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on the questions now under our con- the weakness and absurdity of leavsideration*

ing every thing to the eagerness of This new law, emanating from the informers and the interpretation of "' grand Conseil du Canton de tribunals, a system borrowed from Vaud sur la proposition du Conseil the worst days of Jacobin and res d'Etât,” but not passed, as it should volutionary France, the cruelty of seem, without much debate and the law is absolutely revolting. opposition, is alike faulty with the Whether the meeting of a few redecree, in neither clearly defining ligious persons be accidental or not, the sect proscribed, nor pointing out n'importe. If one of them have the crime, nor abstaining from the prayed to God, and the others who low and degrading insult of calling were with him be deemed partisans hard names: “quelques personnes of a sect, all are criminals. A father exaltées!" And it pushes its “march of a family reads and explains a of science" beyond its misera. chapter of the Bible, and prays with ble predecessor ; inflicting punish- his children ; a stranger, or his nextments of which the other had been door neighbour, happens to come in; silent: the offenders are to be vi- let but a familiar of the police enter sited either by a fine not exceeding the doors, and they are all immedi600 francs; or by the prohibition to ately amenable to the law. I speak go into a particular commune, or with a neighbour on some religious to remain in it ; or by confinement subject, whose opinions are opposed in one commune for a term not ex: to'mine: he yields to my arguments: ceeding a year; or by imprisonment if I am suspected by some police for the same period; or, finally, by agent of belonging to a sect, as I banishment out of the canton for a cannot deny that I have made à period not exceeding three years. convert of my opponent, the reward Also, if the offender shall have is fine, confinement, banishment, broken the prohibition of going into, or imprisonment; and all this too or remaining in, a commune, he when I profess the same worship shall be confined in his own com- with my judges: they declare their mune for a term not exceeding a attachment to the Helvetic Confesyear. If he break this confinement, 'sion; all the pastors of the canton he shall be imprisoned for the re- have sworn to make it the basis of mainder of the term. In the case their teaching ; yet, for arguing in of his breaking the sentence of ba- defence of one of its doctrines, and nishment out of the canton, he gaining an opponent to the belief of shall be imprisoned for the rest of it, I am condemned ! the period.

Take another case. An agriculNow not to dwell upon the pre- turist has two fields adjoining to posterous character of a criminal each other, in different communes. law, which gives no better descrip. It has been his misfortune to think tion of the objects of its pursuit and the learned and theological council vengeance, than that they are “par. not quite infallible in its interpretisans de cette secte;' or that they tation of some passage in St. Paul; do things tending “à gagner à and for his want of that article of cette secte;" or that they are “per- faith in these rulers, so essential in sonnes exaltées ;" not to mention the canton of Vaud, he is confined

to one commune: if he cannot af. The second edition of Mr. Wilson's ford to pay labourers, his other field Tour is almost a new work; and contains, among other added matters, some in

must be fallow; thorns and thistles teresting extracts from the writings of must be his produce, not from the Cardinal Borromeo, quite unknown to the sentence of God, but the curse of English reader ; and a valuable preface, in the council. The man is a good Review on the subject of " Evangelica father, a good husband, devoted to Religion."

his country; no body doubts it; but he is a pestilent fellow: he has had brother is one of the national clergy the audacity to find more edification of the canton, is the first on whom in the instructions of one minister the severity of the new law has falthan in those of another; while len. Five persons were found seated others got drunk, he was perverse round a table in his house, with the enough to read the Scriptures with Bible open before them; the wife his friends. The man is a Mummer: of M. Rochat, a common friend, there will be no peace till he is with two of his sisters, and a young driven into banishment.

person, a stranger. This was the “ Yes; but banishment,” say the whole crime. M. Rochat was found advocates of the law, “is a slight guilty of reading in his own house, punishment: for the canton is a before his wife and four friends, a very small country.” The march of chapter of the New Testament! For science again ! Does a man's love this he was at first condemned to for his country depend upon the three years' banishment, which, howsize of it?* We would not live in ever, the tribunal of appeal reduced that district, beautiful as it is : for to one year. tyranny of all sorts we detest; and “ Next, M. Olivier was banished especially tyranny under the mask for two years by the sentence of the of freedom. Wickedness and hypo- same law. crisy combined form a most hateful “Like judgments have been proconnexion ; but we can believe that nounced against MM. Chavannes, a native of the canton loves it with Juvet, and Fivaz, of whom the two all its faults; and that banishment former were previously confined TEN from the fair scenes of his early life, weeks IN PRISON. and from all the associations which “ Two females also were banished are dearer than life, may be to him by the jugement de première inas hard a lot as to ourselves would stance of the tribunals of Orbe and be banishment from this land of Yverdun, on the charge of similar genuine freedom.

meetings being held at their houses; « But the law is not meant to be one of whom, however, has been executed; it is only adopted in ter- since acquitted at Lausanne, as it rorem," Bad enough in that case ; was proved that she lived with her why frighten people out of their con- mother, and consequently that it sciences and their liberties? What, was at her mother's house, and not however, is the fact ? Let us see:- at hers, that some friends after din.

