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they please, conforming to the laws. In worth ten times the above sum. And regard to employing the labouring people, suppose it were a fact, that few had this they shall be employed, on the payment amount of property, would it prove what of customary wages; and whoever com- it seems to have been brought forward to pels their labour without reward shall be prove? Would it not rather lead the inpunished. In regard to slavery, since all genuous mind to inquire after the cause of men, common people or chiefs, are by such a fact? And would not a sufficient nature equal, there shall be, under the cause be found in their want of education, English Government, no slaves.”

and of equal opportunities, with the Whites JAVA.

to accumulate property. They were turned The Dutch Government, hitherto so out into the world from their degraded jealous of its monopoly, has, with true slavery, without education—not one in a commercial wisdom, at length abolished hundred could read ; without propertythat on salt, and opened ports in all not one in a hundred had any thing but its Eastern possessions for the ships of his clothing ; without access to the reevery friendly nation.

spectable and profitable pursuits of liveliUNITED STATES.

hood—not one in a hundred knew any The forty-first convention of the Pro- mechanical trade, and, if they had, would testant Episcopal Church in this State not have found employment. At this time was held in Trinity Church in New York. they are not permitted to learn any trade It was attended by seventy-five clerical but the lowest-are not permitted to be members, and one hundred and one lay carmen, clerks, or merchants. Under delegates, representing fifty parishes: these circumstances, the ground of astototal number of members, 176. Twen. nishment is, that so many of them are so ty-two episcopal clergymen, not mem- respectable, so wealthy, so honest and bers of the convention, also attended its industrious, and not that so many are sitting. It was probably the largest Epis- poor, vagabonds, and criminals.” copal Convention ever held in the United At the last meeting of the American States; and its business was conduct- Convention for promoting the Abolition of ed with remarkable harmony and una. Slavery, it was stated, that there are now nimity. Twenty-six missionaries are em. twenty-eight Anti-Slavery Societes, in ployed within the diocese.

North Carolina, several in Virginia, five An American clergyman has sent the So- in Maryland, forty in Tennessee, and five ciety for promoting Temperance four dol- in Pennsylvania. A memorial to Conlars, being double the fee received by him gress, praying for the abolition of slavery for marrying a couple, knowing the man to in the district of Columbia, was adopted. be a drunkard. He thinks that he ought It was also recommended that exertions to have refused, as he might have done, to should be used to procure laws in the have united the parties, and thus have several States, for preventing the separation afforded a useful moral lesson to his coun- of the families of slaves by sales, and for trymen.

enforcing their marriage contracts, foraboThe number of degrees, taken in the lishing restrictions upon their education, colleges of the United States, is calculated and for establishing schools for their beat about 750. As the number of graduates nefit. is to the whole number of students as At a recent meeting of the Presbytery one to five nearly, the latter may be esti- of Orange and Stoney Creek, in North mated at not far from 3,750.

Carolina, a society was formed for the In reply to some disparaging remarks, suppression of intemperance within the respecting the Coloured population, a writer bounds of the Presbytery. An engagein a New-York journal gives the following ment to abstain entirely from the use of statements :-" The constitution of this ardent spirits, except when needed for State does not require simply 250 dollars health, is an indispensable condition of of property to qualify a Coloured man to membership. The committee estimate vote, but so much in real estate: and the number of lives annually destroyed this, let it be remembered, is required of by intemperance, in the United States, the Coloured man, not of the White ; he, at more than 10,000. The liquor required except he belong to the profession of di- to effect this melancholy result, it is calvinity, (in which profession he is wholly culated, costs annually more than forty disfranchised,) can vote without any pro- millions of dollars; and the pauperism, perty. There are in this city more than occasioned by its improper use, more than sixteen qualified to vote by the possession twelve millions. One of the Judges, in of real estate ; and more than sixteen his charge to a Grand Jury, declares that


not a single indictment has ever come The Governor of Vermont, says in his before him for manslaughter, and but few last Message, in allusion to lotteries : for murder, which were not occasioned “ For more than twenty years past, the by intemperance.

