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BENEFICIAL EFFECTS OF THE SCRIPTURES IN INDIA. We lately noticed the attestation the public by an association for the of Archdeacon Corrie, to the bene- avowed purpose of cherishing and ficial effects of the distribution of extending Christianity in India; and the Scriptures in India. The Rev. some months elapsed, before the T.T. Thomason, late secretary of the promoters of that important measure Calcutta Auxiliary Bible Society, felt quite at ease about the stability having returned to England, has fur- of their plans. It pleased God, hownished to the committee of the Bible ever, to crown their labours with Society the following statements, remarkable success: the new sowhich fully agree with the favour- ciety was very liberally supported able report of Archdeacon Corrie. throughout the Bengal presidency,

“ After a residence of more than and gradually extended to other seventeen years in Bengal, I have parts of India. Auxiliary instituleft that country with a deep con- tions were formed, successively, in viction that much good has been Ceylon, Bombay, Madras, and Pealready done there, and that the nang; and what was once whispered beginnings of a very extensive and as a suspicious and dangerous atpermanent improvement are visible tempt, was soon generally counteamong the Europeans as well as 'nanced, and openly patronized. natives. Many societies have been " The attention of the Calcutta successively formed, which, in va- Society was first directed to the rious ways, co-operate, and produce supplying of professed Christians, the improvement alluded to; but and then to the preparing of new the impulse was given by the British translations for the natives. Some and Foreign Bible Society: The parts of this magnificent plan bave commencement of those labours, been happily realized: the rest are which are now so vigorously con- in a very hopeful progress. ducted for the melioration of India, “ European Christians are now may be traced to the period when a amply supplied with copies of the Bible society was formed in Cal. sacred Scriptures, through the incutta. When I arrived in Bengal, strumentality of this society, and of no public organized association for those which have been since formed. the good of the natives existed in When I first arrived in Calcutta, that country: the Baptist mission- copies of the English Scriptures aries had indeed led the way, and were scarce, and very dear: very had been, for some time, quietly pro- few were to be found among his ceeding with their Christian work: majesty's regiments, and none could but they were supported from home, be obtained but with great difficulty and were rather secretly counte- and at an enormous price. All the nanced in India by the very few principal stations of the army are friends of missionary exertions who now furnished with depôts, under were then thinly scattered over the the management of the chaplains ; presidency, than openly recognized. the Scriptures are accessible to all: It was considered imprudent, and and, by means of the different aseven dangerous, to attempt the con- sociations and their branches, every version of the natives.

soldier in his majesty's regiments “ At the memorable meeting in may now possess a copy of the Bible, the college of Fort William, for the if he pleases. It is a subject of great formation of the Calcutta Auxiliary thankfulness that the society is thus Bible Society, the gentlemen present doing its direct and appropriate seemed to be surprised at their own work throughout our Indian posboldness. We met, not without con sessions. In every place the fair siderable apprehension as to the front of the society may be now effect which might be produced on seen; and, by its secretaries or authorised agents, its treasures are was removed. His wishes are fuldistributed throughout the country.filled. That important machine is So far, therefore, as the English in full operation. The missionaries, Scriptures are concerned, our wishes when they proceed to their destinaare realized.

The societies have tions, supply themselves out of the now only to keep up those supplies depository, and thus the land is which they furnish, and to take care enriched. These facts are very enthat their stores be not exhausted. couraging: they establish the direct

“ With respect to the native influence of the society. But for Christians, very great progress has the encouragement received from been made toward the accomplish- this country and the funds supplied ment of our wishes. Large edi- by this society, the labours above tions of the sacred Scriptures have mentioned could not have been been printed and distributed in conducted. The committee of the the Tamul, Cingalese, and Malay parent society met every demand languages: abundant supplies in with magnificent liberality: donathe Portuguese have been ob- tions in money, books, and printing tained from home; and the Bible is paper, were annually voted; and nearly complete in Malayalim, for thus our translators were paid, the Syriac Christians of Travancore. presses kept in motion, and our In addition to these versions (which editions matured. The contribuwere first required because of the tions of the public in India, though number of Christians who speak liberal, were very inadequate to the these languages), the Calcutta So. demands of such a cause: what is ciety has been occupied in prepar- now a wide and deep stream, would ing others, far too numerous to have been an insignificant brook, if specify, for distribution among the we had been left to our own renatives at large. It aims at sup

sources. Having long witnessed plying the natives with the Scrip. the operations of the society, and tures in all the considerable dialects assisted in the distribution of its of the country; and if the work bounty-having seen with my own proceeds as it has done, the time eyes the delight of the missionary cannot be far distant when the mis- when he has been furnished with the sionary will be furnished for his Scriptures out of our depository, work in whatever district he may and participated in his joy- I cannot choose to labour. The Calcutta but record, with the deepest thankSociety possesses a noble deposi- fulness, my conviction of the good tory in the heart of that city; in which has been done and is still which are above 40,000 copies of advancing in that interesting counthe sacred Scriptures, or parts of the try, through the British and Foreign sacred Scriptures, in the languages Bible Society. of Europe and Asia'; and from this “I must not omit to add, that depository the depôts at a distance the Scriptures, printed at the exare regularly filled. The title pense of this society, now supply • Bible Repository,' painted in large a multitude of schools, where the black letters on the outside, pro- native youth are instructed in the claims to the throng of passengers Gospel of Christ: full 6000 children the wonders of British benevolence; in the presidency of Bengal are or rather the mercy of God, in visit- constantly taught out of the Gospels ing that dark country, and blessing from our depository; this is surely the inhabitants- with the light of a subject of lively congratulation. His truth.

