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amined, exhibited good proficiency Mohammedan infidelity; others from in Christian knowledge, in translating the apathy and ignorance of a nothe history of England into Hindoo- minal profession, worse than heastanee, and in English grammar. thenism; all, I have much reason The Europeans are becoming in- to hope, seriously in earnest to give terested in the proceedings of the themselves to God. Our dear and society at Benares; and the city respected Bishop has left an impresschool is often visited by some of the sion behind him which, I think, will residents. Mr. Bowley continues not soon or easily pass away. Proofs the services in Hindoostanee at indeed are continually before me, Chunar. Of the Bishop's visit to that the savour of his truly Apostolic this station, the Archdeacon gives visit dwells generally in affectionate the following account:—"At Chunar, remembrance. He interested himwe beheld more than had been told self about every minute circum

On Saturday morning, fifty- stance, accompanied me to my seven of Mr. Bowley's congregation native congregation, visited my were admitted to confirmation, to- native school, and saw and conversed gether with nearly the same number with many of the Christians who of Europeans. Next day, a still were introduced to him, with the greater number of native Christians affability and kindness which we had communicated, together with a large been prepared to expect. We all number of Europeans. The whole cherish the hope that the blessing had the appearance of a jubilee; of God Almighty was abundantly and the fine church, which the with him, and that the peace of God, Bishop calls handsome and appro- which he bequeathed us through priate, was entirely filled. The Jesus Christ, remains upon our Bishop preached, in English, on the souls.” At Delhi, Anund Messeeh parable of the Good Samaritan; and speaks of many as favourably dishere, as at Secrole, ministered to the posed towards the Gospel. The native Christians in Hindoostanee." Bishop visited Agra, and his inspecThe church at this station was tion of the native church and school erected in 1819 by the Church Mis- was as satisfactory to his mind as sionary Society, aided by a donation the other visits that have been refrom the Marquess of Hastings and corded. He was particularly pleased the contributions of benevolent in with the society's faithful missiondividuals. The Rev. Henry Fisher ary, Abdoul Messeeh, who is reportgives the following interesting ac- ed to be proceeding with Christian count of the Bishop's visit to Meerut : simplicity; and the blessing of God “ When the lord Bishop held his appears to have attended his labours. confirmation, the whole of the na- Turning to the Madras and Southtive Christians, whether resident in India Mission, the committee lament Meerut or within convenient reach the final return from India of the Rev. of us, came forward with peculiar Marmaduke Thompson. At Madras meekness and simplicity of deport- Mr. Ridsdale's English congregation ment, and (as I venture to believe had so much increased, that the too) with consistent warmth of feel- church became insufficient for its ing, and a just understanding of the accommodation; and it was in connature and benefit of this ancient templation to enlarge it. At the and holy rite, and received the im- seminary, under Mr. Sawyer's care, position of hands. Two hundred the difficulties which had been ex. and fifty-five Christians (European perienced, with reference to caste, and native Christians included) were have been overcome, and the stupublicly confirmed in the church, a dents are going on well. Some have considerable portion of whom were died, exhibiting evidences of piety, converts to the faith as it is in Jesus; which have favourably impressed many from Hindoo idolatries and the minds of the surviving students. Female schools have also been esta. him to commence printing. There blished, which contain about 200 appears to be but little improvement scholars, and are likely to be sup- among the Syrian clergy. ported by subscriptions on the spot. From Bombay and the Western At Tranquebar, the schools shew