“ M. Charles Rochat, minister of ner had read the Bible together." the Gospel, of the Canton de Vaud, “ But," adds Mr. Wilson, “ it is of a respectable family, and whose not merely in the Canton de Vaud

that these enormous instances of • Where is the reader who has not been injustice have occurred; at Neufdelighted with that description, by Gold- chatel, an act of arbitrary power has smith, of the Swiss peasant? “ Dear is that shed to which his soul con

just been committed, almost informs,

credible from its severity, An old And dear that hill which lifts him to the law, long obsolete, has been discostorms;

vered, which it seems was passed And as a child, whom scaring sounds molest,

two or three hundred years back. Clings close and closer to the mother's An agriculturer has been made the breast,

first victim of its revived powers. So the loud torrent, and the whirlwind's He received into his house M. Juvet, But bind him to his native mountains

one of the condemned ministers of more."

the Canton de Vaud, and allowed Be it known, however, that all this is him to administer the sacrament, true only of the inhabitants of the larger For this crime he was thrown into cantons: the apologists of the Lausanne decree cannot admit it to be the fact in prison for three months, and was smaller districts.

then brought up in chains, and with




rope drawn tight round his neck citoyen innocent est prise pour but d'un to receive sentence. Ten years of tirage de carabine, un magistrat est présent banishment was the punishment pro- que les acteurs en soient punis; c'est le

à cette plaisanterie de cannibales ; et, loin nounced; and if he shall attempt to citoyen insulté que l'on bannit de sa patrie. return before the expiration of this Est-ce la raison, est-ce la philosophie qui term, he is to be marked with a hot inspirent de semblables orgies? est-ce iron for the first offence, and for the raison qu'on les encourage par l'impunité,

aussi au nom de la philosophie et de la second to be hanged. No passport qu'on stimule les magistrats trop lents a was given him, so that he was left la poursuite, que l'on blâme, que l'on to be hunted about from place to destitue ceux qui se montrent équitables place like the most degraded crimi- ligieuses, pp, 12, 13.

et impartiaux?” Des Persécutions Renal. This worthy man, whose name is Maguin, has a wife and three These oppressive and inquisitorial children, for whom he has now no proceedings are the more remarkmeans of procuring support.” Wil- able, because, at Lausanne the son's Tour, 2d edit. vol. i. p. 325.

main doctrines of orthodoxy, as we Now, for the acts of atrocity so

have said, are strongly insisted on; unexampled in civilized and Protest- whereas at Geneva the church has ant states, there must be some manifestly apostatised from the motive: what reason then can be truth: yet in this latter case, nonassigned for these outrages? Some conforming ministers and meetingallowance is probably to be made houses are at least tolerated : and for the effect upon certain minds of M. Malan himself, obnoxious gross misrepresentations: and for the as he is to Professor Chenevière, imperturbable apathy of others; but and to many of the pastors, has a says the eloquent writer, of whom we chapel for public worship. Is

Arianism have already made so much use,

Socinianism more “ Mais après avoir fait ces deux excep

tolerant than Presbyterian orthotions légitimes, disons le hautement et doxy? “Perhaps one may say," says sans crainte, car la vérité l'exige de nous, Mr. D. Wilson,

" that indifference ce qui anime contre les séparatistes la majorité de ceux qui les attaquent, c'est naturally leads to toleration; and moins la désapprobation de certaines doc- proud nominal orthodoxy towards trines, peut-étre condamnables, que la persecution. Indifference inclines haine de tout sentiment de dévotion. Ce towards toleration, because it underqui importune dans les séparatistes, ce n'est pas l'exagération de tel ou tel dogme, values the importance of all religious c'est la piété évangéliqne elle-même; ce

sentiments; and because it is aware que l'on redoute, c'est qu'une morale plus it needs for itself the forbearance it pure et plus austère ne vienne demander claims for others. le sacrifice d'un plaisir grossier ou d'un when separated from the true spirit

