The Elegies of Sextus Propertius

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W. Blackwood, 1875 - 283 strán (strany)

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Strana 239 - Jam pridem Syrus in Tiberim defluxit Orontes, Et linguam et mores et cum tibicine chordas Obliquas, nec non gentilia tympana secum Vexit, et ad Circum jussas prostare puellas.
Strana 236 - Ut, quod non esses, esse putaret amor, Et color est totiens roseo collatus Eoo, Cum tibi quaesitus candor in ore foret: Quod mihi non patrii poterant avertere amici, Eluere aut vasto Thessala saga mari.
Strana 227 - Accepit vocem lacrimis Lavinia matris Flagrantis perfusa genas, cui plurimus ignem 65 Subjecit rubor, et calefacta per ora cucurrit. Indum sanguineo veluti violaverit ostro Si quis ebur, aut mixta rubent ubi lilia multa Alba rosa : talis virgo dabat ore colores.
Strana 251 - Ergo cum silices, cum dens patientis aratri Depereant aevo, carmina morte carent. Cedant carminibus reges regumque triumphi, Cedat et auriferi ripa benigna Tagi.
Strana 209 - O learn to watch your father's failing age, And shield his weary widowed heart from care ! Heaven add to yours the years I hoped in store, And may your lives my aged Paulus cheer ! 'Tis well : I ne'er the robes of mourning wore, And all my children gathered round my bier. My cause is pled.
Strana 64 - As when we cannot reach the head of statues all too high, We lay a chaplet at the feet, so now perforce do I, Unfit to climb the giddy heights of Epic song divine, In humble adoration lay poor incense on thy shrine ; For not as yet my Muse hath known the wells of Ascra's grove : Permessus' gentle wave alone hath laved the limbs of Love.
Strana 205 - O PAULUS ! vex my grave with tears no more ; No prayers unlock the portals of the tomb ; When once the dead have trod the infernal floor, Barred stand the adamantine doors of doom. Though the dark hall's dread king would hear thy prayer, 'Twere vain : deaf shores will drink thy tears the while. Prayers move high heaven : but, pay the boatman's fare, The drear gate closes on the shadowy pile. So sang the mournful trumpets when my head Sank on the bier before the ruthless fires. What then availed me...
Strana 218 - Orphea detinuisse feras et concita dicunt flumina Threicia sustinuisse lyra; saxa Cithaeronis Thebas agitata per artem sponte sua in muri membra coisse ferunt...

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