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The Daily Dozen' builds shoulders and back muscles in hich you can take ide.


Try the
Daily Dozen"

TO Music!

Ten Minutes' Fun a Day Gives You Health, Strength

and Vitality-Free Record Proves It.
A GameT vau cannot appreciate the fascination


GREAT and new -and

the glow of health, the amount of “pep" you acquire from exercising to music until you have tried it!

Ten minutes a day of genuine fun will keep you fit. Walter Camp has made it possible. The famous “Daily Dozen" Exercises of this great Yale coach-exercises that reach and strengthen every muscle in your bodyhave been set to music on phonograph records, with Mr. Camp's special permission.

You put a record on the machine and the lively, spirited music carries you through ten minutes of the most exhilarating fun. You are swept along with a buoyancy that will amaze you.

And the result of
this ten minutes' fun a day is a glowing health, a
glorious vitality, a springy step, a bright eye-and,
in short, a whole, healthy, breathing and zestful
man or woman tingling with the very glow of life.

But the famous "Daily Dozen" do not stop
their wonderful work there. Far from it. If
you are overweight they will reduce your
waistline. If you are underweight they
will put firm, sound flesh on you. They
revitalize your body. They revive
weak, Aabby muscles and rebuild
them into live, vital tissue.
Thousands of men and women
and boys and girls are regain-
ing health, strength and
vitality through use of the
“Daily Dozen" Exercises.

and enjoy yourself every minute you are doing it.

The "Daily Dozen" are set to music on large double-disc records, playable on any disc machine. In addition there are charts with 60 actual photographs illustrating every movement with clear and simple directions. On the record itself a clear voice gives you the commands, telling you exactly what to do. All you do is put a record on the machine. Inside of ten minutes you will feel a glow that is priceless in its benefits to your health. You can say good-bye to constipation, headaches, backaches, insomnia, run-down condition, nervousness, emaciation, want of appetite and that tired, exhausted feeling.

A slender and grace.

ful form can only Record Free

come from a healthy,

physical condition. So that you may see for yourself the wonderful benefits to your health that the famous "Daily Dozen" will give you, we will send you, absolutely free, a sample record containing two of the “Daily Dozen" Exercises and a chart illustrating the movements. Put it on your phonograph and follow the simple directions of the clear voice on the record. That great sensation of glowing health you feel when you have gone through these new, exhilarating and interesting exercises will amaze you.

There is no obligation. The record is yours to keep. Just enclose a quarter (or 25 cents in stamps) with the coupon, to cover charge of postage, wrapping, etc., to Health Builders, Dept. 65, Oyster Bay, N. Y.

Free Sample Record and Chart

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✓ Houghton Mifflin Company


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Notable New Books


STATISTICAL expert has just submi

ted a novel report as to the amoun from the list of

of reading matter in The Outlook com pared with other periodicals of its class Since The Outlook is a weekly journal he has totaled the number of words o. reading matter in four average numbers

for comparison with single issues E. H. HARRIMAN

George Kennan various monthly magazines. Thus he

estimates that four issues of The The authoritative life of the great American railroad builder, based largely on

Outlook contain about 189,000 words of unpublished documents and first-hand information, vividly recreates a decisive period of our transportation and economic history.

Illus. 2 vols. $7.50.

text, compared with about 93,000 in one issue of the “Atlantic Monthly," 85,500 in "World's Work," 107,000 in “Scrib

ner's," 112,500 in "Harper's," and 105,500 MOUNTED JUSTICE

Katherine Mayo in the “Century.” This expert also finds The adventures of Sherlock Holmes himself never surpassed in thrilling interest

that The Outlook contains nearly twice these true stories of the Pennsylvania State Police by the author of "The Stand- as much reading matter each week as, ard Bearers,” “ Justice to All," etc.

$2.00. respectively, the “New Republic,” Inde

pendent," or "Nation."


OTTLE BROTHERS, of Perry, Maire,

wanted to know if we would accept Capt. A. F. B. Carpenter

fifteen jars of wild-raspberry preserves

in payment of three years' subscription The complete and authoritative account by the leader of the expedition, with

to The Outlook. There is a sweet-tooth an introduction by Admiral Beatty and appreciations by Rear-Admiral Sims and Marshal Foch.

Illus. $3.50.

in every hard-fisted New York countingroom, and so the offer proved irresisti

ble. The jam has been ordered delivTHE JEWS

Hilaire Belloc

ered to the employees' lunch-room. A timely book that will be read with complete interest both by Jew and Gentile, and that will give every reader an altogether new conception of one of the major A.