the India Mission, it is reported, that following classes of scholars :-Pro- there are many openings for mistestant Christians, 118; Brahmins, sionary exertions on the Western 61; Soodras, 1388; Mohammedans, coast of India, of which the com51; Pariahs, 5: total, 1623. At Tin- mittee would gladly avail themselves, nevelly there is evidently an increas- if they had the means. The three ing desire after Divine truth. Large schools under Mr. Kenney's care congregations, composed not only consist of 113 scholars. No female of the inhabitants of Palamcottah, schools have yet been established in but of persons from the neighbouring Bombay. The translation of the villages, usually assemble. The Liturgy into the Mahratta language Missionaries report_The schools is now completed : and when the continue to give us satisfaction and Bishop of Calcutta visited Bombay, encouragement. In the seminary he proposed that it should be printed there are thirty-four students ; and at the press of Bishop's College. An the Divine blessing appears to be Auxiliary Church Missionary Society continued to the institution. During has been formed for this presidency. the year, five of the students have The missionaries at Ceylon have been appointed teachers in the new had the benefit of their diocesan's congregations.". The seminarists presence; of whose paternal interest, were employed during the beginning in all their concerns, they speak in of the year in making excursions the highest terms of affection. The among their countrymen, for the missionaries assembled, and attendpurpose of reading and distributing ed the Bishop's visitation. The tracts. In the female seminary, Bishop's visit to Ceylon afforded there are thirty-two girls. The the missionaries an opportunity of Epistles to the Colossians and to the obtaining his lordship's counsel on Romans, in Tamul, have issued from several points connected with their the press. Between nine and ten work. At Cotta there are eight thousand tracts have been distribut- schools under Mr. Lambrick's care. ed. At Travancore, in the college Mr. Lambrick reports favourably of at Cotym, under Mr. Fenn's super- the three youths maintained by the intendence, there are forty-two stu- society. The buildings designed dents, of whose general conduct and for the Christian Institution had not proficiency he speaks in favourable been commenced. There have been terms. In the grammar-school, issued 500 copies of a Singhalese under the superintendence of Mr. tract; 100 copies of the Gospel of Fenn and Mr. Ridsdale, there are St. Matthew ; and 250 copies of the forty-two boys. All the boys daily first part of a Singhalese grammar. attend family worship in Malaya- At Kandy, a school-house has been lim, with the teachers and servants lately erected, and will soon be ready of the institution. Mr. Baker has for use. At Baddagame, the service the charge of the parochial schools. on Sunday morning is attended by The children attending them are the boys and girls, generally amountnearly all Syrians. The Roman ing to upwards of 100; and by a Catbolics, Mohammedans, and Hea- number of adults, the average numthens still keep at a distance. Mr. ber of whom may be about sixty or Bailey, who conducts the press, has seventy. In this service, our Liturgy been much occupied, during the last is used in the native tongue. In the year, in the preparation of the Ma- evening, prayers are read in Eng. layalim types : and he has now a lish ; and are followed by an exposufficient number ready to enable position, which is interpreted into Singhalese. The missionaries ex- twenty or thirty natives usually atpress their sense of the necessity of tend the chapel. The schools have strict caution in the admission of suffered much from continual wars, adult natives to baptism. The total which greatly unsettle both adults number of youths and children and children. The missionaries maintained and educated by the complain, that the great cry of the society, in the hope of their becom- natives is, “Who will supply us with ing teachers of their countrymen, muskets, lead, and gunpowder ?" is fourteen. Last year, Nellore ex. But notwithstanding the numerous perienced a visitation of the cholera difficulties which they have to enmorbus; by which the schools were, counter, they express confidence as as on former occasions, much di- to the ultimate success of the misminished. One new school had sion. Shunghee and his party being been opened, which makes the total engaged in preparing for a war exnumber eight; in which there were pedition, the missionaries held a conabout 280 boys, and twenty-five or ference with the chiefs, for the purthirty girls. In the family school pose of dissuading them from the there were eighteen boys. Fifteen war. Shunghee said that he must hundred copies of a tract on idola- go to revenge the death of his son ; try were struck off and distributed but the conference has had conat the annual festival at the great siderable effect, and comparatively heathen temple near Nellore. few had attended him. The mis