But orthodoxy, sentiment égoïste. doute la vérité de cette assertion, que l'on of the Gospel, is often self-righteous, parcoure les portions du canton de Vand bigoted, proud-proud of talents, où les dissidens ont été le plus vivement proud of what it thinks the correct chefs et les promoteurs des émeutes. Que form of truth, proud of holding l'on observe les faits d'un wil impartial, others in subjection, proud of crushet que tout homme équitable prononce. ing opposition, proud of erecting itIci, un ministre de l'évangile est insulté self as a pope in its own circle: it par la populace, sa maison est attaquée, therefore leans towards persecution. ses vitres sont brisées ; là, ce sont des femmes que l'on maltraite et que l'on in- These incidental evils do not at all jurie; ailleurs, deux frères, dont le seul lessen the immense importance of erime était d'avoir chanté des psaumes truth: in fact, they are not evils bedans une réunion dissidente, sont pour longing to truth, but to the want of les renverse, on les traine par les cheveux, à practical, affectionate, humble on les abreuve d'outrages, des cris blas- apprehension of it, in all its exphématoires accompagnent cette scène tent.” Tour, vol. i. pp. 307, 308. scandaleuse, et un déni de justice est la seule réparation qu' obtiennent les vic

One great cause, however, of this times; dans un autre lieu, l'effigie d'un distinction in the two cases arises, CHRIST. OBSERV, No. 300.

5 D

we suspect, from the more states of their own country, whilst some man-like views of the Geneva coun- have found a home in the other parts cil of state. It is not clear to us, of Switzerland. British liberality has that M. Chenevière would be heart- contributed to their relief; and we broken, if he saw introduced into shall rejoice if British indignation his own city the proscriptions of can tend in any degree to call Lausanne: on the occasions on back to the principles of common which he mentions* the proceed. sense and common justice the men ings in that canton, we certainly who have so grievously oppressed have not observed any very decisive them. terms of disapproval or regret. He moralizes, we believe, no farther upon the subject, than to observe 1. Narrative of an Excursion to the that the future will shew, whether Mountains of Piemont. By the the government has adopted an Rev. W. S. GILLY, M. A. I vol. effective system.

We would not, 8vo. Third Edition. 12s. Lonhowever, judge of all the pastors at don. 1826. Geneva by this specimen; and we 2. Historical Defence of the Waltherefore hope, that, generally speak- denses or Vaudois. By J. R. ing, they are indisposed to imitate PeYRAN (or PEYRANI]. With the measures of the Pays de Vaud. Introduction and Appendices. We trust also, that even in that By the Rev. T. Sims. 1 vol. 8vo. canton a better spirit is gradually 15s. London. 1826. rising up: a remonstrance addressed 3 History and present Situation of to the “ grand Conseil du Canton," the Waldenses. By H. D. ACstrongly recommending the aban

LAND. London. 1825. donment of their harsh measures, 4. Brief Observations on the Waland signed by six and twenty mini- denses. By G. LOWTHER. Lon. sters, seems to justify the charitable

don. 1821. 2s. 6d. hope. The address is highly to their 5. Christian Sympathy: a Sermon honour, and it can scarcely be with- preached to the Congregation of out effect.

The latest accounts, the English Protestants, in the however, mention no relaxation of

City of Rome, on Occasion of a the law: on the contrary, the go-- Collection for the Vaudois. By vernment is still prosecuting its the Right Rev. J. H. HOBART, plans; and fresh persecutions have D. D. 1825. been commenced and are in pro- 6. History of the Crusades against gress; but we understand that pub- the Albigenses in the Thirteenth lic opinion is at length taking a right Century, from the French of Sis. direction. Of the exiles - and it appears that there are many – the sulted, attacked, and pursued by the polarger number are in different parts where he arrived quite exhausted and in mondi ; with an Introduction by rare occurrence. The stranger may pass the Editor. 1 vol. 8vo. London. through the country, by day or night, un1826.

pulace from town to town; and at L'Isle, of Francet, mostly near the frontier

a profuse perspiration, he was thrown into

a cold dungeon, with only a chair and • See pp. 33, 89, and 108.

