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standing the impediments naturally churches and school-houses are conarising from the scattered state of tinually springing up, and there apthe population, and the difficulties pears to be little difficulty in prevail. of communication in a country so ing upon the people, by the offer of intersected by numerous creeks and some pecuniary assistance from the bays. The Report of the society society, to contribute all that is neexhibits a list of twenty-three school- cessary on their part for the erection masters in their connexion : the of such buildings, whenever they support which these persons derive are called upon to do so. The from the society, in the united cha- three out-harbours in the neighbourracter of schoolmaster and reader hood of St. John's, which have now (in no case exceeding a salary of for some time enjoyed the advantage 201.), forms but a small part of their of the frequent visits of a clergymaintenance, the far larger propor- man, are by this time, each of them, tion arising from the payments being provided with a place of worshipmade by the parents. Archdeacon The daily schools attached to the Coster reports, that the mission of Bo- Established Church, and in part navista has, during the past year, pros- supported by the society, it is statpered under his care. His church, ed, have not hitherto attained, gewhich contains not much less than nerally speaking, a very prosperous 500 persons, is filled in the afternoon, state; though it is added, that there is and attended by greater numbers now a prospect of an improvement in than formerly in the morning. The this respect. After this admission, is it behaviour of the people during Divine not more strange than candid that service has been gradually improving there should be any jealousy on the He had commenced catechising a part of any member of the society as portion of the children of the Sunday respects the efforts of those who school every Sunday, and continued would supply their lack of service; this practice till he left Bonavista as if some exclusive right were into visit other parts of the island. vaded by hostile interlopers upon The Report states, that had the the society's domains, instead of so mission been established at a period much being added to the common a little earlier, the Protestant popu. fund of Christian benevolence and lation might have been all of one utility ? For ourselves we enter not mind in religious matters. Even into this party rivalry, and therefore, now the effect of its establishment, while we rejoice at what the Society on its present respectable footing, for the Propagation of the Gospel has bas been the banishment of a de- done, we gladly hail the efforts of the plorable contention and strife of Newfoundland Education Society to parties, which lately prevailed perform what of necessity it has among them.

been obliged to leave undoneDuring the summer, Mr. Coster Mr. Coster has lately made an apvisited three out of the five missions pointment of lay readers and catewhich, exclusive of his own, are all chists, which, it is trusted, will prove that have been as yet permanently a very beneficial measure. established by the society in this

Nova Scotia. island; and he affirms that he found The Rev. Robert Willis, archthe several missionaries, entrusted deacon of the province, and miswith the care of them, all doing their sionary at Halifax, reports the duty. In the long established completion of the ecclesiastical ar. mission of St. John's, he found the rangements for that part of Brichurch well attended, and every tish North-America, and the arrithing conducted in a regular and val of the Bishop of Nova Scotiaorderly manner. In the extensive The society's missionary at Chester districts of Conception Bay, Trinity has opened the new church of Bay, and Bonavista Bay, new Sherbrooke, and delivered a discourse to a congregation of one rican line, and containing 10,992 hundred and fifty persons. The inhabitants, exclusive of 100 men place where the church is now estab, in the woods, there are only two lished, was, but nine years since, resident clergymen, one of whom is a dreary wilderness, the resort only aged and infirm, and another atof the wild beasts of the forest or tached to the college at Fredericof the wandering savage. The mis- ton; and only four churches, two of sionary at Digby reports, that his which are in an unfinished state. In parishioners have just entered upon the parishes of the county Sunbury, repairing their church and the fence also on the river St. John, there are of the church-yard. The missionary 3227 inhabitants, having amongst at Dartmouth reports, that a very them but two churches and one resensible progress had been made in sident clergyman. In the county the decent observance of the Lord's of St. John, containing a population day as well among the old as the of 12,907, there are only two resiyoung. The children are attentive dent clergymen, and three churches. and becoming perfect in the cate- Upon a general review, it appears chism. The Sunday school increases. that for the spiritual comfort and Two gentlemen have separately un- instruction of this province, condertaken to open new Sundayschools. taining 79,176 souls, in the prinOne master has had upwards of ciples of the Church of England, eighty children, mostly Blacks, with there are at present but sixteen resome grown persons. The mis- sident clergymen, scattered over sionaries itinerate the country when a space of country of upwards of favourable opportunities occur of so 27,000 square miles; and twenty-six doing. One of them states, that, in churches, some of which are in an one of these journeys, he was grati- unfinished condition. It is stated, that fied by a very large and increased the people of this country, who gain attendance at Lunenburg church. a livelihood by their manual labour Sometimes the congregation amount- for of the lower order there are none ed to seven hundred persons; though are, in intellect and sagacity, far but eighteen were found at the Lord's superior to those of the same stamp table. He preached again in the in the mother country: they are for morning, in a barn fifteen miles from the most part shrewd and intelliWindsor, and in the afternoon at a gent, and, generally speaking, well. school-house five miles nearer, and versed in the Scriptures, however on both occasions had good congre- faulty and deficient they may be gations. At Yarmouth, the Madras found in the practice of the duties school is conducted with great dili. they enjoin. These statements shew gence.