AUSTRALASIA MISSION. sionaries write—“There is great An Auxiliary Church Missionary encouragement from the rising geSociety was formed in New South neration : those who live with us Wales, in the beginning of last manifest a great desire to read and year; the governor, Sir T. Brisbane, write; and many of those about us having accepted the office of patron. have, during the last twelve months, Sir T. Brisbane has granted 10,000 made considerable progress. Our acres of land to the Auxiliary So- visits among the natives on the ciety, for establishing a mission Sunday are also encouraging : by among the aborigines.

going out among them, we have a The buildings for the seminary greater opportunity of extending for New Zealand youths are nearly our usefulness. The chiefs manicompleted. There were with Mr. fest a pleasure and delight in seeing Marsden five New Zealand youths us, and generally are very attentive who had made considerable im- to what we say: they often ask provement. There were twelve questions about our religion. We New Zealanders in the colony ; see a much greater spirit of in. with some natives of Otaheite, the quiry among them.”-From Pyhea Friendly Islands, and other parts. Mr. H. Williams writes ;—“ It is

In New Zealand, to the three with gratitude to God that I now stations mentioned in the last year's prepare these documents for EngReport, a fourth has been added, land. You, no doubt, will have felt called Kauakaua, from Kiddeekid- distress of mind at the appearance dee about thirty miles. Mr. King of affairs here, at the close of our visits the natives at Rangheehoo last communications.

All is now and other places. He states, that quietness around. We are treated the children had been irregular in with as much attention and respect their attendance at school; some as we could possibly wish; and the having gone on a war expedition, people receive us with kindness, while others were employed in as- wherever we go. Their behaviour sisting their parents. Mr. Hall has been universally respectful for writes,—" The natives at Ranghee- several months past. They are now hoo are certainly much civilized; urgent for our visits on the Sabbath, and, in general, are well disposed and professedly abstain from work toward us." At Kiddeekiddee on that day."

WEST-INDIES MISSION. school, at my own house, in the The visit of the Bishop of Bar- evening. I have two weekly lecbadoes to this country affording the tures; one on Tuesday evening, at committee an opportunity of com- Image Plain, about ten miles from municating with him on the subject' my residence; and the other on of their proceedings in the West Wednesday evening at the upper Indies, his lordship, the Report church.” The new church has been states, in several interviews which completed, and opened. the senior secretary had with him, Mr. Jones gives a favourable acmanifested a friendly disposition to- count of the readiness of parents to ward the society; and assured him send their children to the schools, of his readiness to receive its schools and of the disposition which the under his protection, on the same children manifest for instruction. footing as those which have been Many Indian boys, sons of chiefs, established by the incorporated So- have been received into the school. eiety for the Conversion and religious Mr. Jones mentions several circumInstruction of the Negro Slaves." stances, to shew the improving spirit The committee, having been invited of industry among the people. by a friend to assist in the instruc- In concluding their Report, the tion of Negroes on his estates in committee desire to impress on the Jamaica, sent out two schoolmasters. mind of every member of the soOne of them, Mr. Jones, had com- ciety, that, amidst the various wants menced the instruction of the adults which it experiences, the most uron Sunday mornings and Thursday gent is that of faithful and zealous evenings; and between thirty and missionaries. The committee trust, forty attend every evening forinstruc- that the statement of this fact will tion. Mr. Taylor, not having had a have its influence on the friends of school-room appropriated, had not the missionary cause; “ that they commenced a regular system with will become more adequately imthe children, but had assembled the pressed with the greatness of the adults for instruction on the Sunday. harvest, and the fewness of the la. The returns from the schools con- bourers; and will, with uplifted nected with the Society on the hands and hearts, in secret and social island of Antigua, give a total of prayer, commend this subject to the Coloured men 15, women 8, boys Great Head of the church.” 88, girls 77; Black men 96, women To the Report is prefixed a highly 65, boys 621, girls 712. At the interesting sermon, preached before school on Byam's estate, the ladies the society, by the Rev. E. Cooper, of the family attend daily, to teach from that most appropriate of misand catechize the children. At sionary texts, Mark xvi. 15. The Barbadoes the Bishop has taken the preacher directs his chief attention colonial charity school under his to shewing that this country is, at own charge: it contained 114 boys the present time, peculiarly selected and 44 girls, making a total of 158 to the high office of diffusing the scholars; of whom 81 were slaves, treasure of the Gospel among hea. and 77 free.

