justice which was of of man. Blind and ignorant, imfended is appeased. On his merits, potent and corrupt,

he cannot therefore, must all our hopes of ac- advance in his spiritual course, ceptance be founded.

without the illuminating, directIII. Doing all in the name of Je. ing, strengthening, and sanctifying sus, implies reliance on the strength energy of Divine grace. Dependent and grace derived from him. as he is, for this grace, on Jesus

“ It pleased the Father that in Christ, the great King and Captain him should all fulness dwell,” and of his salvation; in all his doings, that he should be the source of “the name of Jesus” is to be instrength, sanctification, and com- voked, for illumination, for direcfort, to frail, corrupt, and miser- tion, for sanctification and strength. able man. In the precepts and Placed in the midst of many and promises of his word, and in the great troubles, and temptations, secret but powerful influences of his the name of Jesus,” who can give Holy Spirit, are this strength, this us comfort and victory, is most imsanctification, and comfort to be portunately to be addressed. And found. “ In the name,” confiding in the dread hour when the soul is in the help, “ of the Lord of hosts, to depart from her mortal taberdid the stripling David go out nacle, to whom shall we commend against the Philistine, and laid in her, trembling and desponding, but the dust the boastful defier of the to him who is the Lord of life and living God." In the name of the death? “ Lord Jesus, receive my Lord of hosts," looking to him who spirit." giveth the victory, did the king of V. Looking unto Jesus also ime Israel go out against the multitude plies, that he is to be our example. of his enemies, and made them flee Then indeed may we be said to before him. “ In the name of Je. “ do all things in his name," when sus,” whom the Father bad exalted, we resemble him in the humble and did the Apostles and first Disciples holy tempers of his soul, and in the do mighty works ;-heal the sick; spotless purity of his life. The deraise the dead; still the tempest; claration of the Apostle is, “ He CHRIST. OBSERV. No. 289.


that saith he abideth in him, ought never knew you."—"Lord, we have himself also to walk even as he eaten and drunk in thy presence, walked." It is the distinguishing and thou hast taught in our streets." excellence of the Gospel, that it Depart from me, I never knew proposes to us a perfect pattern of you." all those virtues which it inculcates. VII. Doing all in the name of It is the peculiar privilege of Chris- Jesus, still further implies, that in tians, that in the discharge of the all our actions we aim at advancing duties of their high vocation, they his honour. are aided and animated by the ex- To profess to act in the name of ample of him whose grace is pro- another, and yet to be indifferent to mised to enable them to practise his interests and reputation, is the what he proposes for their imitation. grossest inconsistency. To profess The example of Jesus Christ, bright to act in the name of Jesus, and and pure and splendid as that hea. yet to be regardless of his honour, ven from which he descended, we is adding impiety to inconsistency. are to imitate. In every situation, He is not only our gracious Master; we are to contemplate this illus- our bountiful Friend and Benefactor; trious pattern, and seek to do what but the compassionate and Almighty we think that our Divine Master, in Redeemer, who shed his blood for similar circumstances, would have us. The honour of our Divine Masdone.

ter, Friend, Benefactor, and Saviour. VI. But if this precept implies should be most dear to our hearts. our imitating the example of Christ, It should be the object which we it necessarily also implies our being keep constantly in view; the polegoverned by his laws.

star that, in all the mazes and diffiTo act in the name of another, is culties of life, should direct our to fulfil bis injunctions, minutely to steps. And this honour we must carry into effect his wishes, and, in advance, by acting in all circumevery particular, to conform our- stances agreeably to the spirit and selves to his requisitions. To do all laws of our Christian profession, and things “ in the name of the Lord by endeavouring to promote among Jesus,” is to govern all our conduct men the knowledge, the love and by his precepts. “ What does he, service of our Divine Lord. my Divine Master, enjoin? what VIII. Lastly-doing all in the would he wish me to perform? how name of Jesus, implies our cherishshall I act conformably to his laws?” ing for him the sentiments of reare the inquiries which will occupy verence and love. the sincere Christian. Vain and Jesus, our Lord, is “ seated far impious are all professions of acting above all principality and power, in the name of Jesus, while we vio- and might and dominion;" having late his commands, or display tem- “all power in heaven and in earth. pers and views contrary to those Jesus, our Lord, having, for us men which he inculcated_6. He that and for our salvation, come down doeth my commandments, he it is from heaven, and suffered and died that loveth me.” “ If a man have upon the cross, rose from the dead, not the spirit of Christ he is none of and has become our Intercessor, at his." We may boast the fervour of his Father's throne, in order that he our zeal; we may exhibit our la- may receive the weary and heavy bours in the cause of religion, our laden, who come to him; bind up spiritual_gifts and endowments - the broken hearted, and comfort " Lord, Lord, have we not prophe- them that mourn ; and dispense sied in thy name, and in thy name pardon to the wounded spirit

, and cast out devils, and in thy name strength and comfort to the weak done many wonderful works?" but and desponding; and he is prehe will say, “Depart from me, I paring, for all his followers, man

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