the extent of the vineyard, for laNew Brunswick.

bourers in which the demand is The Rev. George Best, arch- already very urgent; many districts deacon of the province, and mis- are actually in distress for want of sionary at Fredericton, reports the their assistance, and, wherever they progress of three churches in that are able, would gladly comply with neighbourhood. Should the society the society's usual requisitions. be disposed to grant any assistance The Rev. F. Coster, reports, that towards these buildings, it would be a school has lately been established, most thankfully accepted. The do- under peculiar circumstances, in a cuments received in the course of settlement recently effected in the the preceding year exhibit the la- parish of Portland, in the neighbourmentable deficiency of the province hood of Black River. The persons in the means of religious and moral of whom this settlement is coinposed improvement. In several parishes, are those Negroes who, at the close situated on the river St. John, above of the American war, were rescued Fredericton, extending to the Ame- from a state of slavery in the United States. Several tracts of reserved commends him most strongly to the lands have been allotted to them consideration of the society for some in that parish. In making these permanent provision. appropriations, Sir Howard Douglas, We doubt not this recommendadesirous of giving permanency to tion has been attended to; but the their title of occupation, yet ap- Report states nothing on the subject. prehensive of the consequences that In truth, the Report, though called might result from conferring upon“ an Abstract of the Proceedings of them, in their present degraded the Society,” is not entitled to that state, the elective franchise, and name. It is little more than a tranother rights incident to the posses- script of documents received by the sion of a freehold, has granted them society, copied in indiscriminate leases of these lands, for the term of detail, by one of the society's clerks; ninety-nine years. They are, he with very little addition, by the sebelieves, exerting themselves to im- cretary or any member of the board, prove their lands, but at present to shew what the society resolves or their condition is truly deplorable. performs, in consequence of those The school is kept by the only communications.

These are, we White man in the settlement: his suppose, to be incidentally gathered name is John Sutton. Mr. Coster some two or three years after, from has every reason to believe that he the reflex communications of foreign is a very deserving man. He has correspondents. no salary, but depends altogether DIOCESE OF QUEBEC. upon what he can himself raise in The Canadian provinces have of his garden, and upon such parts of late years presented numerous adthe produce of others as are volun- ditions to the ecclesiastical estatarily offered him. His school is' blishment, corresponding, in some attended by above a hundred chil. degree, to the rapid increase of podren and adults, and the progress' pulation. The society attest their they make is stated to be as great high sense of the important services as, under such untoward circum- rendered to the colonial church by stances, can well be expected. A the late Dr. Mountain, lord Bishop quantity of books and tracts has of Quebec. During the last year, been obtained from the district the Hon. and Rev. Dr. Stewart, committee of the Society for pro- now raised to the see of Quebec, moting Christian Knowledge, both traversed the greater part of the for the use of the school and for diocese in the character of visiting distribution in the settlement: missionary. The beneficial effects among the number, a Bible and of his former journeys were maniprayer-book, and a copy of Bishop fested in the erection of many new Wilson's sermons, to enable Sutton churches; and these prove how to read Divine service to the people much may be done under the most on the Sunday. He had been pre- unpromising circumstances, and how viously obliged, for want of books, great is the encouragement in every to teach from alphabets written by good work, derived from a zeal himself


the bark of the birch which is not disheartened by diffitree. Sir H. Douglas directs Mr. culty, and an affectionate interest Coster to say, that he entertains for in the welfare of the people. The these poor people the most tender Report adds, that the promotion commiseration; and that it is his of this excellent missionary to the intention, with a view to secure to charge of the diocese with which them the benefit which must result he has been for many years so intifrom the residence and active ser- mately acquainted, promises to have vices of such a man, among persons a most happy influence upon its so situated, to afford him some tem- future condition.

His corresponporary assistance, and that he re- dence with the secretary, during the


The po

last year, exhibits the arduous na- and pious in England were better ture of his services, and, at the same acquainted, and more impressed, time, an interesting picture of the with the inadequate means of the state of the country with respect to church and people in Canada to its religious character. We extract establish necessary religious instithe following passages.

tutions in these colonies. “After a favourable voyage across

« The settlement at Huntingdon the Atlantic, I landed at New York, has been recently formed, but a and proceeded to Montreal, and good congregation might assemble thence to Quebec; by which route there; and Mr. Bowron, the governQuebec is 600 miles from New ment agent for the location of lands York. As soon as the roads and in that part of the country, anticirivers admitted of travelling with pates the co-operation of a number safety, I quitted Quebec, and of the inhabitants, sufficient to enreached Drummondville the able them to build a church next morning of Christmas-day. I there year. They propose, first, to build assisted the Rev. S. Wood in per- a school-house in the ensuing sumforming Divine service; and on the mer, and then to make preparations following day, Sunday, I performed for building the church. the service at Drummondville, while pulation of this place is expected Mr. Wood visited a distant part of rapidly to increase. his mission. I then proceeded to “ With difficulty, owing to the Melbourne and Shipton, higher badness of the roads, I got to the up the river St. Francis, where I village of St. Regis, inhabited almost found the inhabitants, on both sides entirely by Indians. They profess of the river, disposed to join in the Romish faith, in common with building a church in Shipton, but all the Indians in the lower province. not agreed upon the site. Want of Some of them rowed me over the unity among the people is the great St. Lawrence in two canoes lashed impediment in this country to the together, which conveyed me with accomplishment of any public ob- my baggage, horse, &c. three miles, ject, especially in places where there and landed me in Upper Canada, is not any person resident of weight four miles lower down the river than and influence sufficient to direct Cornwall. and persuade a majority of the in- “ At Brockville the inhabitants habitants.