I have myself examined several “ The late Rev. Mr. Brown often thousands of the Bengalee youth; expressed his wish, that such a de- and can solemnly aver that I never pository might be formed; and he witnessed such proficiency in the laid the foundation of it before he knowledge of Scripture, in our English schools, as I have seen in the ence, that, in India, the natives village schools of Bengal. It cannot themselves now bear their full probe contemplated without the deepest portion of labour. We have now interest, that these boys should be societies formed by Europeans alone; annually returning to their families, others, in which Europeans and nawell taught out of the sacred Scrip- tives are associated; and others, tures of truth; and carrying with again, in which natives act alone : them those convictions or prejudices these all, in different ways, labour in favour of Christianity which we for the intellectual or religious imknow, from experience, always arise provement of the natives: they difrom a course of patient and judi- rectly or indirectly aim at the downcious education: and our collectors, fal of ignorance and superstition : as well as secretaries of the associa- possessed themselves of different : tions, may well rejoice that their views, they yet labour (many of labours of love are fraught with them unconsciously) for the same such manifest blessings to a people end. The fabric of idolatry is aswho are sitting in darkness and the saulted even by idolaters themselves; shadow of death.

who, while they unite for the intro“In adverting to the indirect in- duction of the English language, fluence of the society, the subject arts, and sciences, know not how opens surprisingly. Its effects on widely they open the door to Christhe public mind cannot be ade. tianity. In the mean time, new quately conceived, except by those missionaries are arriving, new presses, who know the apathy and prejudice are established, new books are in a which once prevailed in India, and course of publishing and distribuopposed every attempt to enlighten tion; and Bishop's College is actively the natives. The formation of the preparing new missionaries and Calcutta Auxiliary Bible Society schoolmasters, taken from among broke, as it were, the ice : in no those born in the country, to bear long time, the Church Missionary their parts successively in this great Society began to assume a public work. character : then followed the auspi- “ These are the beginnings of cious introduction of our own good—some of them very recent; church, in its maturity of Episcopal but all, taken together, must be government: bishops, and societies considered as a magnificent seedin immediate connexion with our time ; to be followed, we may realong-established church societies, sonably hope, by a blessed and exhave since added their weight of in- tensive harvest. • The Lord is a Auence. Christians of other deno- God of judgment: blessed are all minations have entered the field. they that wait for him! The vision These all have their presses, semi- is for an appointed time; but, at, naries, and schools : and Calcutta the end, it shall speak and not lie : now presents to our delighted eyes though it tarry, wait for it, because the same varied combinations of it will surely come: it will not societies and ministers which we see tarry.'”. in our own country; with this differ

BIBLE SOCIETIES ON THE CONTINENT. These are fifty-two in number.- Testament. The Wurtemburgh

The first in order of institution, is Bible Society, instituted at Stut. the Balse Bible Society, founded in gardt in 1812, has circulated 135,941 1804, which has circulated, with the Bibles or Testaments. The Ratisaid of the British and Foreign Bible bon Bible Society has circulated Society, no fewer than 146,670 65,000 Testaments; the Frankfort copies of the Bible or the New 69,700; the Hanover (since 1804) 35,000 German Bibles; thé Prus- Societies are known to have circusian Bible Society, 200,000 Bibles lated considerably above 2,302,274 and Testaments; the Saxon, insti- copies of the New Testament, with tuted in 1805, 105,500; the Rus- or without the Old Testament.sian, 705,831; the Swedish, 223,870; In addition to these exertions of the Danish, 36,000; the Sleswig- societies, three Catholic clergymen Holstein, 64,000; the Paris, 61,400. have published above 60,000 copies Altogether, the fifty-two European of the German New Testament.


We close our volume with the following brief, but interesting and appropriate document, taken fromthe Missionary Register, of the_Receipts for the year of the chief Missionary, Bible, Education, and Tract Societies for the last year.

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African Institution. £553 5 0 Irish Society of London an o£ 544 7 I American Bible

16562 15 0 Irish Society of Dublin 1472 13 7 American Board of Missions 18863 12 0 Irish Tract and Book 3659 4 10 American Colonization man 085 10 0 Jews' Society of London 13419 19 10 American Education 2127 7 6 Language Institution 586 13 0 American Jews

1933 19 6 London Missionary 37164 10 American Methodist Mission

Merchant-Seamen's Bible. 547 10 ary 1141 18 0 National Education

2615 7 1 American Tract manman 2293 15 6 Naval and Military Bible 4863 8 4 Baptist Missionary 10530 9 10 Newfoundland Education 1672 71 British and Foreign Bible 82768 2 9 Port-of-London Seamen's 375 15 5 British and Foreign School 1481 7 10 Prayer-Book and Homily 2251 15 6 Canada Education 11627 0 Religious Tract

