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year, for building churches in Cana. others that are in progress. These da, has already contributed to the essential benefits are duly and gratecompletion of several; and is at fully appreciated by the Protestants present employed in aid of many in Canada."

BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. We feel much pleasure in stating, been brought under your notice : I mean, that the minute examination into the divisions of opinion which have unthe proceedings of the committee of fortunately arisen in our society, and the the Bible Society which has taken accusations that have been made against it.

1. With respect to the Apocryphal place in consequence of the charges question, as I consider that point finally alleged against them, has been most settled by the resolution of the general favourable in its results. The con- meeting in May, I shall not add a word fidence of the public in the society to what was said by my honourable has, in consequence, been very wide- friend ; excepting, that the committee, ly expressed, as appears from the with the most anxious labour and indefatestimonies to this effect contained tigable perseverance, endeavoured to go in the society's Monthly Extracts. the discussions which ensued, though

to the bottom of the question; and that At many of the recent meetings often tedious and painful, were conducted of auxiliary societies and associa- with Christian charity and with mutual tions, the charges alleged against the kindness and respect-those who absoparent institution have been alluded lutely condemned the circulation of the to, and disproved in a manner per. Apocrypha in all cuses, and those who fectly satisfactory to the subscribers. contended for the propriety of admitting We might quote largely from these it to a certain extent and for certain puraddresses; but we shall confine poses, giving each other credit for sin. ourselves to a few passages from cerity and good intentions towards the a speech of Lord Bexley, chiefly and only differing as to the interpretation

; in reference to the funds of the of one of its fundamental rules, and as to institution, and which we adduce the most efficacious mode of distributing both because his lordship has had the word of life. ample experience of the conduct of “2. As respects the alleged inaccuracy of the society, and because his ac- some of our foreign translations, I shall knowledged judgment and unim- add only a few words to what has been

said by Mr. Noel. It is not to be expeachable integrity furnish the most

pected that the learned will be all agreed as solid attestation to the justness of

to the critical accuracy of any translation : his remarks.

neither our own excellent authorised ver“ Drawing towards the close of life, I sion, nor any other that I am acquainted consider scenes like these, and opportuni- with, has escaped abundant criticism. ties similar to the present, as affording an With respect to the new versions pubemployment very congenial to my declining lished by the society, they have been, in years. After having devoted a consider- all cases, prepared by men who appeared able portion of my life to the service of most competent to the task; they have my country, and having occupied one of been carefully revised before they went to the most important public offices in the the press; and if any doubt was afterstate, I feel it due to God humbly to en- wards suggested of their correctness, it deavour to devote my remaining years to has been referred to the consideration of his glory: it was from him that I received the ablest scholars in the respective lanhealth and strength to discharge the duties guages which this or other countries could of my former station ; and, while any furnish--and their opinion has decided portion of that health and strength re- the proceedings of the committee. I know mains, I am bound to dedicate to his not what more prudent precautions could glory all the powers I may still continue be taken, nor to what higher tribunal we to possess through his mercy,

could appeal. « Before I take my leave of you, I feel “ Under this head of charge may be inmyself called upon to say a few words cluded the allegation of a breach of one of respecting a subject which has already our fundamental rules, by the publication CHRIST. OBSERV. ABP.

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of editions of the Scriptures with notes or the Gospel has been incredibly promoted other additions. Nothing of this kind has by such a union of patronage ; and that ever been done by the parent society; without it, the circulation of the Scripunless it can be so called, that a few copies tures would, in many cases, have been of one edition of the English Bible were wholly suppressed, or confined within issued with the Translator's Preface pre- very narrow limits. fixed, as had been usual in the larger edi- “I will also assert, that our agents have, tions published by the authorised printers: to the best of their knowledge, endeavour--this, however, was discontinued, as soon ed to associate themselves with the purest as discovered. But it is true, that, in a and most unexceptionable characters in very few instances, the foreign societies the countries which they visited : and have been guilty of a breach of this rule, indeed it is only reasonable to suppose either from adherence to the customs of that such would be the persons who their countries, or from misapprehensions would most warmly hail the formation of as to its extent and importance: and this a Bible Society, and labour most ardently has been done even in the case of editions in its operations. printed partly at our expense :--but this It has been stated, that almost all the practice has, in every instance, been re- infidels in Europe were in the pay of the pressed, as soon as it came to the know- British and Foreign Bible Society; that ledge of the society, and as far as circum- is to say, in other words, that all the instances rendered it practicable.

