The Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. [pseud.]: To which are Prefixed Memoirs of the Author's Life, Zväzok 2

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J. Walker, 1812
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Satires in verse, mainly political.

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Strana 247 - Care to our coffin adds a nail, no doubt; . And every Grin, so merry, draws one out.
Strana 9 - d, from memory stray, Which it ought to review with delight ? Upbraiding, shall Gratitude say with a tear, " That no longer I think of those charms Which gave to my bosom such rapture sincere, And faded at length in my arms...
Strana 266 - Unlucky form'd on Nature's hungry plan; Who, Lord of Millions, trembles for his store, And fears to give a farthing to the Poor ; Proclaims that penury will be his fate, And, scowling, looks on charity with hate ; Whose matchless avarice is meat and drink, That dreads to spill a single drop of ink, On each...
Strana 320 - tis a shame : Nothing their thoughtless wild career can tame, Till Penury stares them in the face; And when they find an empty purse, — Grown calmer, wiser, how the fault they curse, And, limping, look with such a sneaking grace ! Job's War-horse fierce, his neck with Thunder hung, Sunk to an humble Hack that carries Dung. Smell to the Queen of Flowers, the fragrant Rose : Smell twenty times; and then, my Dear, thy nose "Will tell thee (not so much for scent athirst), The twentieth drank less flavour...
Strana 376 - midst the humming myriads die ! Queen of the Insect World, what Leaves delight? Of such these willing hands a Bower shall form, To guard thee from the rushing Rains of night, And hide thee from the wild wing of the Storm. Sweet Child of Stillness, "midst the awful Calm Of pausing Nature thou art pleased to dwell ; In happy Silence to enjoy thy balm, And shed through life a Lustre round thy cell.
Strana 165 - Virtue be its own Reward ; And gag the mouth of Slander: — In one week's time, I'll lay my life, There's not a Man, nor Maid, nor Wife, That will not glad agree, If Thou wilt charm 'em as before, To show their nose at Church no more, But quit their God for Thee.— Tis now full time my Ode should end : And now I tell Thee, like a friend, Howe'er the World may scout Thee ; Thy ways are all so wondrous winning, And folks so very fond of sinning, They cannot do without Thee.
Strana 388 - Sdeath, Sirs ! it was the Queen's fond wish as well. That Master Laurence* should come in. Against a Queen so gentle to rebel ! This is another crying sin. What ! not oblige, in such a trifling thing, So sweet a Queen, and such a goodly King...
Strana 320 - Thy neck is fairer than the Alpine snows, And, sweetly swelling, beats the down of doves, Thy cheek of health, a rival to the rose ; Thy pouting lips, the throne of all the loves ; Yet, though thus beautiful beyond expression, That beauty fadeth by too much possession. Economy in love is peace to nature, Much like economy in worldly matter ; We should be prudent, never live too fast ; Profusion will not, cannot always last. Lovers are really...
Strana 65 - To hunt for days a Lizard or a Gnat, And run a dozen miles to catch a Bat ; To plunge in marshes, and to scale the rocks...
Strana 481 - Monarch's guide ; Incog they travell'd, shuffling side by side ; And into the Cathedral stole the Pair. The Verger met them in his blue silk gown *, And humbly bowed his neck with reverence down, Low as an Ass to lick a Lock of Hay.

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