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thyself; from what horrible fear thou mayst now be rescued, only by "passing the time of thy sojourning in holy fear," and in continual expectation of thy removal by death. Endeavour now to live in such a manner, that, in that awful moment, thou mayst rejoice rather than fear.' Learn now to die to the world, that thou mayst then begin to live with Christ : learn now to despise all created things, that being delivered from every incumbrance, thou mayst 'then freely rise to him. Now subdue thy earthly and corruptible body by penitence and self denial, that then thou mayst enjoy the glorious hope of exchanging it for a spiritual and immortal body, in the resurrection of the just.

8. Ah foolish man! why dost thou still flatter thy self with the expectation of a long life, when thou canst not be secure of a single day?' How many unhappy souls, deluded by this hope, are in some unexpected moment separated from the body! How often dost thou hear, that one is slain, another is drowned, another by falling from a precipice has broken his neck, another is choaked in eating, another has dropt down dead in the exercise of some favourite diversion; and that thousands, indeed, are daily perishing, by fire, by sword, by the plague, or by the violence of robbers! Thus is death common to every age; and man suddenly passeth away as a vision of the night.

9. Who will remember thee after death, who will then pray for thee, and whose prayer can then avail thee?' Now, therefore, dearest brother, now turn to God, and do whatever his Holy SPIRIT'enables thee to perform : 'for thou knowest not the hour in which death will seize thee, nor canst thou conceive the consequences of his seizing thee, unprepared. Now, while the time of gathering riches is in much mercy

continued, lay up for thyself the substantial and unperishing treasures of heaven. Think of nothing, but the business of thy redemption ; be careful for nothing, but the improvement of thy state in God. Now“make to thyself friends” of the regenerate and glorified sons of God, that when thy present life shall fail, they may receive thee into everlasting habitations."

10. Live in the world as a stranger and pilgrim, who hath no concern with its business or pleasures ; and knowing that thou hast “ here no continuing city,keep thy heart disengaged from earthly passions and pursuits, and lifted up to heaven in the patient“hope of a city that is to come, whose builder and maker is God.Thither let thy daily prayers, thy sighs, and tears, be directed ; that after death thy spirit may be wafted to the LORD, and united to him forever. Amer.



MENT OF SINNERS. 1. IN all thy thoughts and desires, thy actions and pursuits, “ have respect to the end ;' and consider, how thou wilt appear before that awful Judge, from whom nothing is hidden, who is not to be perverted by bribes, nor softened by excuses, but invariably judgeth righteous judgment. O most wretched and foolish sinner, thou who tremblest before the face of an angry man that is ignorant in all things! what wilt thou be able to answer unto God, who knoweth all thy sins, and searcheth the lowest depths of the evil that is in thee? Why lookest thou not forward, and preparest thyself for the day of his righteous judgment, in which one man cannot possibly be 'excused or de

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fended by another, but every one will have as much as he can answer, in answering for himself? Now, thy labours may be profitable, thy tears acceptable, thy sighs and groanings heard, thy contrition salutáry and of power to wash away thy sins.

2. The patient man hath in this world a true and salubrious purgatory; who, when he is injured, is more grieved for the sin of the offender, than for the wrong that is done to himself; who can ardently pray for his enemies, and from his heart forgive their of fences ; who feels no reluctance to ask forgiveness of others; who is sooner inoved to compassion, than provoked to anger; who constantly denies his own will, and endeavours to bring the body into absolute and total subjection to the spirit. And it is, surely, better to purge away sin by continual repentance, and to break off evil habits by continual resistance, in the present life, than to leave them to the awful purifications of another state. But through an inordinate love for the indulgences of corrupt flesh and blood, we deceive ourselves into total ignorance and negligence with respect to all the interests of our immortal spirits.

3. As thy soul is unperishable, what can the fire of purgatory devour but thy sins ? The more, therefore, thou now indulgest thyself, and gratifiest the desires of the flesh, the more severe must be thy purification, and the more fuel dost thou heap up as food for that fire. The pains of that tremendous state will arise from the nature and degree of every man's sin. There the spiritual sluggard shall be incessantly ur. *ged with burning stings, and the glutton tortured with inconceivable hunger and thirst, there the luxurious and voluptuous shall be overwhelmed with waves of daming pitch and offensive sulphur; and the


envious, with the pain of disappointed malignity, shall howl like mad dogs :' the proud shall be filled with shame and the covetous straitened in inexpressible want. One hour of torment there, will be more insupportable, than an hundred years of the severest penance in this life: there, no respite of pain, no consolation of sorrow, can be found; while here, some intermission of labour, some comfort from holy friends, is not incompatible with the most rigorous discipline.

4. Be now, therefore, solicitous for thy redemption, and afflicted for the sins that oppose it, that in the day of judgment thou mayst stand securely among the blessed; for then shall the righteous man stand in great boldness before the face of such as have afflicted and oppressed him.” Then shall he rise up in judgment, who now meekly submits to the judgment of others : then the humble and poor in spirit shall have great confidence, and the proud shall be encompassed with fear on every side : then it will be evident to all, that he was wise in this world, who had learned to be despised as a fool for the love of Christ: then the remembrance of tribulation patiently endured shall become sweet, and “ all iniquity shall stop her mouth ;" then every devout man shall rejoice, and every impious man shall mourn : then shall the mortified and subdued flesh triumph over that which was pampered in ease and indulgence'; the coarse garment shall shine, and the soft raiment lose all its lustre ; and the homely cottage shall be more extolled than the gilded palace: then constant patience shall give that stability, which the power of the world could not confer: then simple obedience shall be more highly prized than re

fined subtilty, and a pure conscience more than learned philosophy : then the contempt of riches shall be of more value than all the treasures of worldly men : then shalt thou have greater comfort from having prayed devoutly every day, than from having fared deliciously : and shalt more rejoice, that thou hast kept silence long, than that thou hadst talked much : then works of holiness shall avail thee more than the multitude of fine words : then a life of self-denial and severe penance shall give thee more satisfaction, than all earthly delights could bestow.

5. Learn, therefore, now to suffer under afflictions comparatively light, that thou mayst then be delivered from suffering so grievous. Here thou mayst first make trial, how much there thou wilt be able to sustain : for if thou art able to bear but little now, how wilt thou then bear such amazing and lasting torments ? if only a slight suffering make thee so impatient now, what will the rage of hell do then? Behold and consider thou canst not have a double Paradise ; thou canst not enjoy a life of delight and pleasure upon earth, and afterwards reign with Christ in heaven.

6. If to this very day thou hadst lived in honour and pleasure, what would it avail, if thou art to die the next moment ? . All, therefore, is vanity, but the love of God, and a life devoted to his will. He that loveth God with all his heart, fears neither death, nor punishment, nor judgment, nor hell; because perfect love casteth out fear,” and openeth a sure and imme, diate access to the Divine presence. But it is no wonder, that he, who still loves and delights in sin, should fear both death and judgment. Yet, however, it might be well, if thou art not to be withheld from sin by the love of God, that thou shouldst at least be

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