fidels in Europe are actively employed in “ 3. With respect to the foreign societies, disseminating the Scriptures. He who I must first observe, that much misappre- can believe this can believe any absurdity, hension prevails as to the nature of their however gross. Is it probable, is it conconstitution and connection with our so- ceivable, that infidels could be exerting ciety. It appears to be thought that the themselves in promoting the circulation of parent society is in all cases answerable the Gospel of Christ ? Oh, no! the infor the acts of those societies, and even fidels of Europe are too wise in their gefor the individual characters of their mem- neration ; the kingdom of satan is not so bers. Nothing can be more erroneous. divided against itself. The infidels of They are distinct and independent bodies; Europe do not sow the pure seed of the formed, indeed, in most cases, at the in- Gospel to produce the fruit of their own stigation and by the assistance of our poisonous tares. agents, and assisted by our funds in the 4. Let me now say a few words respectgreat work which, in co-operation with ing the[alleged] misapplication of the funds us, they are carrying on; but regulated by of the society: and, in the first place, their own laws: and their members are with respect to the payment of the sesubjects of different governments and cretaries. The first secretaries of the states, by some of which the formation of society were, the Rev. John Owen, a associations and societies is viewed with man whom it is impossible to mention peculiar jealousy, and in which the same without sentiments of admiration and reliberty of thought and action is not allow- gret; the Rev. Joseph Hughes, a minised, which, by the blessing of Providence, ter of the Baptist denomination, and perwe enjoy in this country. Still less can haps the earliest proposer of the formation we be answerable for the individual cha: of such a society; and the Rev. Dr. racters of their members. Neither abroad Steinkopff

, minister of the German Lunor at home is any test imposed upon theran church, a man whose primitive those who may be willing to become sub- and simple piety, and overflowing benero scribers to the Society; nor can any scrutiny lence, render him the delight of all who take place into their sentiments and con- know him. These persons were chosen duct.

in accordance with the rules of the in“ In the foreign societies are generally stitution - that all denominations of comprehended the most distinguished and Christians should be invited to co-operate important members of the church and in the work, and that it should extend its state : and they have been formed under operations abroad as well as at bome. At the immediate patronage of every so- the commencement of the society, their vereign in continental Europe, excepting labours were not considerable ; but from those professing the Roman-Catholic Re- year to year they increased in a most asligion. Among such bodies, difference tonishing manner, till at last they called in moral character, as well as in religious for nearly the whole of the time and tenets, must be expected to prevail : but talents of the secretaries, and left them I can venture to assert, that the cause of little opportunity of attending to any

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other pursuit. It was accordingly de- promoting the establishment of schools cided by the committee, and unanimously and the distribution of the Scriptures, has approved by a general meeting, that a twice traversed nearly the whole interior salary of 3001. per annum should be given of South America, has accepted a gratuity to the new secretary, the Rev. Mr. of 2001., which was voted him for his Brandram; and that the other two se- services during three years, including the cretaries, who for nineteen years together superintendence of a translation into the had performed their laborious duties with- language of Peru. The Rey. Mr. Armout any remuneration, should be requested strong was sent out also as an agent to to accept of the same sum—a sum which the society in South America ; but having, I think no one will call too great.

on his arrival at Buenos Ayres, been ap"With respect to the sums allowed to pointed chaplain to the British residents, the foreign agents (of whom I know only he will render most important service to four), it could hardly be expected, that, the society, without any expense for salary. in addition to the same sacrifices of time I must mention one person more, who has and labour and emolument which are re- been considered as an agent to the society, quired of those who occupy themselves in though he is not properly so-I mean the the cause of the society at home, they pious and venerable Leander Van Ess; a should also expose themselves without man to whom the knowledge of the Scripremuneration to the inconveniences and, tures on the continent of Europe is, perin many cases, the hardships and dangers haps, more indebted than to any other of foreign residences, and of continued individual, excepting Luther only. To banishment from their country, their this man, by whose personal labours no families, and friends.