12637 15 0 Christian Knowledge 61158 01 Scottish Missionary

596“ 18 5 Church Missionary 46425 8 0 Slave Conversion,

3067 08 Church-of-England Tract 581 10 3 Sunday School Union 4551 19 10 Continental

2688 17 7 United Brethren w 10590 5 9 Edinburgh Bible

2645 7 9 Wesleyan Missionary 45766 1 1 French and Spanish Trans


533 6 6 Gospel Propagation (includ

Birmingham, &c. for relief ing parliamentary grant) 32916 18 ? Calne, &c. in aid of Negro

of Slaves

907 180 Hibernian Hibernian Bible


99 4 3 5700 13 8

Hibernian Female School 1937 4 2 Irish Sunday-School 2585 6 4 Irish Education (including

Negro-Children Education 714 5 6 parliamentary grant) 86560 11 - 2

Total £494,039 16 11

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? How can we sufficiently congratulate our readers, how can we be sufficiently grateful to the Author of all mercies, for the vast extension of pure and undefiled religion, as indicated in such a document as this, compared with the meagre efforts of Christians to promulgate the knowledge of their Saviour, even a quarter of a century since, when first we commenced our humble attempt to promote and to record these triumphs of Christian benevolence! Yet, great as are these efforts, what are they compared with the spiritual wants of the world, or even compared with the resources which might and ought to be called into exercise for its benefit. Let us not then be weary of well-doing; assured that we shall reap in due time, if we faint not; and let our efforts be united to our prayers to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that his kingdom may come, and his will be done in earth as it is in heaven, Amen.



&c. &c.

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A BOLITIONISTS(sce Anti-Slavery So-

Burmese Mission

ciety and Slavery)

Defence of ........678 Cambridge 52, 368, 435, 709, 744
Address, Coverdale's...

Canals ...

.368, 369
-- on Slavery...
.1, 784 Canonical Scriptues.

. 104
Act of Parliament versified
676 Canons of Interpretation....

Affections in Religion......417, 424, 427 Cape of Good Hope (see Africa, South)
Africa, South ....56, 188, 374, 566, 824 Cenotaph to Princess Charlotte .309

West 188, 500, 690,788, 805, 823 Ceylon ........187, 376, 443, 503, 711
African Institution
..826 Chaldean Christians

Africans (see Slaves, Slavery, fc.)

Charitable Collections

susceptible of Instruction......690 Cheerfulness ...

African Islands

Cherokee Indians

Almsgiving, inexpediency of indiscri.


.342 Chinese College, Malacca

America, Languages in..


America, Norih 120, 188, 251, 378, 440, Chocktaw Indians.

443, 568, 805 Christ, Divinity of

South 112, 311, 440, 566,743,779 doing all in the Name of

,249, 826

Intercession of
Amherst Town ......

.....775 Christian, Security of the
Analytical Dictionary

Life of the ....

Ananias and Sappbira, Inference from

Sabbath, Divine Obligation of 358,
the Story of

Angin-Indian College

....437 Christians, Reunion of, in Heaven....404
Answers to Correspondents, .64, 128, 192, Christianity, Excellence of ..........323
256, 320, 384, 448, 512, 576, 640,

Evidences of the

321, 539
722, 784 Church and Fire Briefs....

Antigua Fund


Establishments, Argument sor. .343
Apocrypha ....87, 144, 415, 564, 735

of Geneva

693, 756
Apocryphal Lessons


of Rome 412, 429, 508, 571
Arctic Expedition

...500, 777

of England, Defects in .......625
Article 17th...


Service 17, 41, 87, 332, 463, 501,
Atlantic and Pacific, Union of........311

533, 600, 674, 712


...214, 339
Ava, Palace of .....

..710 Churches, Music in.
Sufferings of Missionaries in ...,714

Echo in

.276, 472
546 Cicero's “ De Republica”.

Baptism of Bells
145 Clergy, Address to, on Slavery.

Catholic, Exlortation at 275

should direct the Singing
in Russia.
..369 College of Sargeons

Barbadoes .... . 107, 119, 405, 173 Colonial Slavery (see Slavery)
Bells, Baptism of


Columbia...... 113, 250, 440, 567, 710
Berlin, State of Religion in. ...214 Comels

..111. 368

. 107, 567 Comidercial Distresses 319, 345, 448, 511
Bible Societies (see Societies)

Communion Service ........17, 337, 463
Biblical Criticism..79, 80, 137, 22, 266, Conditions, Use of the Term
269, 330, 523, 524, 652 Constantinople

Bishop's College, Calcotta.. 175, 507,800 Copy-right

Bishops, Power of... .....22, 149, 279 Corn Laws 124, 191, 254, 319, 573, 634,
59, 567, 710, 743


Cotton Tree

British Museum,
..709 Country Wakes..

.112, 250, 566 Craniology

710, 714, 775 Creation, on the..

Burmese War
.319, 383, 573 Crocodile Mummy

.500 Currercy

.124, 190

5 N

Crosses on...




Buenos Ayres.

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