A Collection of the Most Esteemed Farces and Entertainments, Performed on the British Stage, Zväzok 3

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S. Doig, 1792

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Strana 314 - Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper, Thy head, thy sovereign ; one that cares for thee, And for thy maintenance : commits his body To painful labour, both by sea and land...
Strana 248 - I have the honor to belong to the king, as well as you, and perhaps should be as unwilling to see any wrong done him. I came down with him to hunt in this forest, and the...
Strana 248 - Ay, now, I am convinced, you are a courtier; here is a little bribe for to-day, and a large promise for to-morrow, both in a breath ; here, take it again, and take this along with it.
Strana 247 - I am very glad to hear the king has so good an officer ; and since I find you have his authority, I will give you a better account of myself, if you will do me the favor to hear it.
Strana 228 - Rob. In a word, then, this gentleman, having a good deal of wealth, is desirous of a little honour. Cape. How can I confer it ? Rob. Your pen may. Cape. I don't understand you.
Strana 247 - What were it best to do ? Will my majesty protect me ? No. Throw majesty aside then, and let manhood do it. (Enter the miller.) Miller.
Strana 246 - Why we are all of us lost in the dark every day of our lives. Knaves keep us in the dark by their cunning, and fools by their ignorance. Divines lose us in dark mysteries; lawyers in dark cases ; and statesmen in dark intrigues.
Strana 248 - ... the chase leading us to-day a great way from home, I am benighted in this wood, and have lost my way. Miller. This does not sound well ; if you have been a hunting, pray where is your horse 7 King.
Strana 81 - Houfe upon us at laft. Mr. Sub. But what had you done ? Buck. Done ! Why nothing at all ! But Wounds how the Powder flew about, and the Monfieurs fcour'd.
Strana 95 - Buck. You give up nothing, I find: but to tell you my blunt thoughts in a word, if any woman can be...

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