less than 500,000 copies of the Scriptures Every one, alive to the cause of the have been distributed, 3001. a year has Bible Society, must be acquainted with for some time been allowed; which has the name of Dr. Pinkerton ; a most im- always been considered as a part of the portant and efficient agent of the society, expenses incurred by the society for cirwho has several times visited almost the culating the Scriptures in Germany. whole continent of Europe, and has had “As to the expenses incurred in the sothe principal share in founding several of ciety's establishment in Earl Street, every the most important societies in Europe, one must understand, that considerable and, in particular, the Russian Bible So- expenses attend the care of such extensive ciety-an institution which has promoted concerns. I believe that the persons emthe circulation of the Scriptures in above ployed, receive remunerations which would thirty languages spoken in that vast em- be thought very moderate if they were enpire, and has printed above 500,000 copies gaged in situations requiring similar talents of them in whole or in part. To Dr. and equal labour in any other great comPinkerton the society has allowed 4001. pany or establishment. I trust that the per annum. Mr. Leeves, a clergyman of charges which have been brought against the Church of England, resides, as the the society, instead of injuring its cause, society's agent, at Constantinople, and will only stimulate all, who feel as I do, has a most delicate, critical, and danger- to redouble our exertions in this great ous post; where he continues to promote pursuit, and to act with a spirit of liberathe translation and circulation of the word lity in the consideration of those errors of life in a country of the most absolute (if such they think they see) which may despotism. For such a service no one have occurred in the complicated transcan say that 3001. per annum is too large actions of twenty-two years, in so many an allowance. The like allowance of 3001. novel and difficult circumstances ; - for per annum has been made to Mr. Barker, where is the society, or where is the inthe brother of the British consul, late at dividual, who must not, in the course of Aleppo, now at Alexandria. The only such a period, bave fallen into many ?” remaining foreign agent is Mr. Matthews, We have already noticed (see who has recently embarked for South Ame- Christian Observer for October, p. rica ; having engaged in the service of the 631,) the collection of documents society for the term of three years, to published by the society relative to conduct and promote the circulation of the preface to the Strasburg Bible ; the Scriptures, in that extensive and interesting part of the globe, at a salary of and which exhibits strong proof of 2001. per annum, together with necessary the good conduct-we use a far expenses.

colder term than their wise, zealous, “Mr. Thomson, who, for the purpose of and disinterested labours deserve

of the committee of this invaluable the committee having been kept in institution. Another pamphlet has ignorance of a part of the proceed. since been issued by the society, ings." Our limits will not allow of containing the documents relative our following the writer's details to its intercourse with the Lausanne and arguments on all those points; Bible Society, and which, we think, but we shall extract a few passages. every candid person must admit,

“ It is not my intention to enter much exculpates the committee from the into the late discussions relative to the charges which have been urged circulation of the Apocrypha." against them, as if they had con- A large proportion of the committee, nived at, instead of having zealously without possessing any regard themselves repressed, exceptionable renderings for the Apocrypha, thought that the of the sacred text.

primary rule of the society did not prevent In addition to these official docu- aid from being given to continental se ments, a pamphlet has just appeared, forme circulated in their districts, and had entitled, “ Remarks upon the recent Accusations against the Com- Scriptures from these objectionable addi

not yet learned to free their copies of the mittee of the British and Foreign tions. Another part of the committee Bible Society, in a Letter to a thought otherwise ; but it is needless to Clergyman in the Country, from a proceed further upon this subject. The Lay-member of that Institution.” question is now completely decided—it We refer those of our readers who can no longer be a matter of doubt or wish for further information on the hesitation to any one; and whatever divisubject, to the explanatory state- sion of sentiment may formerly have er

isted, as to the interpretation of the first ments and arguments of that pamphlet, and which we think form path of duty is clearly pointed out; and it

rule of the society, none exists now: the à sound defence respecting the may be stated, in the most decided terms, allegations against the society. that no intention to depart from the regu

We do not mean to assert, that no lations adopted at the last annual meeting one proceeding of the society, with of the society has ever been manifested by the light of subsequent experience, any member of the present committee." might not have been susceptible of “ As to the studied concealment, with improvement --this would be claim. regard to the apocryphal writings, which

has been so much spoken of, it should be ing too much for human instiany

remarked, that in the committee, open at tution; but, upon the whole, con

all times, none such did occur, nor could sidering all the circumstances, it is a possibly be practised; the subject was fresubject of thankfulness, that there quently mentioned—letters were read has been so much to approve, and so resolutions were passed, in whieh the little that even a captious observer Apocrypha was mentioned by name and could justly condemn.