legislature of this State has uniformly The first duel that was ever fought in manifested its disapprobation of raising the United States was in New England. money by lotteries for any purpose whatIn 1621, a year after the first settlement Last session, large sums were ofof those States two servants chose this fered for the privilege of selling tickets, “ honourable way” of quenching their and drawing lotteries in this State ; but enmity. They met on the field-fought every proposition of the kind was rejected: -but both escaped unhurt. The Puritans and, it is believed, the great body of our of those days instantly seized them, and citizens are in sentiment opposed to raisfor such a “misleading and ungodly crime ing money that way: indeed, the princiagainst the good order of their society," ples of morality in Vermont must suffer a they condemned the transgressors to be sad decline, before this species of gambling tied hand and foot, and to abstain for the will be sanctioned by the government or space of twenty-four hours, from drink and approved by the people.” food. This salutary example withered in

NORTH POLE. the bud all sorts of duels in those colonies. It is calculated that Captain Parry may,

So rapid is the growth of American by next August, be standing on the earth's towns, that a place called Rochester, north pole, which, however, it will require which, in 1812, contained but two or three some consideration to find. When the ordinary houses, in 1825 contained 5,273. pole is attained to, south will lie in every There is now established in it a daily direction. No stars will be seen, and the newspaper.— The first brick house in full moon will appear but faintly, on acCincinnati was built in 1799. The city count of constant sunshine in meridian now contains ten places for public worship, splendour. The meridian of London forty schools, a college, a medical college, will be ascertained by the chronometers, and a hospital.


the London-hour of the day.




of the Mediatorial Dispensation estaAccount of the Zoharite Jews. By M. blished through Christ. By the Rev. D. J. Mayers.

Russell. 5s. 6d. Thé Pastor's Sketch-book, or Authen- TheGood Samaritan; a Sermon preached tic Narratives of Real Characters. Edited before the British and Foreign Seamen's by G. Redford. 5s.

Friend Society. By the Rev. T. Webster. Preparation for the Lord's Supper, with A Review of the Congregational System. Companion to the Altar. By Mrs. Corn- By the Rev. I. H. Hinton. ls. wallis.

A Compendious Introduction to the The Scheme of Prophetic Arrangement Study of the Bible. By Thomas Hartof Mr. Irving and Mr. Frere critically well Horne, M. A. for the use of General examined ; with some. Remarks on the Readers, illustrated with Maps and other present Aspect of Affairs, in reference to Engravings. 12mo. the Fulfilment of Prophecy. By W. Cuninghame.

Cradock's Literary and Miscellaneous Sermons on the Thirty-nine Articles. Memoirs. Vol. II. 1Os. 6d. By the Rev. T. Waite, Þ. C. L.

Ackerman's Forget-me-Not, for 1827; Critical Essays on Genesis, Chap. xx. containing thirteen Engravings. 12s. and St. Matthew, Chap. ii. 17, 18. By The Amulet; or Christian and Literary the Rev.C. Forster, Chancellor of Ardfert. Remembrancer, for 1927 ; with twelve

On the General Structure of the Apo- Engravings. 128. calypse; being an Introduction to its The Literary Souvenir, for 1827; with minute Interpretation. By J. H. Frere. twelve Engravings. 12s.

The Pilgrim's Progress, with Notes. By Friendship's Offering, for 1827; with J. Gawthorn, 28. 6d.

twelve Engravings. 12s. Sacred Specimens, from the early En- The Campaigns of the British Army at glish Poets, with Preparatory Verses. By Washington and New Orleans, in the the Rev. J. Mitford. Ss. 6d.

years 1814 and 1815. 8vo. 12s. Poetical Illustrations of Passages of A Treatise on Desk Diseases, attendScripture. By Emily Taylor, 2s.6d. ant upon Persons engaged in Studious

A Survey of the Old and New Cove- or Sedentary Employments. By W. M. nants. By the Rev. D. Russell. 5s. 6d. Wallace, M. R. C. S. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

A Compendious View of the Original Sketches from Life, in Verse. Dispensation established with Adam, and Rev. J. C. Boone, B. A. 12mo. 6s.

