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The Board of Examiners.

Hvery result must be reduced to its simplest form. The

whole of the working of a question must be sent in as part of the answer.

1. Write down in words the quotient and remainder

obtained by dividing three billion nine hundred and sixty-seven thousand four hundred and eighty-three million five hundred and ten thousand four hundred and sixteen by ninety-three million six hundred and nineteen thousand four hundred and eighty-five.

2. Simplify

(83 x 1


4} - 31 13 (} + $)

3. Reduce to a vulgar fraction

•056321 - .0003682
10.06675 - 9.99635

4. Find the number of yards in the side of a square

field whose area is 27 acres 1 rood 20 perches 1 sq. yard.

5. Find by Practice the value of 27 acres 1 rood

121 sq. yards at £21 per acre.

€. Find the number of cubic inches contained in a

rainfall of two inches upon the field in the last question.

7. A marksman firing at a range of 1,000 yards

hears the bullet strike the range 5} seconds after the discharge of his rifle. If sound travel at 1,125 feet per second find the velocity of the bullet in feet



8. Find the amount of £386 in 3 years at 6 per cent.

per annum compound interest. 9. The Age of Wednesday, Oct. 31st, is numbered

10512. What will be the number of the issue of Dec. 31st, no issue of the paper being published on Sundays and Christmas day.

10. Explain, with the reason for each step, the

process of simple subtraction.


The Board of Examiners.

1. Draw a map of Asia. Mark on it the Tropic of

Cancer, the Arctic Circle, 80° of Longitude E., the Straits of Babel Mandeb, Behring Straits, the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea, the Aral Sea, the Yellow Sea, the Kara Sea, Cape Comorin, the Caucasus, the Hindoo Koosh, Tonquin, Corea, Singapore, Hong-kong; and the following rivers :-Obi, Euphrates, Sir Daria, Amoor, Indus, Godavery.

Do not insert a single name except those for which you are asked.

The names are to be given on the map, not in a separate list.

N.B.-The map must be attempted.

2. Define Geography. What is the difference be

tween Physical Geography and Political Geography? Are there other subdivisions of Geography ?

3. What is meant by Latitude and by Isotherm ?

How is it that they do not coincide on maps ? What places have the same latitude as London and Sydney?


“Midsummer midnight Norway sun Set into sunrise." Comment upon this expression, and explain fully the phenomenon.

5. Explain the geographical terms-erosion, monsoon,

moraine, neap-tides, snow-line, Artesian well.

6. What are the faults of Australia as a country for

the habitation of man and for the cultivation of the soil ?

7. What are the causes likely to make a town grow


8. Where are the Alhambra, the Bosporus, the Cam

pagna, the Grisons, the Hague, the Lothians ? What is each ?

9. Where would you go to see porcelain manufac

tures, orange groves, great treasures of art? What town is the centre of the German booktrade? What of the English beer-trade ? Where do men travel in a gondola, a jinriksha, a palanquin, or a reindeer-sledge respectively ? Whence do we get mustard, coffee, quinine ?

The answers to these questions may often include more places than one.

10. Which is the highest mountain in the world, the

longest river, the largest fresh-water lake, the town at greatest elevation, the most southern town with more than 10,000 inhabitants, the smallest county in England, the most populous town in Scotland, the most western county in

England, the most western province in France ? 11. Where are the following towns :- Baltimore,

Havana, Kurrachee, Mandalay, Novgorod, Palermo, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Salonica, Turin ?

Write a full account of two of these.


12. On what rivers are the following Australasian

towns:-Albury, Bourke, Christchurch, Hobart, Horsham, Newcastle, Perth, Wagga, Wentworth?

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13. Write an account of any two of the following:

Alsace-Lorraine ;
The Bermudas;
The Levant;
The Valley of the Thames;
The West Coast Sounds in New Zealand,

14. Write a geographical account of New Guinea.


The Board of Examiners.

N.B.-Candidates are instructed NOT to answer more

than SIX questions.

1. What do you understand by the terms acid oxide

and basic oxide? Explain fully, with aid of

examples. 2. Describe the substance produced by the combina

tion of ammonia and hydrogen chloride. In what proportion by volume do these gases combine ?

3. Explain the meaning of the phrase purified by

sublimation. What non-metallic element do you

know of that is usually purified by this process ? 4. Explain and illustrate the law of multiple pro

portions. 5. Calculate the percentage composition of pure

anhydrous sodium carbonate (Given : Na = 23,

C=12, 0 = 16). 6. What is a sulphide ? Describe the properties and

method of preparing any one with which you

are acquainted ? 7. Why should bromine and iodine be classed with

chlorine in one natural group of elements ? 8. How many oxides of phosphorus do you know of ?

How are they prepared ? What compounds do they form when treated with water ?

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