Thirteen satires of Juvenal, Zväzok 1

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Macmillan, 1889
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Strana 325 - When a man is proud because he can understand and explain the writings of Chrysippus, say to yourself, If Chrysippus had not written obscurely, this man would have had nothing to be proud of.
Strana 525 - History of the College of St John the Evangelist, by THOMAS BAKER, BD, Ejected Fellow. Edited by JOHN EB MAYOR, MA, Fellow of St John's. Two Vols. Demy 8vo.
Strana xxviii - ... that more than half the disease which embitters the middle and latter part of life is due to avoidable errors in diet...
Strana 329 - His expressions are sonorous and more noble ; his verse more numerous, and his words are suitable to his thoughts, sublime and lofty. All these contribute to the pleasure of the reader ; and the greater the soul of him who reads, his transports are the greater.
Strana 402 - Thou hast the ponds that pay thee tribute fish, Fat aged carps that run into thy net, And pikes, now weary their own kind to eat, As loth the second draught or cast to stay, Officiously at first, themselves betray ; Bright eels that emulate them, leap on land, Before the fisher, or into his hand.
Strana xxxviii - ... nil ergo optabunt homines? si consilium vis, permittes ipsis expendere numinibus quid conveniat nobis rebusque sit utile nostris; nam pro iucundis aptissima quaeque dabunt di. carior est illis homo quam sibi. nos animorum...
Strana 8 - ... ite, quibus grata est picta lupa barbara mitra. rusticus ille tuus sumit trechedipna, Quirine, et ceromatico fert niceteria collo.
Strana xxxviii - ... orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano, fortem posee animum mortis terrore carentem, qui spatium vitae extremum inter muñera ponat naturae, qui ferre queat quoscumque labores, nesciat irasci, cupiat nihil et potiores 360 Herculis aerumnas credat saevosque labores et venere et cenis et piuma Sardanapalli.
Strana 193 - PRAEDIA solus habes et solus, Candide, nummos, aurea solus habes, murrina solus habes, Massica solus habes et Opimi Caecuba solus, et cor solus habes, solus et ingenium. omnia solus habes — hoc me puta a velle negare ! — 5 uxorem sed habes, Candide, cum populo. XXVII NUMQUAM me revocas, venias cum saepe vocatus : ignosco, nullum si modo, Galle, vocas. invitas alios : vitium est utriusque. " Quod ?
Strana 41 - Omnibus in terris, quae sunt a Gadibus usque Auroram et Gangen, pauci dinoscere possunt vera bona atque illis multum diversa, remota erroris nebula.

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