By the The Poetical Works, the Correspon- Observations on the Causes, Evils, and dence, and other Prose Pieces of Anna Unlawfulness of War. Part II. by the Letitia Barbauld; with a Memoir. By Lucie Aiken. 2 vols. Svo. 24s.

The Policy of the Roman-Catholie A Letter on the Unlawfulness of War. Question discussed; by G. Millar, D. D. By T. Thrush, late Captain R. N.



PROGRESS OF CHRISTIANITY IN have lately finished printing the Books of

THE SOUTH-SEA ISLANDS. Daniel, Ruth, and Esther.” The following interesting intelligence Haavi, a native teacher in the Harvey has been received respecting one of the Islands, writes to a missionary:~" Peace South-Sea Islands, Rarotonga, in which be to you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Christianity has been recently introduced The people of Mautii have received the by means of missionaries, themselves na- word of God, and several have offered tives of the neighbouring islands. Raro- themselves as candidates for baptism. tonga is one of the Harvey Islands, a group My heart rejoices in God, because the situated between 19 deg. and 22 deg. south devils have become subject to the name latitude, and 160 deg. west longitude, and of Jesus. I have sent you some of the between 500 and 600 miles south-west by gods of Mautii; one has been burnt. We west of Tahiti.

are erecting a place of worship: it is “At Rarotonga, the idols have been de- finished plastering; also the seats are stroyed and cast away, and part of them completed : our own dwelling-house is have been forwarded to England. A place also finished, and sofa, table, and bedof worship has been erected, 600 feet stead; and all the evil and bad talk which long, and sixty feet wide; which will hold I informed you of formerly has entirely 4500 persons. Captain Dacre says, that vanished by the power of God. The the aisles were so crowded that he could people troubled me very much formerly; not walk down them, and yet many were I could not sleep in the night for them; outside anxious to hear the word of God. but I recollected the word that God had They are all learning to read; they pay spoken, namely,– From the rising of the the greatest respect to their teachers; and sun, even to the going down of the same, the island begins to assume altogether a my name shall be great among the heathen, different appearance.

All the heathen saith the Lord of hosts. This passage of games and dances are abolished, and this Scripture was the subject of my thoughts hitherto solitary and spiritually desolate night and day in that season of trial and island, is beginning to blossom as the rose. persecution : and now He has caused it What will the wisdom of the world say all to fall to the ground, and He has given to this? A few unlettered South-Sea

us our hearts' desire; for behold the peopleof Islanders, who have but just learned to Mautii are offering themselves as servants read themselves, going to their fellow- of Jesus Christ, and the great end for which Gentiles with only a part of the word of

we came here has been accomplished." God in their hands, sitting down among From the Sandwich Islands, a missionthem, and in an artless and unadorned

ary writes : “ Our work never has apmanner, telling them of the love of Christ peared to be so prosperous as since the to a fallen world, what God has wrouglit commencement of the current year. Many in their own islands, and what the power of. have been induced seriously to inquire what his word is able to do, andwill perform even they should do to be saved. Of such, to the ends of the earth. The listening more than one hundred names have been crowds attend: they assent to the truth put down with a view to their particular of what is advanced; destroy the fabric of instruction. Twelve persons now stand idolatry which the labour of ages has as candidates for admission to the church. erected; forsake the worship of their fore- Probably as many more will soon be exfathers; erect temples for the worship of amined and placed in the same class." the only living and true God; offer themselves as candidates for the ordinance of PITCAIRN'S ISLAND. baptism, and enrol their names among the John Adams, who has for many years disciples of Jesus Christ. The missionaries lived as the patriarch of his little commu