TIMOURLAN, of Fresno, California, problems of today.


subscribes for another year because he disagrees with our policy on so many

things—"especially your tiresome deREFLECTIONS OF A “T. B. M.”

fense (or support) of the French." "An entertaining volume of sketches, most of them on the always fascinating

R. K. Scott, a metallurgical enand never exhausted theme of woman.”John Clair Minot in the Boston Herală

gineer of Gary, Indiana, wants $1.50. The Outlook for another

year. He

writes: "For over ten years I have been ADRIENNE TONER Anne Douglas Sedgwick a subscriber, and each year it is more

of a pleasure to forward my renewal; it The story of an Anglo-American marriage. “A fascinating, powerful, and

is really a part of my home, and always uncommon book.”The Church Times. “By far the best book Miss Sedgwick has given us.”- London Observer.


will be so long as the principles and policies laid down by Lyman Abbott control its expression.”

HITCH, physical director of

M. C. A. in San

Rico, likes our recent articles on athletic Are you prospering ?

sports. He writes: “Many people, espeAre you happy? Healthy ? Wealthy ?

cially the Latins, never connect the idea Is your home a home, or a of character development with sports family jar?

and athletics, and it is for this reason Is your profession or business living up to the real

that we physical directors in Latin YOU?

America appreciate anything that will
Do you know how to win
friends and attain your ends ?

help to spread the idea, as your articles
New Thought will help you as are doing."
Elizabeth Towne it has millions of others who have
Editor of Nautilus triert it before you.

LLIS S. SMITH, of Hanover, Pennsyl-
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Knew
the value of New Thought. Slie 18ed it to attain her desires vania, writes: "As a teacher of
and advised others to do so in her little booklet: "What I
Know About New Thought.”.

English in the Hanover High School, I
For ten cents you can get this Wilcox booklet and a

have found that the seniors seem bene-
month's trial of Nautilus, magazine of New Thought. Eliza-
beth Towne and William E. Towne, editors. Wonderful

fited by taking The Outlook on the club personal experience articles a feature of every issue.

plan. They make five-minute talks in Send 10 cents to-day and we will also include a copy of " How to Get What You Want." THE ELIZABETH chapel several times a week, basing TOWNE CO., Inc., DEPT. R-77, HOLYOKE, MASS.

their remarks on the news found in The

Outlook. This is useful in bringing Il you need medical care and good nursing, or if you need only perfect rest in ideal surround

topics of the day to the attention of the ings; Attleboro Sanitarium invites you to come.

other classes, who read the dailies but It offers a fine building planned for sanitarium use, in grounds of 150 acres ; experienced med

little and the better weeklies not at all. ical supervision, consulting physicians of na

The New Crop A recent article was the source of an tional reputation, full equipment for electric

Is Now Ready and hydro-therapeutic treatments and an

essay by a sophomore girl on the subcellent home table with special diets prescribed

Good always, it is most delicious ject, 'Would You Rather Be a Country for those who need them.

when fresh.

Youth or a City Youth?' Books and Getting Well is a Pleasure at Attleboro

GEORGE PORTER Write for full information to

reading are fostered by Mr. Townsend's


(Box 441)

Alstead, N. H. reviews of current volumes that are pubAttleboro Springs Box 3 Attleboro, Mass.

lished from week to week. It stimuAbsolutely Pure

lates appreciative reading.

How To Attain Your Desires H. F. 1.c. Ko imesam "suan, Porte

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Tired Folks Get
Rested Sick
Folks Get Well

Maple Sugarand Syrup


Are We a Nation of Low-Brows?

It is charged that the public is intellectually incompetent. Is this true? It is

charged that the public is afraid of ideas, disinclined to think, unfriendly to cul-
ture. This is a serious matter. The facts should be faced frankly and honestly

once given the chance. And we shall make the price so inviting, that there shall be no excuse on the ground of erpense.

Without Cultural Leadership The main criticism, as we find it, is that the people support ventures that are unworthy, that represent no cultural standards. The public is fed on low-brow reading matter, low-brow movies, lowbrow theatrical productions, low-brow music, low-brow newspapers, low-brow magazines. We think the criticism is unfair in that it does not recognize the fact that the public is without cultural leadership. Those who have the divine spark get off by themselves. We believe the public has never had a real chance, never had an opportunity to get acquainted with the great and the beautiful things of life. Given half a chance, the public will respond.

about the public's inferior taste. The time has come to give the public an opportunity to find out something about philosophy, science and other higher things. And it must be done at a low price, because the average person's pocketbook is not fat. As it stands, the publishers charge about five dollars a volume, and then wonder why the people stand aloof.

We believe we have a way to find out if the people are interested in the deeper problems of life. And the first thing we decided was to fix a price that shall be within the reach of the person with the most slender purse.