some chopped straw, on which to pass + One of them is now in that place the night. His friends were not permitted where the wicked cease from troubling, to give him either food, fire, or clothing, and another seems to be rapidly advancing and in this state he was detained during to it. M. Juvet, who signed, with two fifteen hours." For two months he was other ministers, the letter to the “Coun- confined in the prison of Yverdun, under cil of State,” having been banished from circumstances of severe illness, and medihis own canton, sought an asylum in ano. cal attendance and treatment were denied ther canton: this was refused. He then him. After leaving the prison he was retired to Ferney-Voltaire, and pursued presently arrested and expelled the comhis labours. He was at that time weak mune. Under such accumulated sufferfrom a pulmonary consumption; but he ings, nature at length gave way: he slept ventured on an excursion to L'Isle of Man in the Lord, and among his last prayers trichen to visit those who were disposed were petitions for his persecutors, whether to hear the word of God. “ He was in- the magistrates or the mob.

molested; and to this day, -as above two 8s.

centuries ago, when De Vignaux wrote

his memoirs,'—the Vaudoises are preWe stated in our last volume, (p.781,) ferred to others as domestics, by Roman that we had delayed our notice of Mr. Catholics ;-an honourable, indeed, but a Gilly's very interesting excursion

dangerous preference! From other virtues

conspicuous amongst the Vaudois the folamong the Vaudois, and of the plans lowing may, in this rapid sketch, be more in progress for the benefit of that particularly specified; patient industry, interesting people, till we could humanity, and loyalty combine in our review two important treme. The hardships they endure in pro

“ Their poverty and privations are exworks which we understood were curing the necessary food for their families, upon the eve of publication ; the are such as we rarely witness. Compelone a "description of the Valleys led to raise walls even to prevent the and their inhabitants, by the Rev. scality portions of soil on the sides of the

mountains from being washed down by T. Sims;” and the other a post- heavy rains ; obliged to break up that soil humous work from the pen of the by manual labour, since no cattle can be late moderator of the Waldensian used to plough it; forced, (women as well church, J. R. Peyrani, which it was

as men,) on account of the steepness of

the ground, to carry hay, corn, &c. on stated would supply many new and their backs to a great distance, and thus interesting details respecting the undertake the drudgery assigned to cattle history of his venerable church and in England; and, after this excessive lacountrymen. This last work has bour, obtaining, in the generality of in

stances, only rye, coarse buck-wheat, just been published, and under cir- chesnuts, and potatoes for their subsistcumstances which claim for it an ence ;-it is obvious that their patient early and a favourable notice ; the industry is such as to be almost uneditor, Mr. Sims, having published it


*« The humanity they have displayed on at his own risk, and for the sole be- several occasions' is also well worthy of nefit of the family of M. Peyran the remark. So circumstanced as to be al“patriarch of the Valleys.” Reserv- ways in need of the sympathy of others, ing therefore a fuller notice of the they have learnt that beneficial lesson works before us to some future affliction,-compassion for others when

which is usually acquired in the school of Number in our next volume, we in misery. If any one is ill, the neighshall for the present detach, with bours cheerfully and gratuitously sit up at little or no comment of our own, two night in the sick-chamber, and there is or three copious extracts, which will and the greatest attentions. In case of an

even a competition who shall pay the first put our readers in possesssion of accident that a poor person has met with, some interesting details connected a sermon is sometimes preached, and a with the present condition of the collection made. But this kindness is by

no means confined to their own friends. Vaudois, and more especially make Whilst the Roman Catholics around them acquainted with the late mo- usually relieve the necessitous of their derator, M. Peyran, of whom Mr. own church, the Vaudois give what they Gilly in particular has given a very

can spare to the destitute of either com

munion. There is one illustrious in. affecting account.

stance, in particular, of their humanity, Mr. Sims, after describing those which should not pass unnoticed. When valleys of Piedmont in which the the Austrians and Russians, under marshal Waldenses dwell, namely Luzerna, Suwarrow.compelled the French army to Perosa, and San Martino, gives the soldiers received all the assistance, with following description of the modern respect to medicines, &c. that could be inhabitants.

given; and at the request of M. Rostaing

their minister, the inhabitants of Bobi “ The modern Waldenses,-lineal de- carried these poor men on their shoulders scendants of ancient worthies, and inherit- over the mountains to the French terriing both their names and possessious, tory ;-a most painful task, as those can compared with most other Christians well attest who have taken the tedious and must be considered a very exemplary race, difficult road of the mountains from Piedof men. Those crimes which require the mont to Dauphiné. Their conduct appunishment of the magistrate, are of very pears to have been a pure act of huma:

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