it is a matter of general notoriety that, in The author of this pamphlet states, all the churches on the continent, the that the allegations against the so apocryphal are united with the canonical

books." ciety refer to “ the circulation of the

“ The alliance of the society with im. Apocrypha—the character of foreign proper characters has been misrepresented institutions and individuals con- in a most unfair manner. That individuals nected with the society—the ad- whose past conduct gave ground for better dition of notes to copies of the hopes have been guilty of deceptive conScriptures published with the aid of duct, clearly appears from the Strasburg the society—the encouragement of and Lausanne documents ; but how could adulterated editions of the Scrip- this be ascertained except from experitures the concealment of part of

ence? A British public will never rank the the expenses of management-ex

deceived as equally guilty with the de

ceiver; and the conduct of the past as aggerated representations of the re- well as of the present committees sufficientligious state of the continent—the ly manifests that they have always sepaexpenditure generally — and the rated themselves from those who have circumstance of many members of refused to act agreeably to the rules of the

institution; and, doubtless, a still greater will pretend. Of what human institution degree of caution will in future be exer- can such an assertion be made ? Does it cised,

afford just ground of severe censure, if a “ Nor has it yet been established, that society engaged in promoting the translaany preliminary declaration of faith is re- tion and printing of the Scriptures, or quisite before individuals can be permit- portions of them, in one hundred and ted to circulate orthodox copies of the forty-three different languages and diaScriptures.--If the members at large deem lects; and in distributing, or aiding in the it necessary that such a test should be distribution of, more than eight millions proposed, it is for them to frame such a of copies at home and abroad, may have rule, and to furnish the necessary docu- failed in some instances to pursue all those ment; then there will be ground to cen- measures to which their present experience sure the committee if they depart from would direct, or to accomplish all they inthut line of proceeding; but until this is tended ? Individuals, to whom the sacred done, it is impossible to listen without volume was as a sealed book, or who were surprise to the denunciations of Divine only nominal followers of Christ, may have wrath, which in no measured terms have been associated in this work; but has no been applied to the past proceedings of good resulted even from this ? Are there tbe society.

not many who, through all eternity, will “ The charges respecting adulterated bless the day on which they were admitted editions of the Scriptures, whether by into the ranks of the British and Foreign alterations of the text or additions of notes, Bible Society, and who can truly say, “We prefaces, or other adjuncts, it may be have found it good for us to be here;' safely said, are unfounded or exaggerated, who, at first attracted by the mere love of and the most speedy remonstrance has novelty, or even more objectionable mofollowed upon the discovery of error. tives, have now learned to prize that word Upon these charges the various commit which is more to be desired than fine gold; tees of former years may boldly meet their sweeter also than honey and the honeycalumniators, and point to the beneficial comab ? Many such there are :--what do fruits of their exertions, by which many they say to those who urge a line of confaulty editions have been prevented from duct which would have barred this door appearing, or have been cleared from their against them for ever?” errors.

“ The charges respecting the expenses We greatly regret to learn, that of management are equally unfounded, in consequence of ill health, and and the committee can confidently call from “the complication of difficulupon their accusers to point out the state- ties arising out of the late proceedments of any institution which are given ings" of the society, the foreign more clearly and faithfully than their own, or wherein a proper economy is more secretary, Dr. Steinkopff

, has reclosely studied.

signed his office. His letter, an“ When the real facts upon which the nouncing his intention is drawn up various recent allegations are grounded with the simplicity and humility have been fairly looked at, surely there is which have ever marked his truly no cause for that want of confidence upon pious and amiable conduct. The which some writers have dwelt, still less committee have expressed

their for the injurious calumnies of others. The deep concern at the necessity which severest scrutiny has been applied to discover all the faulty or mistaken proceed deprives the society of his invaluable ings of more than twenty years.

The services, which have been devoted grossest exaggerations have been resorted to the society, at home and abroad, to, and the most unfair and uncandid con- during a period of more than two structions have been put upon acts and and twenty years." They justly noresolutions long since gone by, as well as tice, that “ for eighteen years those those of more recent date. We are called services, which, during a considerupon to believe these statements, and to able portion of that time occupied receive them as truth ; but I cannot think nearly his whole time and attention, that this noble, this invaluable institution will be suffered to fall a victim to such were gratuitously performed; and that calumny and misrepresentation. That all the salary which was afterwards anwhich has been done in past years has nexed to his office, was wholly unbeen perfect, and without blame, no one solicited and reluctantly accepted."

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