We have selected a library of 25 books, which we are going to offer the public at an absurdly low price. We shall do this to find out if it is true that the public is not going to accept the better things when

All Great Things Are Simple

Once the contents of the following 25 books are absorbed and digested, we believe a person will be well on the road to culture. And by culture we not mean something dry-as-dust, something incomprehensible to the average mind-genuine culture, like great sculpture, can be made to delight the common as well as the elect. The books listed below are all siniple works and yet they are great-all great things are simple. They are serious works, of course, but we do not think the public will refuse to put its mind on serious topics. Here are the 25 books:

We believe there has been enough talk

Are the People Ready to Read These 25 Books ?


Schopenhauer's Essays. For those who regard philosophy as a thing of abstractions, vague and divorced from life, Schopenhauer will be a revelation.

The Trial and Death of Socrates. This is dramatic literature as well as sound philosophy.

Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. This old Roman Emperor was a paragon wisdom and virtue. He will help you.

The Discovery of the Future. H, G. Wells asks and answers the question: Is life just an unsolvable, haphazard struggle?

Dialogues of Plato. This volume takes you into l'lato's immortal circle.

Foundations of Religion. Prof. Cook asks and answers the question: Where and how did religious ideas originate?

Studies in Pessimism. Schopenhauer presents a well-studied viewpoint of life. The substance of his philosophy.

The Idea of God and Nature. John Stuart Mill.

How the idea of God may come naturally from observation of nature is explained in tlris volume.

Life and Character. Goethe: The fruits of his study and observation is explained in this volume.

Thoughts of Pascal. Pascal thought a great deal about God and the Universe, and the origin and purpose of life.

The Olympian Gods. Tichenor. A study of ancient mythology.

The Stoic Philosophy. Prof. Gilbert Murray. He tells what this helief consisted of, how it was discovered and what we can today learn from it.

God: Known and Unknown. Samuel Butler. A really important work.

Nietzsche: Who He Was and What He Stood For. A carefully planned study.

Sun Worship and Later Beliefs. Tichenor. A most important study for those who wish

to understand ancient religions.

Primitive Beliefs. Tichenor. You get a clear

idea from this account of the beliefs of primitive man.

Three Lectures on Evolution. Ernst Haeckel's ideas expressed so you can understand them.

From Monkey to Man. A comprehensive review of the Darwinian theory.

Survival of the Fittest. Another phase of the Darwinian theory.

Evolution vs. Religion. You should read this discussion.

Reflections on Modern Science. Prof. Huxley's reflections definitely add to your knowledge.

Biology and Spiritual Philosophy. An interesting and instructive work.

Bacon's Essays. These essays contain much sound wisdom that still holds. Emerson's Essays.

Emerson was a friend of Carlyle, and in some respects a greater philosopher.

Tolstoi's Essays. His ideas will direct you into profitable paths of thought.

25 Books--2,176 Pages--Only $1.85--Send No Money

manner in which the blank below comes into our mail.

If these 25 books were issued in the ordinary way they might cost you as much as a hundred dollars. We have decided to issue them so you can get all of them for the price of one ordinary book. That sounds inviting, doesn't it? And we mean it, too. Here are 25 books, containing 2,176 pages of text, all neatly printed

on good book paper, 312 x 5 inches in size, bound securely in card -cover paper.

You can take these 25 books with you when you go to and from work. You can read them in your spare moments. You can slip four or five of them into a pocket and they will not bulge. You can investigate the best and the soundest ideas of the world's greatest philosophers-and the price will be so low as to astonish vou. No, the price will not be $25 for the 25 volumes.

Nor will the price be $5, ahough they are worth more than that. The

price will be even less than half that sum. Yes, we mean it. Believe it or not, the price will be only $1.85 for the entire library. That's less than a dime a volume. In fact, that is less than eight cents per volume. Surely no one can claim he cannot afford to buy the best. Here is the very best at the very least. Never were such great works offered at so low a price. All you have to do is to sign your name and address on the blank below.

You don't have to send any money. Just mail us the blank and we will send you the 25 volumes described on this page-you will pay the postman $1.85 plus postage. And the books are yours. Positively no further payments.

Are we making a mistake in advertising works of culture? Are we doing the impossible when we ask the people to read serious works? Are we wasting our time and money? We shall see by the

Send No Money Blank Haldeman-Julius Company,

Dept. A-29, Girerd, Kans. I want the 25 books listed on this page. I want you to send me these 25 books by parcel post. On delivery I will pay the postman $1.85 plus postage, and the books are to be my property without further payments of any kind. Also, please send me one of your free 64-page catalogs.




State Note: Persons living in Canada or other foreign countries must send cash with order.

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