nity in Pitcairn's Island, has been very de- gave the following statement respecting sirous that a person of suitable character the want of Bibles in South America shall be sent out to him from England and Mexico. for the instruction of his people after his “ The revolution in Spanish America is decease. He engaged to employ his ut- not only calculated to interest the polimost influence with his people to induce tician and the merchant; it is interesting, them to concur in the plans that such an deeply interesting, to the benevolent man, individual might propose for their religious to the Christian. The veil which has for and social improvement. No suitable centuries concealed the religious abuses, person having hitherto applied for the the bigotry and the corruption of those office, Adams has directed the following countries, has been rent asunder, and their application on the subject to be made to true condition exposed to our view. one of the missionaries in the Sandwich “ And what do we behold ? We behold islands :

fifteen millions of human beings, beings, “ Reverend sir, by the desire of John too, professedly Christian, believing in Adams, and the other inhabitants of this Revelation, baptized in the name of the place, I write these few lines to inform you Trinity, and yet almost entirely without of our great need of a minister of the Go- the Bible. By the efforts of this society spel; and should esteem it as a great kind- and that of England, they have, it is true, ness, if you would endeavour to help us within a few years, received seven or eight with one as soon as possible, as we are thousand copies of this holy book. But now here as sheep without a shepherd. what are these among so great a multi

“ The inhabitants of this place are fast tude ? scarcely a single copy to two thouincreasing, being at present fifty-nine. We sand souls. use our poor and imperfect endeavours to “ Throughout the long road from Buenos worship our Maker ; but still we are in Ayres to Chili, excepting a very few in great want of an ordained minister to ad- Mendoza, not a solitary book of God was minister the holy ordinance of baptism found; and I more than once presented and the Lord's Supper, and other services, copies to aged priests tottering over the and to instruct us in the performance of grave, who told me they had never before our duty.

seen it in their native tongue North of “I stopped at this island by desire of this road, in the great towns of Cordova, the inhabitants, to assist in instructing Tucuman, Salta, Potosi, La Paz, Santa them to read and write. I thank the Cruz, Charcas, Cuzco, Arequipa, and Lord, that since my arrival at this place, I many others, I learned that scarcely a have been convinced of the errors of my single Bible in their own tongue had yet past life; and my chief desire is to increase found its way. And coming down the in the knowledge and love of God, and coast of Chili, Peru, Colombia, and Mexipromote the good of others also.

co, a few copies were met with in the large “ When Captain Henderson arrived towns on the Pacific, and were useful; but here in the ship Hercules, of Calcutta, and the great mass even there are yet destitute, brought a supply of books and other ar- and, generally, in the interior, they never ticles, he brought a letter to say that a saw, and in some instances told me they minister was shortly coming. It is now never before knew, that the Scriptures between five and six years since, and we existed in their own language. Even in hear of no one being sent; so if you would the capital of Mexico, a city more popuendeavour to send us one, you would lous, and, in some respects, more magnifi. greatly oblige us all. And I think, by the cent than this great metropolis, I have help of God, it will be the means of saving reason to believe there is not one Bible to many souls, and a blessing to the people. two hundred families, and that the other If we should have the happiness to see great cities of that republic, cities containone arrive, we will, to the best of our ing from thirty to eighty thousand inhabiabilities, make his residence as comfort- tants, are still more desitute. able as is in our power.

“But what gives such a peculiar inte" JOHN ADAMS. rest to this subject is, that now, under

their new liberal systems, the way is open

to supply this lamentable deficiency of the WANT OF BIBLES IN SOUTH word of life. The Bible is there no longer AMERICA.

exeluded by royal mandates and papal bulls: At the last anniversary of the American the houses of inquisition have lost their Bible Society, the Rev. Mr. Brigham terrors; for they are converted into the Cunist. OBSERV. No. 300.