are at length in earnest about “ At Kildare I assembled the speedily building a church, and it is people for Divine service. Their intended to be a handsome stone attention and conformity to the edifice. At Kingston, I found every Liturgy were satisfactory; and I was preparation ready for building a new happy to find that many of them church; the foundation-stone of belong to our church. With a few which has, I believe, since been exceptions, they are Irish Protest- laid. I was informed that a church ants, sober and industrious people. will probably soon be built on AmThey have determined to build a herst Isle. The Rev. W. Macaulay, good school-house without delay, of Cobourg, is building a brick which may answer for a place of church on his property at Hallomeeting for public worship, till they well, in the bay of Quinté. From are able to build a church. I am Hallowell I went to the church and persuaded, that it will appear to settlement of the Mohawk Indians the venerable society expedient to further up the bay. The Rev. T. appoint a missionary to minister to Campbell of Belleville pays these the people in Kildare and its neigh- Indians all the attention in his power; bourhood, as soon as the funds of and some of them occasionally go the society will admit. It is de- to his church, although eighteen voutly to be wished that the rich miles distant from them. On the Sunday when I was at Belleville a there; for I fear that, at present, party of them attended Divine ser. from the want of these, the tribe is vice at that place, and performed retrograding in the knowledge and psalmody in their own tongue, in a practice of Christian principles. manner that was pleasing and so- Next to the Mohawks, these Indians lemn. On Whitsunday I assisted were formerly the most attentive of thie Rev. R. Tunney in administer. the tribes to the performance of ing the Lord's Supper, in the church public worship, the use of our liturat Niagara. Our venerable mis- gy, and the instruction of their chilsionary, Mr. Addison, the oldest in dren. But with them the light of the diocese, attended; but he has the Gospel is becoming dim: it is not, for many inonths been unable to however, extinguished ; and I hope, perform Divine service. His con. with adequate assistance, it will gregation have drawn up a memorial, soon be revived, to shine with lustre which they requested me to forward upon the surrounding nations. In to the lord Bishop, humbly pray- Captain Brant, a Mohawk chief, I ing that an assistant in his sacred found an excellent coadjutor; for on office be graciously granted, and in all occasions he is studious to prosuch a manner as not to affect his mote the interests of his Indian present emoluments.'-On my ar- brethren. One of his sisters, Mrs. rival at the Grand River, on the Kerr, is engaged in translating the lands of the Six Indian Nations, I Gospel according to St. Luke into found that a new village of British the Mohawk language. inhabitants had sprung up in their “Many large communities, memneighbourhood since my last visit to bers of the Church of England, in that quarter. It is called Brandford, Canada, are still destitute of the and is two miles from the Mohawk services of a minister; and for a church. In a council of the chiefs, due sense of the lamentable nature I advised them to appropriate the and effects of such a deficiency, I six hundred dollars they had former- have only to refer you to your own ly promised to contribute to the re- feelings and judgment. You will pair of the church, to the building sympathize with me in concern for of a parsonage, it having been lately our church, and in regard for the ascertained that the church is so far best interests of our fellow-countrydecayed that it is not worthy of the men in Canada; and you will, I am expense of repair. After due de persuaded, plead their cause to the liberation they adopted my propo- extent of your power. You will sition, and resolved to build a par. perceive that in many places they sonage on a convenient lot of land, are building churches without even comprising 200 acres, which they the promise of being soon supplied have engaged to give for a glebe. with a clergyman; for such a promise A subscription in aid of the measure could not be made under the existis set on foot; and it is expected ing state of the funds of the society. that many liberal persons will be This circumstance, evincing their ready to contribute, when they con- earnest desire to partake of the besider how much is owing to the In- nefits and blessings of a church es. dians from the present inhabitants tablishment, adds to their merit (if of this country, and how highly be- I may so express myself), and will neficial the residence of a clergyman increase the disposition of the socieon the Grand River will be to the Six ty to meet their exertions. It also Nations, and to the people in their strengthens their claims on the geneighbourhood. At the village of nerosity of the British public. In the Tuscorora tribe, I baptized five justice to that public, and to their adults and eight children. The ser- liberality, already exercised towards vices of a missionary and also of a Canada, I have the pleasure to inschoolmaster are much required form you, that the fund raised last

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