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4. Thou must stiil be proved upon earth, and exercised with various troubles. Some measures of consolation shall be imparted, to animate and sustain thee in thy conflicts; but the plenitude of peace and joy.is reserved for the future world.

u Be strong, therefore, "ard of good courage," as well in doing as in suffering that which is repugnant to fallen nature; for thou must now

put on the new man," with new perceptions, will, and desires.

5. While this important change is making: thou wilt often be obliged to relinquish thy own will, and do that which thou dislikest, and forbear that which thou choosest: and wilt also often find, that the designs of others will succeed, and thy own prove abor. tive; that what others say shall be listened to with éager attention, but what thou sayest shall either not be heard, or rejected with disdain; that others shall ask once, and receive; thou shalt ask often, and not obtain: that the tongue of fame shall speak long and loud of the accomplishments of others, and be utterly silent of thine; and that others shall be advanced to stations of wealth and honour, while thou art passed by as unworthy of trust and incapable of service.

6. At such trials, nature will be greatly offended and grieved; and it will require a severe struggle to suppress resentment: yet much benefit will be derived from a meek and silent submission; for it is by such trials, that the servant of THE LORD proves his fidelity in denying himself, and subduing his corrupt appetites and passions. The difficulty of destroying self is greatest, when thou sufferest a course of events, and beholdest a scene of human transactions, wholly contrary to thy own will; especially, when that which thou art required to concur with or execute, seems either ill«limed, or of small importance. As thou art placed in a state of subordination, thou darest not resist the ruling power; but thou findest it painful perpetually to follow the beck of another, and either re, linquish thy own sentiments, or act contrary to them.

7. But consider, my son, the speedy end of all these trials, and the everlasting peace and blessedness that will succeed; they will then, so far from being occasions of disquietude and distress, furnish the most comfortable encouragements to persevering patience. In exchange for that small portion of corrupt and selfish will, which thou hast freely forsaken in this world, thou shalt always have thy will in heaven: there, whatever thou willest, thou shalt find; and whatever thou desirest, thou shalt possess: there thou shalt enjoy all good, without the fear of losing any part; there thy will being always the same with mine, shall desire nothing private and personal, nothing out of me, nothing but what I myself desire: there thou shalt meet with no resistance, no accusation, no con . tradiction, no obstruction; but all good shall be pregent at once, to satisfy the largest wishes of thy heart; there, for transient shame patiently endured, I will give immortal honour; "the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness ;and for the lowermost seat, an everlasting throne; there the fruits of obedience shall flourish, the labour of penitence rejoice, and the cheerfulness of humble subjection receive a crown of glory. Now, therefore, bow thyself willingly under the power of every human being: nor regard who it is that hath commanded this or that: but let it be thy only care, to take all in good part, and to execute with a willing mind whatever is enjoined or requested, whether by thy superior, thy inferior, or thy equal.

8. Let one man seek after this gratification, and another after that; let this man glory in one imaginary excellence, and that in another, and let their self-applause be seconded by the praises of a thousand tongues; but do thou, my son, glory only in my a. name, and rejoice only in the contempt of thyself, and the accomplishment of my will: let it be all thy wish, that, whether in life or death, God may be al. ways glorified in thee!



E. 1. O LORD God, holy Father, be thou blessed now and forever! for whatever thou willest is done; and all that thou willest, is good. Let thy servant rejoice, not in himself, nor in any other creature, but in thee; for thou only art the object of true joy: thou, O LORD, art my hope and exultation, my righteousness and crown of glory! What good doth thy servant possess, which he hath not received from thee, as the free and unmerited gift of redeeming love? all is thine, whatever has been done for me, or given to me. “I am floor and afflicted from my youth up ;" and sometimes my soul is sorrowful, even urto death; and sometimes is filled with consternation and terror, at the evils that threaten to overwhelm me.

2. I long, indeed, O Lord, for the blessings of peace; I earnestly implore the peace of thy children, who are sustained by thee in the light of thy counte

Shouldst thou bestow peace; shouldst thou pour forth the treasures of heavenly joy; the soul of thy servant shall be turned to harmony, and devoutly celebrate thy praise. But if thou still withholdest thy enlivening presence, as thou art often pleased to do, he cannot run the way of thy commandments;" but must smite his bosom in the dust, because it is not with him as it was yesterday and the day before, u when thy lamp shone upon his head,” and “ under the shadow of thy wings" he was hidden and protected from evil.


* M. VALART has printed this chapter as a continuation of the prece ding.

3. O righteous Tather, ever to be praised, the hour of thy servant's trial is at hand! O merciful Father, ever to be loved, it is meet that, in this hour, thy servant should suffer something for thy sake! O Father, infinitely wise, and ever to be adored, that hour is now come, which thou, didst foreknow from all eternity, in which thy servant shall be oppressed and enfeebled in his outward man,

that his inward man may live to thee forever! And it is necessary he should be disgraced, humbled, and brought to nothing in the sight of men; should be broken with sufferings, and worn down with infirmities; that he may be qualified to rise again in the splendour of the new and everlasting day, and be glorified with thee in heaven! Holy Father, so thou hast willed, and so thou hast ordained; and that is come to pass which thou thyself didst appoint!

4. It is thy peculiar favour to him whomr-tirdu hast condescended to choose for thy friend, to let him suffer in this world in testimony of his fidelity and love: and be the affliction ever so great, and however often and by whatever hand it is administered, it comes not but from the counsels of thy infinite wisdom, and it is under the direction of thy merciful providence; for

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without thee, nothing is done upon the face of the earth. “ It is,” therefore, “good for me, O LORD, that I should be afflicted; that I may learn thy statutes," and utterly cast froin me all self-confidence and selfexaltation. It is good for me, that “shame should cover my face;" that in seeking comfort, I may have recourse, not to men, but to thee; and that I


also learn to adore in silence thy unsearchable judge ments, who afflictest the just together with the unjust, and both in righteousness and truth.

5. I give thee thanks, O Father of mercies! that thou hast not spared the evil that is in me; but hast humbled sinful nature by severe chastisements, inficting pains, and accumulating sorrows, both from within and from without: and of all in heaven and on earth, there is none that can bring me comfort, but thou, O LORD my God, the sovereign physician of diseased souls; " who woundest and healest, who bringest down to the grave and raisest up again!"

Thy chastisement is upon me, and thy rod shall teach me wisdom!

6. Behold, dearest Father, I am in thy, hands, and bow myself under the rod of thy correction ! O smite my back, and bend my stubborn neck, till my untractable spirit shall learn ready compliance with thy righteous will! Make me thy holy and humble disciple, as thou hast often done others, that I may cheerfully obey every intimation of thy good pleasure ! To thy merciful discipline I now commend all that I am, and bless thee that thou hast not reserved me for the awful chastisements of the future world. Thou knowest the whole extent of being, and all its parts, and no thought or desire passeth in the heart of man, that is hidden from thy sight. From all eternity, thou knowest the events of time; thou knowest what

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