5 F


peaceful halls of legislation, and into passions, was not a faith of divine orischool-houses, where the Bible itself may gin.' They believed the soul's ablution be daily read. These new governments could not be performed by the prayer of are not only willing, but in some cases the lips, but by the improvement of the anxious that the Scriptures should have a heart, and an honest and meek conduct general circulation. Statesmen and in- through life. They had no belief in the tluential clergy are ready to lend their per- efficacy of • faith without works.' They sonal aid towards so desirable an object. conceived such a system a fit covering for

“ To all appearance the way is now open a hypocrite, not an incentive to active not only to distribute the Scriptures, but virtue. to organize and build up Bible Societies ; “ The alterations we propose are not and, considering the present rapid march in the substance of the faith ; not in the of that people in every thing that is praise- moral doctrine ; not in the divine word. worthy, we may hope, with proper efforts, But to make human folly give way to rathat before many more anniversaries, we tional piety, and to accompany the decent shall see these blessed institutions esta- forms with the real spirit of religion. blished in all the great towns, from our Where shall this spirit be found, if not in own borders to the lands of Patagonia the heart of man, where God has written and the Araucanians."

his commands—where shall it be found,

if not in the understanding of man, which RFFORMED JEWS IN AMERICA.. God has enlightened with his revelation ?

We noticed in our last Number, the The temple is in ruins—but the word of formation of a society at Charleston, South the Lord has gone abroad: the altar is Carolina, calling themselves Reformed cold, but we can offer the sacrifice of a Israelites. In reply to the objections pure heart: the priest is slain, but we can urged by their brethren against their pro- each one interpret and understand ; 'he ceedings, one of their members has pub- that runs may read.' Let us then, by lished the following singular vindication. unaffected piety and moral life, deserve The philosophy of the Mendelsohn school, well of that unsearchable Being who has verging in fact to mere Deism, is stated made the Jewish nation a standing mira. to be making rapid progress among the cle, according to his word. What we are educated Jews in the new as well as the old now about to accomplish, through the aid world.

of a liberal community, is no new thing. “ The gentleman composing the re- Hypocrisy and false religion, and the easy formed Society of Israelites' found that substitution of ceremonies for piety, are in the religion to which they were born the old practices of the vain pretender and to which they cling, forms had in a and self-satisfied bigot. Twenty centugreat measure usurped the place of prin- ries ago, the inspired prophet had exposed eiple; that the degradation which had them, and pointed out to them the real fallen on the European Jew was as much duties of a religious life. the consequence of ignorance as of poli- “« When ye come to appear before me, tical oppression. They desired no such (says the rapt Isaiah, speaking in the degradation, no such want of moral light person of the Deity,) who hath required in this their country. They ardently de- this at your hands, to tread my courts? sired that their children should not sit nor Bring no more vain oblations; incense is play in a place of worship, in which no an abomination unto me; the new moons appeals to the Deity were understood, no and sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I lessons of practical morality inculcated, cannot away with ; it is iniquity, even the no respect paid to the officiating minister. solemn meeting. Your new moons and They thought, as every enlightened man, your appointed feasts my soul bateth; whether Jew or Christian, must think they are a trouble unto me; I am weary that he who could be content with unin- to hear them. And when ye spread telligible prayers, and ceremonies whose forth your hands I will hide mine eyes occasion had passed away—and abstaining from you: yea, when ye make many from certain food, and wearing certain prayers, I will not hear. Your hands are charms, &c. &c. as the sum total of his full of blood. Wash you, make you clean, religious duty, was but in a pitiable situa- put away the evil of your doings from tion as a rational and responsible being. before mine eyes. Cease to do evil; They believed that a faith which taught learn to do well; seek judgment; relieve that fasting from food could atone for sin, the oppressed; judge the fatherless ; plead instead of fasting from vain desires and for the widow.'" pleasures, and covetousness and angry

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