then nations in all the world. He NORTH-WEST AMERICA MISSION. argues this, Ist, from the large por

With reference to this mission, tion of this treasure which England Mr. Jones writes—“ The Lord is herself possesses; 2d, from the disdaily adding new encouragements tinct and impressive manner in which to the friends of religion in this the state of the heathen world, and country: every thing in and out its need of the Gospel, are not of the colony wears a very highly placed in this country before the interesting and promising aspect. I public view ; 3d, from the peculiar preach at both churches every Sun- facilities which England now providay, and, if I have no calls to visit dentially possesses for fulfilling the the sick, &c., catechize the Indian commission in the text.


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AMONGST THE JEWS. The committee, in laying before becoming a Christian, he has fortheir subscribers a report of their feited a situation which yielded him proceedings during the past year, a comfortable support. Mr. Alexstate their satisfaction that they are andler has since removed to Dublin, enabled to repeat their conviction, where he is endeavouring to obtain that the interest felt by British Chris- a maintenance by giving instruction tians in the spiritual welfare of the in the Hebrew language. Jewish nation is progressively in- The committee also mention the creasing. This fact has been con- baptism of two other Jews; one at firmed by the united testimony of Exeter, and the other at Bristol. In those clergymen who have, during both cases, due caution is stated to the past year, visited the Society's have been used in admitting the canauxiliaries. The committee acknow- didates to the holy ordinance. ledge the important aid derived from Of the schools of the society, the the contributions of their female committee present a satisfactory refriends to the resources of the past port. Nine boys and eleven girls year. The sale of work, during four have been admitted during the past years, has added nearly 10001. to year. Seven boys have been put the funds of the society. The friends out as apprentices, and ten girls have of the cause of Israel in Ireland have been placed as servants in Christian remitted to the parent society the families. sum of 10501. The whole income of The number of publications issued the society has amounted to 13,1931. by the committee has not been so

In the last three Reports, the com- large as in some former years. Of mittee have expressed their convic- the holy Scriptures entire, a little tion, not only that a diminished more than two thousand copies have hostility has been evinced by the been sent out; and of tracts conJews of England towards the labours taining distinct books of the Bible, of the society, but that a degree either together or separate, about of attention towards Christianity four thousand. Of English tracts, itself has been awakened amongst about 131,000 have been circulated; them. This conviction has been and of Hebrew and German-Hebrew, strengthened and confirmed by the about 19,000. In addition to these, events of the last year. A disposi- about 15,000 have been printed in tion, on the part of some of their Holland and Germany at the exrabbies, to discuss the points at issue pense of the Society, and circulated between Christians and Jews con- there. A new edition of the whole tinues to be manifested. There is Scriptures of the Old and New Tesalso an attendance of some Jews and tament in Hebrew is in progress. Jewesses at the monthly typical lec- The committee with deep regret tures, at the Episcopal Jews' Chapel. report, that there has been no inAt the meeting of the Liverpool crease in the number of missionary Society, a considerable number of students in the seminary during the Jews were present; and about fifty past year. There are at present only attended a sermon afterwards, ad- five students in the seminary of the dressed to them from the pulpit. society. The committee call, with

Soon after the last anniversary renewed earnestness, upon the friends meeting, Mr. Alexander, the officiat- of Israel to be fervent in their suping reader of the Jewish synagogue plications to the Lord of the harvest, at Plymouth, made a public profes- to raise up and send forth an insion of his faith in the Saviour, be- creasing number of faithful, patient, fore a large congregation in the and devoted labourers into this part parish church of St. Andrew. In of his harvest. CHRIST. OBSERV. APP.

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